Arcade Champion Trophy in Indoor Sports World

  • Arcade Champion


    Complete Arcade Mode

    How to unlock Arcade Champion

    You will begin with only 4 matches available and as you progress, more will open up. There are 8 matches to play in Arcade Mode: 2 matches of Pool, 2 matches of Snooker, 2 matches of Air Hockey and 2 matches of Darts. All with have different rules and different levels of difficulty. Pool and Darts will give you the hardest times since no matter the difficulty, the AI have nearly perfect aim so the key to winning is to make sure that you get as many as points or pockets as you can and keep their turn from coming as much as possible.

    After winning all 8 matches, you will be presented with an in-game award screen for “Arcade Champion” and the trophy will pop shortly after.

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