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24 trophies ( 14  )


Secret trophies

  • What happens in the cave stays in the cave.

  • Mind over matter. Money over all.

  • You know, when you're in love, you can't get sleep... because of your kids screaming around the clock!

  • Do you even lift?

  • Age is just a number. Live life fully, no matter how old you may be.

  • Family isn't just an important thing. It's everything.

  • Every child is an artist. The challenge lies in remaining an artist as an adult.

  • Bra off, party on!

  • Killed a cockroach with a hammer.

  • You'll need a car mechanic.

  • I am the one who knocks.

  • Fashion is my armor against the realities of everyday life.

  • Geek


    I'm not a genius, but I am smarter than you are.

  • It's business. Leave your feelings at the door.

House Flipper Trophies FAQ

  • How many House Flipper trophies are there?
    There are 24 Trophies to unlock in House Flipper. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 7 Gold, 8 Silver, 8 Bronze.
  • Are there any secret trophies in House Flipper?
    There are 14 secret trophies in House Flipper. Our trophy list contains a full list of all secret trophies in House Flipper.

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