-Difficulty: ?/10 (Insufficient votes) (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
-Offline Trophies: 40 (24, 11, 4, 1)
-Offline Trophies: 0
-Time to : 60-100 Hours (Highly dependant on skill and luck)
-Glitched Trophies: 0
-Missable: 0 (Level Select for clean-up)
-Mininmum Number Of Playthroughs: 4 (Story, Director's Cut, Hardcore, Director's Cut and Classic Mode)
-Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No Cheats Discovered
-Further Requirements? 1 Move controller (for the Yakuza Trophy)

Credit to:
omenvegetto - S Rank Info
RalliArtEvoMR - Confirmation Of Additional Requirements
StickGhost - Collectibles Thread (and Anyone Else Who Added To It)

Road Map

Step 1 - Minigame Mode

Play through the Minigame mode as this section will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete, only 3 machines are there. All you need to do is play them to completion to get "I'll Try Anything Once".

Step 2 - Story Mode

Now time to start the main story of HOTD: Overkill: Extended Cut. A crucial pointer to note out that before you go up against a boss, the loading screen will tell you what you need to know (weakpoints), Just look out for the the circled red areas, aside from the trophies you will be getting at the end of each episode, you will also want to try an get "Toasty", "Boom Headshot!", "Yakuza", "Suffer Like G Did", "Merchant Of Menace", "Power Of The Mind", "Never Runs Dry", "De-Generation", "Decom-Poster Child", "Dis-Figurine Collection" and "Graphic Horror". Especially try to get the last four as they will help towards the challenges later on. After this step you will not need to go into this mode again.

Step 3 - Director's Cut

Right now the critical thing here make sure Shoot The S**t is switched on, as this will be crucial to unlocking new items after you have finished this mode. Do note that a few levels are also extended, making the levels much more harder than expected. Key Item also within this mode is the "Challenges" section, see Lab Rat for more info on this, you will not get all the challenges on you first run as each challenge seems to be specific to each weapon i.e Goregasm = SMG, Accuracy = Shotgun. It's a pain I know but At the end of this you will get "Lights, Camera, Headshot!".

Step 4 - Classic Mode

This is exclusive to Director's Cut only as it is not selectable in Story Mode, now throughout this mode you will be given only the AMS Magnum. Regardless of how much you have upgraded it by it doesn't matter as it has been pre-set, only 2 out of the 5 areas will be gold and the rest will be silver. Another key thing is that Challenges also remain active in this mode so by the end of this step, each level should have the Player Deaths tab illuminated (the requirements for the trophy are to not die in any level). The trophy you will get at the end of this will be "Do You Feel Lucky?" and "Hardcore" if not done in Step 3.

Step 5 - Hardcore Director's Cut

Once again exclusive only to the Director's Cut mode, this is a more Extreme version of Step 3. Anything other than a Headshot is deemed useless. The Trophy you will get after this step will be "Extreme Hardcore".

Step 6 - S Ranking & Clean Up

Remaining trophies will be The complete challenges for all levels (unless you were that good you got them all) "Be My Valentine, Jill" and "Perfect Victory".

The best of luck people.

 [PS3T Would Like to Thank douggie00 for this Road Map]

The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 11  24  )

  • Congratulations on unlocking this prestigious trophy, you are a true AMS Agent.

  • Complete 'Papa's Palace of Pain' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Dr Jasper Guns. His weakpoint is his oversized head due to the mutation.

    Attack 1 - Jasper will levitate pieces of debris to fire at you, however during this time he is still vulnerable to headshots. Just fire at the debris when he fires it at you.

    Attack 2 - Jasper will follow you around the final area and will fire an arm at you randomly. Once again he is vulnerable to headshots at any given time.

    Attack 3 - Jasper will levitate you high in the air and will trigger two action markers for you to hit. If you're successful, Jasper will levitate hopelessly for roughly 5-10 seconds to allow you to fire at him.

    Attack 4 - Jasper will combine various pieces of debris to become one solid object, successfully destroying it before it is launched will once again render him floating around and vulnerable to headshots.

  • Complete 'Naked Terror' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The Bosses here are Coco & Cindy. The weakpoint here is Coco, Cindy is completely invulnerable to attacks so it is pointless shooting her.

    Attack 1 - Roughly all the same, Coco will jump down from the head onto the floor that is when you can start inflicting damage, she will dart from each side of the room but if she gets too close, she will hurt you.

    Attack 2 - Time to mix things up when the health is low, Coco will now start swinging from the poles but be quick to take her down as Cindy will throw a barrel towards you.

  • Complete 'Ballistic Trauma' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Screamer, her weakpoint is body based.

    Attack 1 - She will start at the rear of the area and will teleport herself closer to you, shoot her before she reaches you to interrupt her advance.

    Attack 2 - She will summon 4-8 Zombies to get you. There is no need to be alarmed though as they don't advance very quickly, giving You time to find Screamer and shoot her down before you start receiving heavy damage. Depleting her attack gauge will stop all the zombies advancing.

    Attack 3 - This is very difficult if you don't know what to look for, she will duplicate herself into 4 Screamers. Three of them are transparent and the fourth is oblique so find this one quickly because, once she reaches you (and she will), you will have only a couple of seconds before she attacks.

  • Complete 'Carny' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The bosses here are Nigel & Sebastian, the weakpoint here is Sebastian as Nigel is invulnerable to attacks.

    Attack 1 - He will approach you several times for a Hand Swing, once interrupted Sebastian is vulnerable to further attacks.

    Attack 2 - He will retreat and summon Clown Mutants To Attack, be quick here as Nigel will throw something at you. Do not try shooting Sebastian on this attack level, 3-4 further Mutants will appear from behind you as well.

    Attack 3 - He will jump up and summon two Action Markers, the timescale for these are quite short so be quick and hit them first time.

  • Complete 'Creeping Flesh' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Meat Katie, her weakpoint is in between her legs (politest way to put it).

    Attack 1 - She will be like Nigel & Sebastian and progress slowly towards you then attack with her oversized Machete. Fire at her weakpoint to cause her to Stagger and inflict that little bit extra damage

    Attack 2 - Meat Katie will now charge thus triggering two Action Markers, hit them both to avoid taking damage.

    Attack 3 - Meat Katie will now throw pieces of Meat towards you, this will be the final phase.

  • Complete 'Scream Train' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Crawler, his weakpoint is his eyes.

    Attack 1 - He will jump off the Train and then re-appear after a few seconds but you can't actually attack while it's clawing it's way up, you will need to wait until it starts attacking.

    Attack 2 - He will be off-screen until right at the very last minute so make sure you're pointing at either end of the screen to get your attack in first.

    Attack 3 - He will throw 2-3 Spitballs towards you, at this point you cannot hurt him.

    Attack 4 - He will leap towards you thus triggering two Action Markers, get them successfully and G will leap back and allow you to deal some more damage.

    Attack 5 - Near the end he will leap to the front of the train. If you interrupt each attack, you will finish him in four goes.

  • Complete 'The Fetid Waters' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Lobber, his weakpoints are his Chins. This boss will span three areas once you take a third of his life. This is not a chill out moment as you will need to take care of a few bats. The best way to win this fight quickly is to damage the Spitballs he throws at you to prevent them from being thrown at all.

    Attack 1 - He will get a Spitball and throw it at you.

    Attack 2 - He will up the ante at times and throw two Spitballs at you.

    Attack 3 - After the first Bat scene he will throw a huge Spitball which consists of several smaller ones. This is potentially the most damaging attack in the game, if you fail to hit it once, it will take away 4-5 Health Segments.

  • Complete 'Jailhouse Judgement' in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Brutus and has two weakpoints. The first is his Arm where he fires Electrical Bolts, the second is his Backpack which can be hit when he turns his back on you.

    Attack 1 - He will follow you around the room trying to swing for you, deplete the attack gauge to hurt him.

    Attack 2 - Part way through the fight he will go into an Electrical Current and will now start firing Electrical Bolts at you, this can be interrupted by firing at his Arm before he fires.

  • Complete all levels in Story Mode

    Story Related:

    The boss here is Mother. Her weakpoint isn't described on the Loading Screen but G says shoot her in the head. From this point on you will be equipped with the Minigun, be sure to not overheat It. Her attacks are randomised.

    Attack 1 - Her foot will raise as you look up as soon as her head is in sight, shoot it to interrupt and damage her.

    Attack 2 - When you're next to the destroyed helicopter she will throw three Oil Canisters, just shoot all three to avoid taking damage.

    Attack 3 - On the other side of the Helicopter she will lay 2-3 enemies who will attack you, stop them before they get too close.

    Attack 4 - When out in the open Mother will throw a Slab of Concrete towards you, it will take the Minigun close to its over-heating point so be sure the gun is cool before she does this.

    Attack 5 - When behind the Cop Car she will just appear, shoot her in the Head.

    Attack 6 - When creeping behind a Dumpster you will rise and have two Hit Markers to get before she attacks you, being successful gives you a free clip or two to use on her.

    Note: On the Director's Cut there will be an encounter prior to this one (The Missing Reel), this will require you to cause structural damage to end this bit. When Mother stops, you will need to hit the two Pillars on either side of her.

  • Achieve a Goregasm

    This is difficult using the AMS Magnum. I would recommend using a fully upgraded SMG as it allows more room for error. Each 5 kills grants you a step up the ladder, the ladder goes like this:

    5 Kills - Extreme Violence
    10 Kills - Hardcore Violence
    15 Kills - Ultra Violence
    20 Kills - Psychotic
    25 Kills - Goregasm!

  • Maintain a Goregasm for 2 minutes

    This is quite a difficult trophy since missing a shot, getting hit by a mutant or even not saving a civilian will break your streak. This ties in with the Challenges in the Director's Cut.

  • Collect 10 LPs

    LP's are basically Audio Tracks. The way to spot them is by the Gold Discs that are in each level, if not already collected otherwise they will be greyed out.

  • Collect 15 posters

    The most frustrating trophy to get in the collectibles category. All you need to do is, in each level, look for the cover screen for it. I'm Unsure whether the Poster greys out if it is already collected.

  • Collect 15 figurines

    The Figurines are 3-D trophy like objects that flash red if not collected but are greyed out if you have it.

  • Collect 17 comic book pages

    Comic books are quite hard to spot due to their size but they flash red if not collected and are greyed out if you have it.

  • Decapitate 200 mutants

    This easy as the total is cumulative, just aim for the head.

  • Kill 5 or more mutants with one grenade

    This is much easier to do compared to the Call Of Duty series as there are plenty of places where you can get this trophy. There are quite a few places to get a Grenade Pickup e.g. on Naked Terror there is one inside the Supermarket and then shortly afterwards whilst going through the Petrol Station, there will be a group of around 5-6 mutants.

  • Kill 100 mutants 'Gangster Style' (holding gun sideways)

    Move Controller needed

    This is nice and simple with the Move, just twist the Move Controller 90 Degrees and fire away. The total is cumulative.

  • Complete any level with only one health segment remaining

    This isn't too bad but you're much better preparing for this trophy at the end of level when the boss is nearly down. I recommend Dr Jasper Guns as his attacks are easier to disrupt.

  • Complete any level in Director's Cut without using any continues

    Careful level selection is key as some levels are a lot longer compared to their Story mode counterparts. This ties in with the challenges in Director's Cut.

  • Buy a new weapon

    A nice and easy Bronze. When you have selected a level and are taken to the Weapon Selection screen there will be a tab called "Gun Shop", select that to buy a new weapon.

    The Purchasable weapons are :

    Hand Cannon - 10,000 (Based on an S&W 500 - previously from RE4 or the Taurus Raging Bull)
    Shotgun - 10,000 (Based on the Benelli Nova)
    SMG - 10,000 (Based on the Ster TMP - Also used in RE4)
    Auto Shotgun - 15,000 (Based on the Benelli M3)
    Auto Rifle - 15,000 (Based on the AN XM8 - Not from MW3)
    Minigun - 25,000 (Based on the GAU-19)
    Crossbow - 25,000
    Gwendolyn - 50,000

    Additional info on base weapons source from:
    The House of the Dead: Overkill - House of the Dead Wiki

  • Fully upgrade any weapon

    Weapons are graded by stars. All weapons begin with a Bronze Star next to them, two purchases are needed to upgrade a weapon to its best Gold Tiered Standard. The upgrade list is split into five categories

    Fire Rate
    Magazine Size
    Reload Time

  • Complete any level with the targeting crosshair off

    This is far easier with the Move Controller as it acts like you're at an Arcade. Just be sure to switch off the Crosshair in the Weapon Selection screen.

  • Play each minigame through to completion once

    This is very easy. These are under the Minigame tab in the Main Menu, just select your machine and play to completion. There are three Minigames in total:

    Victim Support
    Staying Alive
    Money Shot II

  • Complete all levels in Director's Cut

    Just finish all the levels in the Director's Cut but do note that some levels are longer compared to their Story mode counterparts.

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Papa's Palace of Pain'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Naked Terror'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Ballistic Trauma'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Carny'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Creeping Flesh'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Scream Train'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'The Fetid Waters'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Jailhouse Judgment'

    See "Lab Rat"

  • Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Overkill'

    This is specifically designed for the Director's Cut mode only you will do the entire story from start to finish again but this time you will have certain Challenges to complete.

    Do note that some are much easier to do than others. The Challenge list in order from Easy To Hard are:

    • Goregasm - Achieve 25 Kills in a row and keep it for a set amount of time. The Timer varies in each level.
    • Pickups Collected - This covers all the collectibles in a particular level. The number of Pickups varies from level to level.
    • Civilians Saved - This varies between levels and covers all the Civilians in a level, don't let them die and don't kill them.
    • Player Deaths - Do not allow yourself to get killed as doing so will fail this Challenge automatically.
    • Combo Kills - Killing X amount of Zombies in a row, the numbers vary per level.
    • High Score - Each level will have a different score limit to reach. This is quite a difficult task in each level.
    • Accuracy - Unless you are a marksman with the Magnum, I would instead recommend an Automatic Shotgun for this task. The target accuracy is 90% in all levels.
  • Complete a level without triggering an enforced reload (i.e. reaching zero bullets)

    It is easy to forget to reload, just remember to keep tabs on your Bullet Count. It maybe maybe easier to do this with a fully upgraded Magazine for the SMG, click if using the Dualshock Controller or Shake the Controller (like HOTD 4) if using the Move.

  • Unlock all unlockables and purchase all weapons

    I recommend using a checklist for this one unless you're very good at remembering what you've done. The following need to be Done:

    • Complete Story mode
    • Complete the Director's Cut with shoot the S**t enabled (one less playthrough)
    • Complete the Hardcore Director's Cut
    • Complete Classic mode
    • Find all comic books, LP's, figurines and posters
    • Purchase all weapons including the Unlockable ones and also upgrading them fully

    If you are struggling with the Collectibles, there is a guide in the forum Collectibles thread (do note that it is not a complete thread as people are always adding to it).

  • Achieve an S rank for all levels in Story Mode or Director's Cut

    This is a brand new Challenge. The scores mentioned in the Challenge section do not permit an S Rank. The trophy will pop if the levels are done on one game mode, you are not allowed to mix it up i.e Lvl 1 in story mode and then Lvl 2 in the Director's Cut. This is mainly to do with performance along the level, the following comes from omenvegetto:

    For an S rank you need to: Try not to be hit, you will be ok if you are hit only 3 times (three health slots lost), any more than that and the S rank will be compromised. Finish the level without picking up Health Packs and no more than one slow motion pickup (I recommend no slow pick ups); SAVE ALL THE CIVILIANS, reach the combo challenge; reload manually with the Move button, don't reach zero bullets and shoot again to auto-reload. I did this and the S rank showed up, I'm missing just one level S rank (jailbreak). For the last 2 levels I recommend using the Revolver and Minigun; the other levels use the Revolver and Automatic Shotgun, use the Revolver as main weapon and the Minigun when you are running low of bullets with the Revolver.

  • Complete all levels in Classic Mode without using any continues

    If you struggled without dying during the first run on the Director's Cut, then you will struggle with this. You will be given the AMS Magnum but any upgrades you have put on it previously will be ignored, you will Be given a preset one instead and it doesn't downgrade throughout the levels. You will unlock the Gwedolyn Hand Gun and it will be available to purchase on completion of this step.

  • Complete all Director's Cut levels in Hardcore Mode

    This is your next run from doing the story from start to finish. One key thing to note here is the enemies can only be killed by headshots, anywhere else and it's like you missed completely.

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