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    Finish the game on hard mode

    Hard mode is unlocked once you have finished the game once on normal, and is available by choosing either NEW GAME and then HARD, or by pressing on the level selection screen to show the level selection menu for Hard mode.

    There are various changes to the environment and gameplay in Hard mode. The levels are all spun 180 degrees from Normal mode, enemies are more abundant, special enemies such as the fat enemies and katana enemies are more frequent, and all weapons hold less ammo when you pick them up and lose ammo if you drop them and pick them up again. There are also windows added in many places of the game which makes dealing with enemies that have guns much more difficult, and is probably the change that makes the most difference other than the increased enemy count.

    General Hard Mode tips:

    • Most levels your goal will be to play it safe and draw enemies toward you so you can take them out one by one. Run out from and back into corners to lure enemies toward you so that you can take them out once they are close to you.
    • Don't aim for combos or take large risks, because you are more likely to be shot by enemies you can't see by doing this if you start moving to fast through an area.
    • On levels where you have an ability choice, pick the ability that gives you killing punches. This makes most levels easier as you can knock over the fat enemies and one shot everything else as soon as it's near you.
    • On levels where you cannot choose abilities, always try to take out the basic enemies first with melee weapons and save firearms (especially shotguns) for use on the fat enemies, as they can then be taken out easily with one shotgun blast.
    • On levels with an abundance of firearms (such as Scene 23) you can shoot enemies without being seen if they are far enough away from you while aiming with . This works well for taking out fat enemies as if you hit them once they will start bleeding and die after a few seconds. Be sure not to waste all your ammo trying to do this though.
    • On the soldier levels, always pick the flamethrower, as it kills everything with one hit and has range equal to the entire screen while aiming with . Don't be afraid to spam the flamethrower in areas where you can easily get to an ammo box.

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