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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate) [Platinum Difficulty Rating]
  • Offline trophies: 30 (14, 10, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: ~ 30hrs+ [Estimated time to Platinum]
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, but you'll need to replay the last chapter on Maximum Fury difficulty.
  • Number of missable trophies: T-Shirt trophy_gold.png is highly missable. Also, every Mega Secret-related trophy is technically missable, but can be relatively quickly earned through Chapter Select on easy if missed.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Dedicated trophy_gold.png can only be unlocked by playing on Maximum Fury difficulty.


Welcome to Ion Fury, a game developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts that rings a heavy nostalgia bell in the hearts of 90's kids. If you spent time playing games like Duke Nukem 3D (my fav), Blood, Redneck Rampage, or Shadow Warrior as a kid, you will be delighted with this! This is quite a straightforward platinum and you can get it within one playthrough. There are a few trophies for killing enemies with certain weapons, and rest of them are story & secrets-related. The game is pretty long however and does not have much of a story, so I recommend going for a single-playthrough Platinum.


Step 1: Complete the game on any difficulty.

You can either ingore the secrets or play the with the guide from the begining, killing every enemy on every level. If you're going for two playthroughs, I recommend using the Wanton Carnage level (normal difficulty) for the 1st time as it is not too easy and not too hard, perfectly balanced to enjoy the game while not getting bored.

If you decide to play while ignoring secrets/getting 100% kills and doing two playthroughs, the first playthrough will net you the following trophies:

Shaken, Not Stirred trophy_bronze.png 
Altar of Sacrifice trophy_bronze.png 
The Future of Law Enforcement trophy_bronze.png 
Firepower Matters trophy_silver.png 
Hunter, Killed trophy_bronze.png 
Brutalized trophy_silver.png 
Express Elevator trophy_bronze.png 
Mech Warrior trophy_bronze.png 
Capital Defense trophy_silver.png  
Demanufacture trophy_bronze.png 
Cranium d'Or trophy_bronze.png 
Addicted trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2 (optional): Replay the game killing every enemy on every level and finding all secrets & mega secrets on every level.
Before you go for this step, make sure to go to Options > Display Setup > HUD Setup > set Level Stats to ON. This will give you an on-screen stats counter including your playtime, enemies killed & secrets found. It's absolutely crucial for keeping track of your progress. At the end of each level, when reaching a point of no return, the game will inform you about this with a prompt of how many secrets there are left to find. It's a good idea to make a manual save here just in case & complete whatever secrets left/mop up any stragglers. (Consult T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.) In addition, try to keep track of Pizza Slices as you go. They are less plentiful than the Soda Cans, but still way more than enough throughout the game to get the trophy.  

By the end of this step, you will have earned: 

Bad Mojo trophy_bronze.png 
Cowabunga! trophy_bronze.png 
A Secret Place trophy_bronze.png 
Gone Batty trophy_silver.png 
Diddle for the Middle trophy_silver.png 
Peanuts and Cracker Jacks trophy_silver.png 
All Doors Are Locked trophy_gold.png 
Wasted! trophy_silver.png 
The Owls Are Not What They Seem trophy_silver.png 
Complete and Total Meltdown trophy_silver.png 
Terminated! trophy_gold.png 
Ultimate Failure trophy_gold.png 
T-Shirt trophy_gold.png 

Step 3 (optional): Clean up.

If you didn't concentrate on the kills- and other misc-related trophies, you might have some trophies left to unlock. If you do, you can use Chapter Select to quickly mop them up. You will also need to replay the final chapter on Maximum Fury difficulty if you didn't do it already (consult Capital Defense trophy_silver.png trophy for more details on the final boss).

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Arachnophobia trophy_bronze.png 
Overkill trophy_silver.png 
Demolition Turkey trophy_bronze.png 
Dedicated trophy_gold.png 
Ion Fury trophy_platinum.png 

Ion Fury Trophy Guide

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30 trophies ( 10  14  9  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    As always, this will be a final one.
  • Step out of the bar

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This is the first trophy you'll get in the game and it will come after leaving the starting location.
  • Survive the onslaught

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 1: Night on the Town.

    It's not technically a boss, but there will be several waves of enemies rushing towards your position you'll have to deal with. This will be easier if you're going for all secrets as on right hand side of the map, there will be an overgrown dumpster with infinite bowling bombs inside. You will need to spam triangle.png a few times for it to open, revelaing the infinite bowling bombs power-up. Wait a bit with collecting it for enemies to start comming (the power-up only lasts for 30 sec) & when they do pick it up, get trigger happy with them bombs!
  • Demolish Heskel's oversized security droid

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 2: Downtown Disaster Relief. 

    Don't rush him; he will stay dormant in the middle of the plaza/arena as long as you don't get close to him and don't shoot him. Take advantage of that & try to pick-off as many minions/regular enemies as you can before the battle begins, while staying as far away from him as possible. More minions will come later, so concentrate on eliminating them as well while running around and dodging droids attacks. Once they're all gone, then you can concentrate on the boss. Just shoot him with whatever best you've got at this point (grenade launcher & ion bow recommended) while using the terrain and obstacles to take cover, but don't forget that most of these structures are destructable. Beating this big boi will net you the Chaingun, the final and strongest weapon in the game, as well as the Firepower Matters trophy_silver.png  trophy along with it.
  • Defeat the Revenant 8991-PX

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 3: Institutionalized.

    Not much to say here; it's a dropship dropping spiders & small flyers (both can be ignored as long as you keep moving), as well as 3 red robe-enemies at the other end of the rooftop everytime it makes a pass (be sure to kill these ASAP). There's a crate with infinite chaingun ammo near the pool/apartment entrance, so be sure to make good use of it. Shoot the ships underside and gun to damage and destroy it while strafing its fire.
  • Separate the Twins

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 4: The Six Underground.

    This boss fight is made of 2 Battle Droids moving on tank-like threads (they're actually a boss version of a late-game standard enemies you'll encounter later on). They're not hard to beat, but what makes this a bit tricky is fighting them in a very small space without any cover. I found the Ion Bow to be suprisingly effective here, as its alt-fire can take out one of the droids very fast (works randomly though). With only one of them left, this fight becomes very simple. Run around & unload whatever strong weapon you prefer on him, just mind the jumping fireballs it shoots & keep your distance.
  • Survive Heskel's horribly overdesigned trap

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 5: Countryside Carnage.

    As with the first Chapter's one, this is not actually a boss, just a fancy kill-room/elevator that will spawn several standard enemies on its way down. Run around with dual SMGs & mow them down as they come out of all the nooks & crannies. Easy.
  • Clear the lab of Warmechs

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 6: Ordinary laboratory. 

    Basically this is Chapter 2's boss x2 (see The Future of Law Enforcement trophy_bronze.png for more info). Luckily, there are way less minions this time around & way more undestructable cover. I found out a smart way to make this fight a bit easier: one of the secrets which is not very far away from the boss fight has the Super Damage power up available. Don't pick it up right away; instead clear a way to the boss hangar and then backtrack for the Super Damage power up. Once you've got it, quickly return to the hangar. The power up has a 30sec timer, but if you're quick, it's more than enough to destroy 1 Warmech within a powered up chaingun salvo. The second one is just a big bullet sponge. Keep your distance & use the same tactics you did earlier.
  • Defeat Dr. Heskel

    This trophy is for completing the final boss in Chapter 7: Subterranean Climax, which is also the final boss of the game. 

    This fight may seem hard, but it can actually be cheesed a bit. Keep it to the outer ring & run around killing armed enemies (ignore the zombies). Most of them will quickly walk off the outer ring as they spawn. There is a crate with infinite Bowling Bombs along the wall (holding primary fire will give them more damage & homing capabilities), so when the ring is clear, just spam bombs down below to safely get rid of all the enemies (spawns are NOT infinite). When everyone's dead, either walk up the dome by foot or use the big vent from the outer ring to go to the top & spam Bowling Bombs into the Mario-like pipe on top. After taking some damage, the dome wil push you back to the outer ring. Repeat the process to kill the boss. Make the rocket drone enemies your priority as they can fly and reach you anywhere and will kill you quickly with their semi-homing rocket salvo (there won't be a lot of them). Also, mind the final wave of Leapers (the monkey-like high melee damage enemies). They can sometimes follow you onto the outer ring from below, so dispatch them with SMGs or Chaingun ASAP, and then bomb the living crap out of any enemies left.
  • Collect all weapons

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    As it says, this trophy is for collecting all weaposn in the game. It can't be missed as you'll get all of the weapons pretty quickly while playing the story. It should pop after your first legit boss fight of the game.
  • Find 50 of Dick's secret stashes

    This game has A LOT of secrets rooms, many of them very well hidden. This may come naturally if you explore, even if you don't decide to use a guide when playing for the 1st time. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Eat 30 slices of pizza

    There are pizza boxes scattered all around the game's kitchens & restaurants. Just open the box and walk over the pizza slices and it will be automatically eaten, giving you some extra health in the process. These are not as common as other food items, but there are still way more than enough available. Eating 30 slices unlocks the trophy.
  • Drink 20 cans of soda

    This will probably come naturally as you play. You can get them either from vending machines (they're everywhere) or just by picking them up lying around in the kitchens, restaurants, and offices. Just walk over them to drink them automatically, getting extra health for each soda you drink. Drinking 20 cans unlocks the trophy.
  • Decapitate 100 enemies

    This will come naturally. As always, headshots deal max damage. When shooting at enemies' upper parts, their heads will often fall off after a sucessful kill. Just kill enemies with whatever weapon you like that won't disintegrate them on impact.
  • Stomp 20 cockroaches

    This will come naturally as there are many cockroaches around trashcans & inside air vents, which you'll be travelling through quite often. Whenever you see the bugs, just walk over them. You'll hear a squishy sound & there will be a white spot left behind.
  • Kill 20 spiders with the Electrifryer

    The Electrifryer is the default meele nightstick & spiders are the only enemies this weapon is useful/good against. Anytime you see a spider, just trigger-crouch with circle.png & swing away. They will run around like a headless chicken & explode shortly after, often triggering Shelly's one-liner comment.
  • Kill 30 flying enemies with explosives

    There's a good spot for this in D.C Meltdown. When you leave the mall, there will be a few of those annoying skull-flyers on the main street and two rocket drones inside the mall (they all count for this trophy). Kill them with the grenade launcher or clusterplucks (mine) alt-fire. Just be careful with the clusterplucks as mines alt-fire is an overkill and can easily take you down as well.
  • Kick 20 severed heads

    This will come naturally as you play as heads are flying quite a lot in this game! Just run over them to give them a good soccer-like kick. Funny stuff, never gets old :) 
  • Get 3 Strikes (3 or more killed) with Bowling Bombs

    There are many places to get this towards the later chapters of the game. It can be earned easily during the final boss fight or by killing many zombies travelling in packs later in the game. Shelly will comment on it every time you manage to pull off 3 or more kills at once. It is cumulative & loading won't void it, so if you wanna get it ASAP you can kill the same 3 enemies and then reload & repeat.
  • Complete the game on Maximum Fury difficulty

    The description of this trophy is kind of misleading. You only need to finish the last Chapter to unlock this trophy. I'd recommend playing it on a lower difficulty first, just to get a hang of the final showdown's mechanics & the map layout. Keep in mind that doing this with Chapter Select will spawn you with just the Loverboy (the default revolver) & the Nightstick, so you'll have very limited resources at the begining.

    Maximum Fury difficulty adds extra damage & enemies, often doubling the strongest ones. Luckily, you can ignore most enemies at the begining (there's A LOT more here compared to lower difficulties), and you only need to kill "The Twins" (again) for a keycard to progress in the level. Remember that you can save your game anytime you want, so feel free to over-use this mechanic to make it easier.

    When you're finally at the dome, you can deal with all of the waves by using the Bowling Bombs (there's a crate with infinite bombs you can restock on), camping from a safety of the outer ring/ceiling arch-vents, when all enemies drop down to the lower level & gather there (just remember to kill flying rocket drones first). The final wave of leapers (tall, monkey-like enemies) is simply mental, but not that bad when you switch tactics to running around the outer ring backwards at full speed, lobbing Bowling Bombs (there's very little time to stop & restock here, so use your grenade launcher if you run out).
  • Proof that you've done it all


    This trophy requires you to kill all 100% of the enemies throughout all the Chapters as well as finding all the secrets in the game (including the Mega-Secrets). Make sure to go to Options > Display Setup > HUD Setup > set Level Stats to ON. This will help you keep track of how many secrets you found as well as the number of enemies left alive. The game will always inform you with a prompt showing the number of secrets left unfound when you're about to leave the level at its point of no return. Here's a great text guide (LINK) that I've used for finding all the secrets. I'm not an author of this guide; all the credit for making it goes to Da Hui from Neoseeker.

    If you're missing any enemies at the end of a level, you can use radar pickups if you have any (dpad_right.png button) for a temporary close-range radar that shows any enemies/items around you (enemies will show up as red dots). I've encountered an interesting glitch on 2 levels, where the counter showed more enemies killed than actually available on the level, but it didin't seem to mess with the trophy, so don't panic if it happens.

    NOTE: What makes this trophy highly missable is that Chapter Select resets all your kills/secrets found & leaves you with basic, first Chapter-starting weaponry. That's why it's only good to use it for misc or Mega-Secret specific trophies. 

    Fun fact: the trophy image itself is a GTA Vice City easter egg. The text printed on the T-Shirt was based on the one that was a prize for getting 100% in GTA: VC.

Secret trophies

  • Find Roy's final resting place

    This trophy requires you to find Chapter 1's Mega Secret. It's actually a Blade Runner reference. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Get a bullseye

    In the Casual Casualties level (in Chapter 4: The Six Underground), you will stumble upon a lounge with a dartboard on the wall. Pick up a dart and stand at the red line & get a bullseye. You'll need to do this anyway when going for all secrets in the game. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.

    Note: I found the dartboard in one of the earlier levels (in Grand Slam, a secret level), got the bullseye on it a few times, but trophy never popped there, so it's probably tied to that particular place in Chapter 4.
  • Reach the secret level

    This is a trophy for unlocking and getting into a secret level called Grand Slam. You can get acess to it by discovering the Mega Secret in the Executive Disorder boss level. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Unaffordable housing

    This trophy is awarded for dicovering a Mega Secret in the Cultural Divide level. You will need to pull 3 levers in order for it to unlock. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Admire the Red Eagle

    This one is for discovering the Mega Secret in the D.C. Meltdown level. It's a cool Carmaggedon reference. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • A dream of a Black Lodge

    This one is for finding the Mega Secret in the Corporate Chaos level. It's a creepy Twin Peaks reference and it requires some really quick timing. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Find the Elephant's Foot

    This trophy is for finding the Mega Secret in the Casual Casulties level. It's a Chenrobyl reference, so be ready to equip a hazmat suit while you're at it. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • This trophy is for finding the Mega Secret in the Heskel's House of Horrors level. It's a reference to GTA series easter egg of shooting at the moon. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Find the secret lab

    This is the trophy for finding the Mega Secret in the Hazard Disposal (Revisited) level. It requires finding all other secrets on this level before you can acess it. See T-Shirt trophy_gold.png for more details.

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