The Sunfish Trophy in InnerSpace

  • The Sunfish


    Encounter the Sunfish.

    How to unlock The Sunfish

    tory related, can't be missed.

    To earn this trophy you need to encounter the Sunfish Demigod in Dawnvessel, then speak with it. This is a story related event and needs to happen to progress through the game.

    To even talk with the Sunfish, you have to release it from its prison by diving into the whirlpool and going through the Sleeve Switch to charge it up. The Sunfish will then be released into the waters. Now approach it and swim into its blue orb to get stuck in it, then tap the displayed buttons to get released. Now it will bloom underwater plants where ever its glow reaches. Jump into these bloomed orbs and press to boost into the Sunfish's blue orb a couple more times to get its attention. You will automatically be treated to a cutscene where you can talk with the Sunfish. Once you finish talking with the Sunfish, the trophy will unlock.

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