Flying tank Trophy

  • Flying tank


    Complete 100 missions in singleplayer or online mode with the IL-2 Sturmovik.

    The IL-2 Sturmovik is unlocked upon completion of the campaign mission: Battle of Stalingrad, Deep Raid. This is one of the more time consuming trophies that I recommend saving towards the end after you’ve earned the Weapon Collector trophy as you’ll most likely have a good amount online wins left to do, so it’s best to use the IL-2 for any remaining wins. In the event that this trophy hasn’t unlocked by the time you’ve finished the online portion, then you can grind Training Missions to get it.

    Training Settings:

    • Difficulty level: Arcade
    • Situation: Equal altitude
    • Aircraft: IL-2
    • Number of enemies: 1
    • Enemy aircraft: Any fighter
    • Enemy skill level: Rookie

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