Snooker Pro Trophy in Indoor Sports World

  • Snooker Pro


    Win five snooker games

    How to unlock Snooker Pro

    Go to Exhibition Mode > Single Match > Game Type - Snooker. The location doesn’t matter. Set the CPU difficulty to “Rookie”, the match length to any amount of frames and the rules to “6 Ball Snooker”. The games do not have to be consecutive nor won in the same match.

    Snooker is a variant of billiards where you must knock red balls (worth 1 point) and various other coloured (worth more than 1 point) in a sequence. The objective of the game is to score more points than the opponent.

    After you’ve won 5 frames, the game will present an in-game award screen for “Snooker Pro” for winning 5 Snooker games and the trophy will then unlock. You can check the amount of Snooker games you’ve won in Profile > View Stats. Use the on-screen arrows to navigate to the Snooker tab.

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