Admiral Trophy in Iron Sea Defenders

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    Complete all levels with 3 stars

    How to unlock Admiral

    Technically the hardest trophy in the game, this will require you to complete all the levels with 3 stars. If you are familiar with tower defense games, this isn't very hard, especially if you have played previous entries in the series.

    Note that for the PS4 version, only the first 3 Campaigns are required for this trophy. The Vita version may require all 4, and I will update the guide once I have played that version or receive confirmation.

    General strategy/tips:

    • The basic light cannon will be your default unit. Concentrate on upgrading it fully with anchors, at maximum level the power and range allows it to destroy most enemies with ease
    • The final upgrade on levels should be the green cannon - this will freeze enemies which is quite useful
    • I would recommend maxing out the mine unit as well - using this in conjunction with the cannons, when upgraded to a radar tower, makes your units almost overpowered as it gives all nearby cannons and damage and range boost
    • Combine the above units, having a radar tower centrally located with as many cannons in range as possible (see video under Commander-in-Chief for an idea of how I lay out a map)
    • When possible, put the mine/radar tower on a location with a range boost (these are noted with binoculars)
    • Don't waste anchors unlocking the premium build locations, they really aren't necessary
    • Use extra anchors to upgrade the spells (damage at least), and starting cash/cash from enemies
    • I never used and never upgraded the other attack units in the store

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