The Flock Trophy in InnerSpace

  • The Flock


    Encounter the Flock.

    How to unlock The Flock

    Story related, can't be missed.

    To earn this trophy you will need to encounter and speak with the Gossamer Flock Demigod in Mornsea. This is a story related event and needs to happen to progress through the game.

    First you will need to activate the Blue Transverse Gate in the Sunchamber, the second area of the game. You will need to fly around and activate the Battery by flying into the switches and activating them, then you can go inside the structure beside the Blue Transverse Gate and fly into the blue orb. Smash buttons to activate it and get released. Once the Battery is charged, the Blue Transverse Gate will activate. Go use it to get to Mornsea.

    Here there are 3 glowing birds that are flying around the area. You need to follow each one till they fly into the vents of the giant tower structure in Mornsea. Once all 3 are in the tower, they will converge to form a giant glowing bird. Now you need to follow this bird till it tumbles and turns into a blue orb. Fly into it and smash buttons to get released. Now you can speak with the Gossamer Flock.

    Once you finish speaking, the trophy will unlock.

    Refer to The Sunfish for more information of a visual walkthrough guide for these sections.

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