FOLLOW THE SCRIPT Trophy in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number



    Do as the Director says!

    How to unlock FOLLOW THE SCRIPT

    This trophy is awarded in the very first level, Pilot - Midnight Animal. It is earned by doing everything exactly as the the tutorial prompts on the bottom of the screen tell you to do. If you played through the level your first time without getting it, you can replay the level from the level selection menu and choose to skip the intro. The trophy will be awarded on the second floor once you have followed all the instructions.

    You can view the below video by Harry94_ to see a walkthrough of how to earn this trophy.

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  • This can be done in the very beginning of the game (Pilot: Midnight Animal). Here you will have to go through a little tutorial where the game teaches you the basic controls. Some of the tutorial sections are optional, making this trophy easy to miss. If you've missed it you can still get it via chapter select later on. Just do every part of the tutorial exactly as displayed. Pick up everything the game tells you to, interact with every object (the hammer, phone and weapon on the wall) and press all the displayed buttons (look around, perform execution, kill enemies, lock on target). The trophy will unlock on the second floor, after you've picked up the shotgun from the wall and locked on your first target.

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