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    THE ABYSS is a bonus level that you can unlock, that is required for the trophy DON'T LET ANGER GET THE BEST OF YOU. To unlock it, you must finish the level Act 4: Scene 15 - Withdrawal completely without dying on the last floor. If you die on the last floor, the level immediately ends and you cannot unlock THE ABYSS that round.

    Once you do make it through the entire floor and leave the building, you will be stopped by the blonde man you talked to in a previous level, and you will then go leave and appear in a room talking to him. He will leave the room, and when he leaves you must press to have your character pick up a floppy disk off the desk. If you do not press your character will not pick up the disk, and will have to replay the level to get back to this point. Once you switch to playing as The Writer looking at the previous character’s clothes, you must press to pick up the small disk sitting on the table. The trophy will be awarded once you pick up this disk, and you will then have the level THE ABYSS available at the end of the level selection screen.

    Below is a video walkthrough by Harry94_ with a visual walkthrough of how to earn this trophy.

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  • Step 1: Load up Chapter 15: Withdrawal. It doesn't matter what mask you use. Step 2: You have to complete the 3rd floor (last floor) without dying! It's okay if you die on the 1st or 2nd floor. Step 3: After entering your car you will come to an office where you have a dialogue with another person. When the dialogue ends and the guy runs off you must press X immediately to pick up an object from the table you are sitting at. Step 4: In the very beginning of the next scene you must pick up the Object again (press X). This will unlock the trophy.

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