TWO BIT Trophy in International Snooker





    How to unlock TWO BIT


    Go into 'Quick Game' and select either snooker or UK/US 8 Ball (if you have unlocked them for 750 credits). It is quicker to win matches playing pool, however if you have yet to unlock them game modes, then select the snooker game mode. To make the wins come faster, apply these match settings to shorten each match:

    Opponent: A.I (Level 1)
    Frames: 1
    Break First: Opponent
    Shot Clock: Off
    Reds: 6

    You can also play against a human opponent and those will count towards the trophy but the win count is potentially glitched, with some results not registering, leaving some players having to win 5-10 games more before the trophy unlocks. Forfeiting matches with player two for quick wins will also affect this, as the wins will show up on your 'Stats & Awards', but are not eligible for the trophy. It is therefore recommended to be cautious and play all your games against the A.I.

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