Master of acrobatic flight Trophy

  • Master of acrobatic flight


    Perform all the aerobatic manoeuvres on Realistic.

    The aerobatic manoeuvres you need to complete:

    • Barrel Roll -
    • Inside Loop - +
    • Split - or followed by once completely upside down.
    • Spin - stalling your airplane will cause it to go into a spin, once in the spin use a combination of + and + depending on which direction you’re spinning in order to recover from the spin.
    • Immelmann - + until upside followed by or

    Training Settings to perform the moves:

    • Difficulty level: Realistic
    • Situation: Altitude advantage
    • Altitude: 5000 or 7500 is sufficient
    • Aircraft: Hurricane Mk II is a good choice
    • Number of enemies: 1
    • Enemy aircraft: It doesn’t matter since they won’t bother you
    • Enemy skill level: Rookie

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