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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (38, 10, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 50-60hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Look, No Hands! trophy_bronze.png)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, feel free to play on Easy or Story

Let's just get this out of the way, yes, it's just like Breath of the Wild, yes it's good, and yes you have a long road ahead of you on the way to the platinum. This guide will thankfully cut a considerable amount of time out of your playthrough, and you'll still get the full experience of the game without all the wandering in circles.

Step 1: Complete the game, along with any side quests or collecting you're inclined to do along the way

This really isn't the kind of game that's conducive to laying things out in steps. Collectibles and activities will reward you with currency needed for upgrades and new abilities so I definitely recommend doing some of it along the way but the amount is up to you, and we'll take care of the rest later.

Completing this step will earn you the following trophies:
The Giving Tree trophy_bronze.png 
Big Chicken trophy_bronze.png 
The Iron Giant trophy_bronze.png 
Sassy, Lost Child trophy_bronze.png
God of War trophy_bronze.png 
Goddess of Love trophy_bronze.png 
Goddess of Wisdom trophy_bronze.png 
God of the Forge trophy_bronze.png 
Messenger of the Gods trophy_bronze.png 
Brother Battle trophy_bronze.png 
Mission Complete trophy_gold.png 
Bird's-Eye View trophy_bronze.png 
Among the Stars trophy_bronze.png 
Wraithless in Battle trophy_bronze.png 
Hades's New Neighbor trophy_silver.png 
Don't Shoot the Messenger trophy_bronze.png 
Toot or Boot? trophy_bronze.png 
From the Ashes trophy_bronze.png 
Not Too Close to the Sun trophy_bronze.png 
Servant to the Gods trophy_silver.png 
One Chore Down trophy_bronze.png 
Toil and Trouble trophy_bronze.png 
Join the Creed trophy_bronze.png 
Down in Flames trophy_bronze.png 
Beauty's in the Eye trophy_bronze.png 
Photobomb trophy_bronze.png 


Step 2: Reload your save prior to the Point of No Return, do everything else
You'll probably spend equal amounts of time on Steps 1 and 2, but anything you didn't feel like finishing up previously you can take care of now. Everything you need will be available to you prior to entering the final vault.
Completing this step will earn you the following trophies:
Logs and Monsters trophy_bronze.png 
Tippy-Top trophy_bronze.png 
The Floor is Lava trophy_bronze.png 
Oceancookie trophy_bronze.png 
Fenyx the Horseman trophy_silver.png 
To Good Health trophy_silver.png 
Projectile Pro trophy_bronze.png 
C-C-C-Combo trophy_bronze.png 
Your Own Medicine trophy_bronze.png 
It's A Bird! trophy_bronze.png 
Look, No Hands! trophy_bronze.png 
Ornithology trophy_silver.png 
Wing Nut trophy_silver.png 
Who's the Boss? trophy_silver.png 
Shard Miner trophy_bronze.png 
Armed and Dangerous trophy_gold.png 
Moonlight Treasure trophy_bronze.png 
More than Twelve Labours trophy_silver.png 
Powered Up trophy_bronze.png 
Show Your Moves trophy_bronze.png 
Potion Professional trophy_bronze.png 
Weapon Master trophy_bronze.png 
Fully Charged trophy_silver.png 
Last Hero Standing trophy_silver.png 
The End trophy_platinum.png

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trophy Guide

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69 trophies ( 16  47  16  )

  • Obtain every trophy.

    As is custom, you'll earn this for completing every other trophy.
  • Chop down 100 large trees.

    Once you gain access to your first axe, you can begin working on this trophy. The large trees are not, despite what they're telling you, the largest trees on the map. Instead, the ones that count towards the trophy are the trees that take a few seconds to tip over after you cut through them, some of which contain Golden Amber inside the trunk. There are a ton of trees in the Valley of Eternal Spring so if you want to get this trophy over with, keep spawning into different areas of the region and cut down trees until the trophy unlocks.
  • Unfog the whole map.

    There are 7 regions in the game, each with their own scouting location. For most of them, the game explicitly tells you how to unfog the region: simply find the giant statue of a God, climb it, and interact with the scouting point at the top. For the final location, Gates of Tartaros, it's very easy to miss the scouting location. Once you've received the Spider's Web quest, approach the big mountain in the center of the map from the side that the Hall of Gods is on. The scouting point will be on the top right corner of the face carved into the mountain. If you reach the top and can't find it, it's directly south of the Spider's Web quest marker. Eventually you'll see that you've discovered Lord of Chaos and from there you'll be able to see the scouting point appear on your screen somewhere. Interact with it and the trophy is yours.
  • Reach the highest point on the island.

    After you've defeated Ligyron at the top of King's Peak, climb Zeus' throne and stand on the gold eagle at the top for the trophy.
  • Glide a total of 1,000 meters in one go.

    To do this, I recommend waiting until you have access to the top of King's Peak. You're also going to want to bring several stamina potions and have your stamina bar relatively close to being maxed out. From Zeus' Throne, fly towards the Gates of Tartaron, refilling your stamina with potions as it gets low. Once you've passed 1000 meters (feel free to set a checkpoint to follow if you want to track your stats), either land or stop gliding and the trophy will unlock.
  • Tame an Epic mount.

    Epic mounts are indicated by the number 3 on their profile, and seem to be visually distinct from other mounts, like having a unicorn horn or wings. The first epic mount you can find is Indika, which can be found near the Gaia's Soul fast travel in the Valley of Eternal Spring, in the pond surrounded by trees. For the locations of the other mounts, please see Fenyx the Horseman trophy_silver.png.
  • Solve a Constellation Myth Challenge.

    There are at least a dozen constellation challenges in the game, scattered throughout each of the main areas of the game, and you should stumble across one early in the game, when you reach the Observatory. The goal of the constellation challenges is to find a set number of blue orbs which are meant to be placed on a grid, matching up with a constellation on a wall.
    Some of these puzzles get quite complicated later in the game, in terms of gaining access to the orbs. Keep in mind that you'll never have to go far to find the solution for any one particular orb, keep an eye out for breakable walls, make use of your powers, and keep in mind that many of the games puzzles can be exploited, either by using nearby rocks as weights, or by using abilities like being able to lift heavier obects.
  • Tame all mounts.

    Mounts can be found in every major area of the game, usually in groups of three or four. Many of them look similar to one another, so whenever you see them wandering around, double check to make sure you've already tamed them, even if they look familiar. Mounts are typically found in quiet areas where no enemies are present so make sure to check any seemingly empty islands, fields etc. even if there are no collectibles or items present.
    Below is a list of the game's mounts, still in progress, along with their general locations:
    Aetheon - On the right side of Ajax's Fort, there's an enormous crater behind the main building. You'll find this mount running around inside the crater
    Alabaster - From the Gaia's Soul fast travel, head west towards the large stone cliffs jutting out of the ground, and you should see these just before you reach the cliffs.
    Anenome - Valley of Eternal Spring, near Aphrodite's tree
    Antikythera - Northeast of the Atmos Mechanikos, at the base of a cliff
    Asphodel - From the Punishment of Atlas fast travel on King's Peak, keep heading southwest down the mountain until you reach a body of water with several waterfalls. This mount will be running around in the water
    Bolt - North of the Large Lyre in Valley of Eternal Spring
    Cypress - Head west from the Hall of Gods. Halfway to the sea, look for two stone columns with blue banners and a big statue of Aphrodite with a bowl in her hand
    Everlast - Head from the Archives fast travel towards Athena's Sanctuary and you should see these on the top of a hill on the way
    Guardian - Northwest of Guardian's Hill, he'll be running around at the base of the broken bridge
    Hellebore - At the base of the King of Gods statue on King's Peak
    Indika - Valley of Eternal Spring, near the Gaia's Soul fast travel, in or around the pond surrounded by trees
    Itea - This is just above the blue area of the map between the Valley of Eternal Spring and Grove of Kleos. There will be a Navigation Challenge right next to them
    Khroma - Northeast corner of the Forgelands, there are two islands, these are on the leftmost island
    Krater - Outside the walls of Ajax's Fort on the north side, you should see a cluster of buildings on the map. You'll find the mount here, look for the hideous gold chariot
    Krystalline - The shrine where you retrieve the Olympian key
    Larkspur - East of the Moria Tree Sanctuary
    Laurion - In Clashing Rocks, at the very bottom of the map there is a very large island, with a smaller island just to its northeast. You'll find the mount on the smaller island.
    Muse - Head south from the God of War statue, and this mount will be on the other side of the building in your path
    Paragon - Northeast of the Protector Drakon Ismenios fast travel, there's an outcropping by the sea that is split between War's Den and the Forgelands. You'll find this mount there.
    Ptilon - From Zeus' Throne on King's Peak, head north down the back side of the mountain. About halfway down you should see an arch you can pass under, and then you'll be at the top of a cliff with gusts of air coming from below. Head down and the mount will be running around on the ice
    Quicksilver - In the Forgelands, to the west of the island on the right side of the map, south of the Aqueducts
    Sepia - Fly north from the Hall of Gods and you'll see them just above the curved path
    Sheena - On the coast northeast of the Goddess of Wisdom statue, about halfway between the two broken bridges leading to King's Peak
    Tyrian - The southern most point of the Valley of Eternal Spring, you'll see a series of small islands surrounded by water, this mount is in the center
    Xenippos - War's Den, northwest of Protector Drakon Ismenios
  • Fully upgrade your Health.

    You can upgrade your health at the Hall of Gods, using the station next to the weight bench, which uses Ambrosia as currency. Ambrosia can be found all across the game world, typically in places that require you to climb or go out of your way to reach. For each health upgrade, the number of Ambrosia you need will increase by one, so try not to pass too many of them in the wild unless they require a level of stamina to reach that you don't have yet.
    Make use of Far Sight (r3.png) whenever you're up high to mark any nearby Ambrosia, making them easier to collect.
  • Defeat a flying enemy with any thrown object.

    This is easiest to do against the weaker flying enemies found throughout the game. You can either try to sneak up on one and throw a rock from a distance, or wait until you have the Godly Power that allows you to quick throw, stand next to a rock or other object, look at the enemy you want to kill and tap r1.png. The game should auto-target the enemy and earn you the trophy.
  • Reach the final Combo stage.

    As you are comboing enemies, you'll likely notice that the combo meter changes colors the higher it climbs. These colors are considered combo stages. For this trophy, you'll first need to receive Ares' third blessing for completing his questline, which opens up the final combo stage. Next, you'll need to get an 84 hit combo or more.
    This is a trophy that may actually be easier on harder difficulties, because more often than not your combo will end because you've killed all of the enemies before reaching 84. There will be more opportunities to do this towards the end of the game, but my recommendation is to take care of this when you're fighting the wraith of Herakles. His moves are incredibly easy to telegraph and he has more than enough health to get you a big enough combo. All you have to worry about running away whenever he glows red, but Ares' other blessings ensure that your combo meter will last long enough between hits for it to not be an issue.
  • Defeat an enemy with their own projectile.

    Deflecting projectiles is done the same way you parry attacks, but pressing l1.png + r1.png just as an attack is about to land.There are a few different basic enemies that use projectiles, particularly the flying enemies, but I found it easiest to do this during Athena's Vault, when you're fighting the Medusa enemies. At some point during the fight, Medusa will fire a string of white projectiles at you (not the purple beam), and reflecting them back does a ton of damage. When she starts the attack, just keep pressing l1.png + r1.png, and most of her attacks should be deflected back. If timed right, you should be able to defeat her this way pretty easily, and you'll have 4 Medusa fights to get this right.
  • Perform a 25 hit combo while in air.

    This will be easiest to do in the later game when you have more opportunities to keep a combo going without killing everything, or on a harder difficulty where enemies have more health. The easiest way of doing this is to exploit the Herakles's Leap ability, which pulls you to any enemy by pressing l1.png + triangle.png. Find a big enough enemy or a group of flying enemies and just keep using Herakles's Leap  when you're about to fall back to the ground, and you'll have this trophy in no time.
  • Defeat 10 enemies using traps inside the Vaults of Tartaros.

    Among the dozens of Vaults of Tartaros in the game, there are some that consist of several waves of enemies, in a trap filled room (these vaults can be easily identified because they have "Arena" in their name. Spike floors will be your best bet here, simply lure enemies onto the traps, wait for them to die, and repeat. Technically this trophy is missable, because if you 100% every arena vault without getting this you won't be able to re-enter them (at least as of now) so try to take care of this early on.
  • Acquire all Phoenix skins.

    Phoenix skins are typically unlocked after completing side quests, major story beats of by defeating unique monsters. You should earn this alongside completing Hermes' Heroic Tasks board and beating the game.
    Below is a list of Phosphor skins, along with details on where to find them:
    Burnished Phosphor - Southwest of the God of the Forge statue, on top of a very tall cliff on the Forgelands side of the border, you'll find Talos the Rebuilt. Defeat him for the skin
    Carnivorous Phosphor - From Hela's Throne in the northeast of the Forgelands (use Arena of Legends as a fast travel), head northwest until you reach the decaying bridge, you should see Ophinikos flying around. Defeat him for the skin
    Molten Phosphor - Complete the 4th category of Heroic Tasks
    Phosphor Automated - Southeast corner of King's Peak, you'll find an enormous arch, and near it, a stone hand jutting out of the snow. Here you'll find Hekatonchires, defeat him for the skin
    Phosphor of Companionship - Unlocked for completing Aphrodite's sidequest
    Phosphor of Heat's Core - Defeat legendary Cyclops southwest of the Eros's Haven fast travel in the Forgelands
    Phosphor of Lit Cinders - Complete Daidalos' Treasury Vault
    Phosphor of Love Ablaze - Repair the damaged armor set at the forge, as part of Ares' sidequest
    Phosphor of Passion - Defeat Nightmare of Daidalos, northwest of the Eros's Haven fast travel
    Phosphor of Zeus' Lightning - Unlocked for completing Aphrodite's sidequest
    Phosphor of Zeus' Skies - Defeat Legendary Cerberus northwest of Ares' God of War statue
    Phosphor the Evilglare - Northwest of the Archives, there is a very small island, upon which you'll find Gorgon of Dread. Defeat him for the skin
    Phosphor the Lovebird - Unlocked for completing Aphrodite's sidequest
    Phosphor the Patriarch - Defeat Kelaino, west of the Gaia's Soul fast travel, on top of the large cliff on the other side of the water
    Phosphor the Stonegazer - Unlocked for completing Aphrodite's sidequest
    Tarnished Phosphor - Defeat Cerberus as part of the trials of Herakles
  • Acquire all Wings.

    New sets of wings are typically unlocked after completing major story beats, or by defeating unique monsters.You should earn this alongside completing Hermes' Heroic Tasks board and beating the game.

    Below is a list of wings, along with details on where to find them:

    Beauty's Wings - Defeat Lieutenant of Hybrids in Gates of Tartaros, directly west of the Typhon's Lair fast travel
    Broken Wings - You'll receive these at the beginning of the game as part of the story
    Forge Metal Wings - Defeat Daidalos' Minotaur Lieutenant on the north side of the Gates of Tartaros, near the Grove of Kleos border
    Intricate Wings - From the fast travel in Gates of Tartaros, fly southeast towards War's Den. Below you on one of the platorms you'll see the Hound of the Underworld Lieutenant. Defeat him for the wings.
    Ravishing Wings - Defeat the Cyclops lieutenants after restoring Hephaistos
    Sharp Fire Wings - Defeat the Cyclops lieutenants after restoring Hephaistos
    Smoldering Wings of Zeus - Relight the Forge
    Spark of Genius Wings - Defeat Lieutenant Euryale east of the Athena's Sanctuary fast travel, on top of the cliffs above the small lyre challenge
    Tempestuous Wings of Zeus - In War's Den, find the big stone statue with the rock in its hand and arrows in its back. From there, head west, and just over the wall near you you'll find Lieutenant Gyges. Defeat him for the wings.
    Wings of Daidalos - You'll receive these as part of the story
    Wings of Dawnlight Revels- These can be found inside Daidalos' Workshop. Once you've completed the myth challenges required to unlock the workshop, which you'll do as part of completing every myth challenge, head inside to receive the wings.
    Wings of Ikaros - Complete Daidalos' Treasury Vault
    Wings of Moonlight Revels - Just behind the Protector Drakon Ismenios fast travel, you'll find Lieutenant Briareos in the water. Defeat him for the wings.
    Wings of Vanity - Defeat Lieutenant Stheno, northeast of the Moria Tree Sanctuary, on the western bank of the lake
    Wings of the Dreadful - Defeat the flying lieutenant boss north of the Gaia's Soul fast travel in the Valley of Eternal Spring
    Wings of the Hideous - Defeat Ozomene on the island in the bottom right corner of the map
    Wings of the Monstrous - Complete Ares' Fortress Vault
    Wings of the Revels - You need to kill Lieutenant Aello in the Valley of Eternal Spring to get these. They're Northeast of the hall of the gods by the small lyre closest to War's Den
    Wings of Zeus - To get them you need to defeat the Godly Griffin Lieutenant during Phosphor's Eagle Eye side quest. This beast can be found in The Forgelands just south of the Aqueducts, which is the nearest fast travel point.
  • Complete 25 Vaults of Tartaros.

    Vaults of Tartaros can be found all over the game and will consist of a mini-dungeon, featuring a series of puzzles, waves of enemies, a boss fight or a combination of the three. For this trophy, you'll just need to reach the end and retrieve Zeus' Lightning in 25 different vaults.
  • Destroy 10 Shards Clusters.

    Shards Clusters are scattered all across the map, and appear as big chunks of different colored crystal. Using Far-Sight, if you ever see something twinkling in the distance that you can't mark off as an activity or collectible, you're probably looking at a Shards Cluster. Destroy 10 of them over the course of your playthrough for the trophy.
  • Fully upgrade everything at the Forge of Hephaistos.

    The Forge of Hephaistos can be found at the Hall of Gods (and later at the Forge of Gods). Upgrading your weapons and armor require different colored gems, which can be found in chests all over the world, as rewards for completing objectives, and in the form of Shards Clusters, which can be found randomly around the map. Upgrading everything will be incredibly time consuming but I recommend farming chests once you're in the end-game to get you over the top.
  • Open a Night Chest.

    Night Chests are special chests hidden throughout the world that, as the name suggests, can only be opened at night, and will be guarded by particularly challenging enemies. Once you find a Night Chest, if it's still daytime, hold the options button to quickly pass time, then defeat all the enemies surrounding the chest to unlock it.
  • Equip a matching helmet and armor.

    As you play through the game, you'll come across both helmets and armor as rewards for completing objectives and opening chests. The helmets and armor have sets, as identified by whatever their shared name is so equiping both pieces of a set will earn you the trophy. The Helm of the New Olympian should be the first piece of armor you find in the game, and it by default matches with your starting armor, so equipping this helmet will earn you the trophy.
  • Equip new Wings.

    See Wing Nut trophy_silver.png 
  • Complete the gods' side questlines.

    Each of the four Gods you're tasked with restoring will give you additional quests once you restore them at the Hall of Gods. Make sure you speak to them once they've been restored. The quests typically involve killing special enemies on the map, or retrieving an item for them. Athena's sidequest for killing Ozomene is quite difficult at the point in the game that you'll probably unlock it so you may want to save that for later but the rest will come easily enough, and each step is tracked on your map.
  • Complete a task from Hermes's Heroic Tasks Board at the Hall of the Gods.

  • Complete all 36 tasks from Hermes's Heroic Tasks Board.

    The Heroic Tasks Board can be found in the Hall of Gods, and it consists of 36 different objectives in 4 categories. Essentially you're going to need to kill dozens of enemies, fully complete all the arena vaults and many 3-star difficulty vaults, complete all of the myth challenges and tame mounts. Most of this stuff will also count towards other trophies so you won't need to go out of your way too much to complete this but it will be a very time consuming endeavor to complete the full list.
    Below are a series of maps, showing you the locations of Myth Challenges and Arena Vaults, broken down into regions. The maps also show every Vault location in the game, but I've only circled challenges and arenas.
    Clashing Rocks

    Valley of Eternal Spring

    Grove of Kleos

    The Forgelands

    War's Den

    King's Peak

  • Craft your first Potion.

    Your first opportunity to craft a potion will be when you reach the Hall of Gods. Potions are crafted by using different colored plants that can be picked in the game. Once you have a handful of any one particular color, approach the cauldron and create the corresponding potion for the trophy.
  • Fully upgrade the Potion tree.

    The potion tree is not, despite what you may think, found in the Forge of Hephaistos, but instead can be found in the Cauldron of Circe, in the center. This upgrade tree specifically uses Golden Amber as currency, which also happens to be one of the scarcer currency items in the game. You can find them by cutting down glowing trees, but your best bet, with most currency items, is to farm chests until you have enough.
  • Fully upgrade the Godly Powers tree.

    The Godly Powers upgrade tree can be found in the Hall of Gods, and uses Coins of Charon as currency. Coins can be found by completing Myth Challenges throughout the game and by the time you've completed most of the challenges, you should have enough coins to fully upgrade your Godly Powers.
  • Fully upgrade the Skills tree.

    The Skills tree can be found in the Hall of Gods and uses Coins of Charon as currency. Coins can be found by completing Myth Challenges throughout the game and by the time you've completed most of the challenges, you should have enough coins to fully upgrade your skills.
  • Fully upgrade one weapon to its final tier.

  • Perform 10 Stealth Attacks.

    As you explore the world, you'll frequently come across enemies that are either sitting on the ground or wandering around without noticing you. Press circle.png to crouch and approach them from behind. Once you get close enough, you'll see a prompt for a Stealth Attack. Repeat this 10 times for the trophy.
  • Fully upgrade your Stamina.

    Stamina is the blue bar that you use as part of doing pretty much everything in the game. It can be upgraded at the weight bench at the Hall of Gods, and it uses Zeus' Lightning as currency. Your primary source of lightning will be completing Vaults, but you'll also receive lightning for completing certain quests or Heroic Tasks, which can be found on the board in the Hall of Gods. Maxing out your stamina will likely be one of the last things you do in the game, and as part of doing everything else needed for the platinum, you should find yourself with close to enough lightning, otherwise continue completing Vaults.
  • Achieve hero status.

    At some point during Aphrodite's questline, you will be attacked by a Wraith, one of four fallen Gods, who will retreat to its lair after this initial battle. For this trophy, you'll need to beat all four Wraith Lairs, one in each of the four main regions in the world (see Wraithless in Battle trophy_bronze.png). Once you've defeated all four Wraiths, follow the quest marker, which will eventualy lead you to this trophy.
  • Change your appearance at the Hall of the Gods.

    Once you reach the Hall of Gods, one of the stations you can approach will be a chair. Interact with it and change your appearance however you want for the trophy.
  • Take a photo.

    At any point during the game, hold l3.png + r3.png and photo mode will open. Take a picture and the trophy is yours.

Secret trophies

  • Meet Aphrodite.

    After reaching the Hall of Gods for the first time, you'll be given a quest to investigate a tree in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Head to the quest marker and this trophy will unlock.
  • Meet Ares.

    Once you climb the giant statue of Ares and unfog the War's Den region of the map, you'll receive a quest to go investigate something. Do so and this trophy will unlock.
  • Meet Hephaistos.

    Once you climb the giant statue of Hephaistos and unfog the Forgelands region of the map, you'll receive a quest to investigate someone fairly close to your location. Do so and this trophy will unlock.
  • Meet Athena.

    Once you climb the giant statue of Athena and unfog the Grove of Kleos region of the map, you'll receive a quest to investigate something. Do so and this trophy will unlock.
  • Complete Ares's Questline.


    This trophy will unlock once you have restored Ares at the Hall of Gods.
  • Complete Athena's Questline.


    This trophy will unlock once you have restored Athena at the Hall of Gods.
  • Complete Hermes's Questline.


    This trophy will unlock once you have restored Aphrodite, Ares, Athena and Hephaistos at the Hall of Gods.
  • Complete Aphrodite's Questline.


    This trophy will unlock once you have restored Aphrodite at the Hall of Gods.
  • Complete Hephaistos's Questline.

    Story-related. This trophy will unlock once you have restored Hephaistos at the Hall of Gods. His questline will have you reigniting his forge through a multi-step process, then entering his vault to collect his essence. Once you complete the vault, return to the Hall of Gods and speak to him.
  • Defeat Ligyron.

    Ligyron will be waiting for you at the top of the King's Peak region of the map. This is a fairly straightforward boss fight; as with most of the bosses, your best bet is to swarm him, evading when necessary to slow down time. He hits hard so make sure you have some health potions at the ready, and make liberal use of the attack and defense potions to make this easier.
  • Defeat Typhon.

    You'll fight Typhon twice towards the end of the game but this trophy won't unlock until you defeat him at the end of the Vault of Typhon. Your best strategy here is to constantly use l1.png + triangle.png to pull yourself to him, and then just spam attacks. doing this will keep you safe from a lot of his ground attacks, and it's easy for him to lose sight of you and miss on the other attacks. The downside here is that it's also quite difficult to see what's happening, meaning you will get hit, and he takes a ton of health. By this point you should have a decent number of health potions, so keep an eye on your health, and whenever possible, just ignore the smaller enemies he spawns, as they'll die at each health checkpoint you reach.
  • Defeat a Wraith.

    There are four Wraiths in the game, each representing a fallen God who must be defeated in their lair for this trophy, one for each major area in the game. The first will be introduced as part of Aphrodite's questline, but the others will need to be found on their own.
    As you're exploring, you'll be warned on occasion that a Wraith is hunting you, and you'll start getting pelted by falling rocks. This means you're close to a Wraith Lair. Find the lair, enter it, and defeat the Wraith to earn a medallion, and if it's your first, this trophy.
    The general locations of each Wraith Lair are as follows:
    Achilles - East of Aphrodite's statue and north of the Hall of Gods
    Herakles - Northwest of Ares' statue in War's Den
    Atalanta - On the west bank of the lake in Grove of Kleos
    Odysseus - Northwest of the Aqueducts fast travel in the Forgelands
  • Defeat the Mythical Monster bosses.

    There are four Mythical Monster bosses in the game, and they are some of the most difficult battles in the game, so you'll want to save these for when you've upgraded your stats and abilities considerably. Ozomene's location will be given to you as part of Athena's side quest, but the rest you'll need to find on your own. Luckily, their locations are all fairly conspicuous, as they're all given their own area that doesn't reallys serve a purpose outside of a boss fight.
    Ozomene - On the big island in the southwest corner of the map
    Medusa - On the big island in the northwest, just off the coast of Grove of Kleos
    Polyphemos - There are two islands in the northeast corner of the map, he is on the rightmost island
    Kottos - In Ajax's Fort in War's Den, climb the tallest building towards the back of the fort.
  • Story-related.

    This trophy will unlock once you first reach the Hall of Gods, and the stranger that's been following you introduces himself.
  • Find Phosphor.

    Once you first reach the Hall of Gods, a cutscene will play of something being knocked out of the air by a bolt of lightning. Follow that quest marker to find Phosphor. Complete the next step of the quest and the trophy is yours.
  • Complete Phosphor's questline.

    Once you've met Phosphor and unfogged the War Den region of the map, you should receive a quest that involves finding clues to Daidalos' treasure. Follow the quest marker and complete the puzzle (if you're having trouble, come back when you have the ability to pick up heavier objects) and then continue to follow the steps for the quest. Eventually you'll reach a vault that involves solving a series of puzzles, followed by a boss fight. Defeat the boss and the trophy is yours.

DLC: A New God

6 trophies

  • Fail the Initiation Trial

    The initiation trial is the first trial in the DLC that Hermes gives you. It's more or less the same as the free preview trial they added to the base game. In order to earn this trophy, you just need to fall to your death or run out of health at any point during the trial. The last section can be quite disorienting in terms of where you're meant to go so there's a good chance you'll get this trophy without trying but otherwise, make sure you leap to your death before leaving the trial.
  • Complete the secret trial

    This trophy will be the most time consuming and difficult part of the DLC. First, you'll need to obtain 24 relics, which are each found in an optional hidden chest within the DLC's trials (you can use the map to see which trials still have an unopened chest). If you're having trouble finding the chests, make sure to look for a glowing beam of light within the trial. Here is a list of the relics, with their associated trials:

    Glaukos Hook - Athena's Trial of Combat
    Mystery of Persephone - Athena's Trial of Mystery
    Poseidon's Trident Head - Athena's Trial of Blessing
    Charon's Coins - Trial of Wisdom's Initiation
    Pan's Flute - Trial of Judgment's Initiation
    Areadne's String - Trial of Strategy's Initiation
    Butterfly of Thanatos - Trial of Creativity's Initiation
    Hestia's Flame - Hephaistos' Trial of Mystery
    Trumpet Shell of Triton - Hephaistos' Trial of Combat
    Lyre of Nmemosyne - Trial of Artistry's Initiation
    Poppy of Hypnos - Trial of Love's Initiation
    Protean Water - Aphrodite's Trial of Combat
    Demeter's Sheaf of Grain - Aphrodite's Trial of Mystery
    Horn of Boreas - Trial of the Forge God's Initiation
    Golden Bow of Apollo - Hephaistos' Trial of Blessing
    Healing Salve of Panakeia - Trial of Rampage's Initiation
    Scourge of Nemesis - Trial of Rage's Initiation
    Grapes of Dionysos - Ares' Trial of Mystery
    Laurels of Nike - Trial of War's Initiation
    Caduceus of Iris - Ares' Trial of Combat
    Arrow of Artemis - Ares' Trial of Blessing
    Hades' Bident - Trial of the Heart's Initiation
    Twin Torches of Hekatate - Trial of Beauty's Initiation
    Hera's Peacock Feather - Aphrodite's Trial of Blessing

    Once you've found all 24 relics, return to where Hermes is in the center of the map. Place a relic in front of each of the thrones, and then speak to Hermes to unlock the secret trial.

    The trial itself is basically a series of mini games, and none of them are particularly challenging. Once you complete all of them, the gate in front of the chest will open and the trophy is yours.
  • Acquire all blessings

    There are 4 blessings in the DLC, one for each of the four main gods you interact with. Each god will have 6 trials you'll need to complete (some of them will require new powers to access, so you won't be able to complete each god's blessings one by one). The final trial for each god is their Trial of Blessing. Complete all four and the trophy is yours.
  • Earn your promotion

    Story-related, you'll unlock this after completing the final trial, given to you by Zeus. This will be the longest and most difficult trial thus far, and will require the use of all of the powers you've unlocked, in addition to several boss fights. Once it's completed, the trophy is yours.
  • Find every piece of gear

    There are five pieces of gear in the DLC that count towards this trophy, each one related to completing a specific trial. Here is a list of the gear, with their corresponding trials:

    Vestment of the Horai - Hermes' Initiation Trial
    Bow of Trials - Trial of Wisdom's Initiation
    Axe of Trials - Trial of Artistry's Initiation
    Crown of  the Horai - Aphrodite's Trial of Combat
    Sword of Trials - Trial of Rage's Initiation
  • Master the art of fast transportation

    This seems to be related to completing a set number of trials, as it unlocked for me after completing one of Ares' trials. I imagine this will unlock for everyone at some point during the story.

DLC: Myths of the Eastern Realm

6 trophies

DLC: The Lost Gods

6 trophies

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