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  • A hunter that knows how to hunt


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    How to unlock A hunter that knows how to hunt

    This trophy requires you to get to level 26 and it will be 100,000 exp total. Two great levels to do this are on the 4th mission in Colorado and the 5th mission in Wyoming. Getting 20-25 kills in these levels is very easy and will get you 2000-2300 exp each run. Each run will be about 3 minutes.

    You should be level 23 by the end of the game. I was level 23 with about 68,454 exp total. I just had to do one of those missions 16 times. This will take about an hour to complete. Nice, quick and easy grind for you guys!

    Tip: Using the last unlocked shotgun can actually get you close to 30 kills if your aim is great! This will shave about 15 minutes off.

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  • Great tip on the missions to use, it saved me a bunch of time. I tried both that you suggest and highly recommend Wyoming over Colorado. I was managing to kill between 30 and 40 rabbits per attempt and each kill equates to roughly 100 points.

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