1-800-GODDAMN Trophy

  • 1-800-GODDAMN


    Get A+ on all levels on normal

    This trophy is earned by getting a level rating of A+ or higher on all Normal difficulty levels. This is harder to do than the first Hotline Miami, as you don’t have the option to use the mask for longer combos.

    The strategy for getting A+ on all the levels is mostly the same, chaining as long of combos as possible while getting through the level areas as fast as possible. If you have a good path through levels, most can be finished in a few minutes. Total level time does not seem to have much bearing on your end speed score, so if you have a bad run at an area you can kill yourself before you kill all the enemies to restart it and try again, as the game seems to base your speed score on how fast you actually completed each area on the life that you did. You will also have to be able to carry your combos as long as possible through the levels. In this game you shouldn’t be worried about executions so much as keeping your combo going as long as possible. Using guns through most available levels is fine as long as you get a high combo, as that makes up for the lost points from kills at the end.

    You can view the following thread for a list of the A+ level requirements put together by hawk199. A+ Requirement list. As stated, the A+ score requirement for levels is typically 200% - 210% of the /xx,xxx score shown at the end of the level on the score screen.

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