GOT YOUR BACK Trophy in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number



    Shoot two enemies during a chainsaw finish

    How to unlock GOT YOUR BACK

    This trophy is earned while playing as the fans with the duck masks, which has you controlling one with a chainsaw who is followed by one with a gun. To do this trophy you must have Ash shoot two enemies whilst Alex is doing a chainsaw finish on a downed enemy in a level. This must be an enemy that is knocked over by a door, it does not count on the finisher that is done on one of the fat enemies.

    An easy spot to do this is on the fourth floor of the level Act 3: Scene 12 - Death Wish. This level you swap through playing as all four of the fans, so you will have to play through the first three floors to get to play as Alex and Ash. Once you have control of them, take out the enemies in the room to the right so that they don’t bother you, then wait at the door straight across from where you started. There is an enemy with a gun here who walks in a square, crossing in front of the door. Once he is in front run through the door then press to execute him, and while this is happening use while aiming straight towards the bottom of the screen to shoot the enemies that are down there. If done properly you should be able to shoot the two enemies below you before the execution is done, awarding you the trophy. If it doesn’t work, let yourself be killed by one of the enemies and try again.

    See the below video by Harry94_ for a visual walkthrough of how to earn this trophy.

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  • To do this you must equip the "Alex & Ash" Mask. It's unlocked automatically in the 8th Scene "EXECUTION". Load up scene 8 and go to the second floor. You will spawn in a tiny room with a door in front of you. Shoot the door (press L1) to lure the enemies to you. Now stun them with the door (just walk through the door when they are near it). When they are on the ground wait for a moment until they are about to get up and perform an execution (press X). During the execution animation you must shoot & kill two of the enemies. It can be other approaching enemies, or the enemies that just recovered from the door stun.

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