Torukä Na'rìng Clean Sweep Trophy in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

  • Torukä Na'rìng Clean Sweep


    Complete all Sector Challenges in Torukä Na'rìng.

    How to unlock Torukä Na'rìng Clean Sweep

    Toruka Na'ring is the fourth area you will visit in Pandora on the Na'vi path. There are 6 challenges in this area which need to be completed, in order to unlock the trophy.

    The Sector Challenges in Toruka Na'ring are as follows:

    Lift the Fog (100%)
    Activating Trees of Vision (6/6)
    Destroy A-PODs (30/30)
    RDA Soldier Kills (80/80)
    Cell Samples Collection (20/20)
    Experience Points Earning (70,000/70,000)

    All of these challenges and the methods to obtain the requisite criteria are covered in full detail in the Clean Sweep of Pandora - Complete Sector Challenge Walkthrough

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