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  • Well inFORMED


    Collect all Dead drops.

    Dead Drops become collectible once again only this time, they are carried by carrier pigeons flying around the city. Aside from earning your first Dead Drop as part of a story mission, you'll have to find the others yourself. They'll be automatically listed on your mini-map in the form of a blue pigeon icon when you get close. Collecting them will reveal the back story of the characters across the game, shown in the form of audio logs. For 19 you will need the Improved Static Thrusters, see "Back to Bayou" for a guide on how to reach that area.

    There are a total 30 Dead Drops scattered across the game. Note that the map is meant to be used in compliment to the video.

    Locations are as follows:



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  • Glad the Dead Drops are back aswell as the shards. This will be fun!!!
  • dead drops no problem but shards are going to be a pain in the ass :)
  • Once you complete 60 side missions your radar will point you to the nearest shard. It shouldn't be hard at all at that point.
  • Both dead drop and shards are much easier to find. The DDs are bright birds on your mini-map and the shards not have an ability that allows you to see the shard closest to you, whether you are one foot or 300 meters away.
  • the last dead drop is not showing up. even restarted from an earlier save and still the last one is not popping up
  • hiryu3, you are probably missing the one in the bayou. Go back to the very first place you go to in the game and there will be one there
  • thanks for the tip infavol. theres a trophy for going back there too right?
  • I'm dissepointed. The shards in this game is to easy to get. Got my last shard on the second day of gameplay. Wuld be cooler if there was more
  • Mactchillien, although I don't agree with your spelling, I do agree the game was easy. I got everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, by the second day. (Except for beating it on hard that was the 3rd day). Granted, I love this series and I consider myself a good gamer, I think I could have had more kick. Unfortunately for us *Spoiler* there's almost no possible way to have a third game without some MAJOR alterations between the good side and the bad side.
  • i know but cole got lightinged in his casket nix could be set on flames kuo frosen it dosen't ruin the story but you have to start out good or evil not just like option 3
  • Does the Blast Shard Sense help find DDs?
  • @11 Nope, it does not.
  • I only need this trophy and the one with the verandas and 5th platinum!God i love this game,the only dissapointment was tha cole doesnt look as cool as in infamous 1,also both of the ending leave no option for an infamous 3 :(
  • I think the deaddrops are harder to find in this game than infamous, the first 28 of them i just found accidently, but im having trouble finding the last one, and I know it's noot in the bayou.
  • Hopefully this will help you: http://uk.ign.com/wikis/infamous-2/Blast_Shards The page shows the locations of the blast shards AND the dead drops.
  • This will take a while
  • @10 that'd be so lame and cheesy if the lightning resurected Cole. This better be the last inFAMOUS. I love this series but the story they set out was told and told well in 2 installments. I'd rather Sucker Punch work on new things (or old in the case of Sly 4)
  • My last two dead drops was not showing up (number 19 and 16) but i used the UGC Editor to teleport to them locations and i think that made them glitch. Today i ran there on foot and both showed up without a problem.
  • Cant find the last dead drop, not showing up in the swap blockade either, any tips?
  • omg omg >=/ this always happens to me XD i only needed one more of the dead drops but couldn't find it .. so I used the guide photo. I started on the swamp the went through every spot and couldn't find it.. there was one last place and i mean it was the last spot to look for it and there it was.. omg i always get so unlucky like that damn ^^ ... pretty easy with the guide.
  • oh yeah the last dead drop tend to be number 5 on the map guide.
  • My last one was 19 on the map at the begining even though i was sure i got it as i went back to the begining previously for that other trophy, i spent ages grinding the rails hoping it would show up on the edge of my mini map, what is it when you try going back to the begining that you WILL die at least twice due to Cole doing something stupid, its like he doesnt want to go back there. mmmmm?
  • i got #5 and #19, but i'm still missing one, i guess i'll have to look for them one by one...
  • Dammit... I went and looked around for ALL of them... Still missing one... Goddamn...
  • Should be mnapped in-game like inFamous 1
  • Great... Someone removed the image. ;>.>
  • Use archive web: http://web.archive.org/web/20120514134552/http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/8461/infamous2deaddroplocati.png
  • did use map mossing 1 wtf
  • missing lol found 29 saved game reloaded and was right on it
  • I believe the game doesn't load in nearby dead drops if you skip around using the UGC hub as fast travel or during certain story missions. My last one was #4 at the cathedral; I had been there at least 3 times before and never saw it.

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