147 HERO Trophy in International Snooker

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    How to unlock 147 HERO

    This is by far the hardest trophy in the game and requires an equal amount of good fortune, as well as player skill.

    For this trophy you are not only required to pot all of the balls in one sitting but to also pot the black ball after every single red ball. To make things slightly easier for yourself, it's best to set up a 'Quick Game', selecting snooker and changing the match set up so that your opponent is human and that player 2 breaks first. Doing this means you can disperse the red balls from the pack as best as you can with the opening shot so that when it changes to player 1 (your PSN), you will have the best chance of having a spread variety of red balls and none that are clustered together.

    You will need to learn how to control your cue ball effectively on each shot, by judging where the cue ball will end up after every shot by looking at the angle of the white indicator/pathway that points off of the target ball. This is the general direction your cue ball will go after you take your shot.

    Using your shot power appropriately, especially when taking shots where your cue ball will hitting a cushion, is equally as important for successful placement. If you are taking shots that will result in your cue ball coming into direct contact with a cushion (sides of the table) afterwards, do not use a lot of power. The cushions are very sensitive and it doesn't take a lot for your ball to rebound off one and end up way down the opposite end of the table. The longer you play the game, the better your judgement will become of power and placement.

    You will want to keep yourself in the bottom end of the table (where the black is) for as long as you can, by setting up your shots for the bottom left and bottom right pockets. Ensuring your cue ball is always in an appropriate line/angle to potting the black so that you won't send it up the table but softly rebound it off the bottom cushion after potting, is just as important.

    When you have potted your last red ball, then the black ball again, you will be in the final stage of your 147 break, potting the remaining colours in order. The potting order for the last stage is:

    1. Yellow
    2. Green
    3. Brown
    4. Blue
    5. Pink
    6. Black

    This is the easiest part but you will still need to follow the previous steps, by using your power accordingly so that your cue ball will be placed no more than a half-table distance away from your next ball.

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