Dalek Trophy in Hunter's Trophy 2: Australia

  • Dalek


    Kill 100 pests

    How to unlock Dalek

    Before you begin each hunt the game will let you know what animal you are hunting. On some hunts a second animal is shown and these are the pests. You can kill as many of them as you want with no penalty or worry about it ending your hunt. The first level that pests are available on is: “Unpleasant Pheasants." Simply by playing through the game and killing pests when I saw them, I had 42 killed by the time I finished my last hunt.

    The best place to grind pests kills is on the hunt "Home of the Hare" in Hossack. Use the pump action-shotgun and stay in the field that's at the beginning of the level. The pests will continuously spawn. Just keep killing til the trophy pops. It took me approximately 25 minutes to kill 58 pests.

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