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Guerrilla Games have been toiling away on Horizon Forbidden West for quite some time now, and considering how well-received the original was, they had their work cut out for them. Thankfully, they absolutely smashed it! And not only that, but they created a trophy list that is incredibly enjoyable. No crazy “COLLECT EVERYTHING!” trophy, just loads that make you sample the world’s delights. If you want to do more after that, feel free to… and honestly, it’s hard not to. Horizon Forbidden Wilds is a deceptive game, with a deceptive trophy list. It might seem simple but rather than toiling away to find the answers yourself, we’ve prepared an in-depth trophy guide but not only that, we've also included some guides on to where to find the best weapons and armour that you can get in the guide.

How to Play:

Naturally, the best way to play Horizon Forbidden West is organically, consulting the guide when you need some more specific assistance, like how to beat the Arena or tips for the Hunting Grounds. The only thing you need to be aware of is the All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png trophy, because it is possibly missable. It basically revolves around scanning a few enemy types that only crop up during story missions and don’t appear in the open-world. There’s only 3 but all it takes is missing 1 to ruin 50 hours of game time - well, it wouldn’t ruin it but it is annoying. I am speaking from experience here! Anyway, enjoy it, play the story, scan those 3 story machines, then sweep up everything at the end.  There's a good chance you’ll get a load of them naturally but there’s also a good chance that you might be stumped - heck or just want to cut down on a lot of the wasted searching in the Forbidden West. Credit to ixii for some of the info in this Guide.


Approaching open-world games is a tricky one to do these kind of intros for so instead of doing an order, what I'll do is break the trophies up into categories as that’s the way to tackle it best IMO.

Reached the Daunt trophy_bronze.png 
Secured Passage to the Embassy trophy_bronze.png 
Attended the Embassy trophy_bronze.png 
Established the Base trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered AETHER trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered POSEIDON trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered DEMETER trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered Beta trophy_bronze.png 
Discovered Faro's Fate trophy_bronze.png 
Flew on the Wings of the Ten trophy_bronze.png 
Discovered Nemesis trophy_gold.png 

All Acquisition Machines Killed trophy_bronze.png 
All Recon Machines Killed trophy_bronze.png 
All Combat Machines Killed trophy_bronze.png 
All Transport Machines Killed trophy_bronze.png 
Used all Elemental States trophy_bronze.png 
Performed 3 Melee Combos trophy_bronze.png 
Stealth Killed 10 Machines trophy_bronze.png 
Tore off 100 Components trophy_bronze.png 
Picked up 5 Heavy Weapons trophy_bronze.png 

Levelling Up:
Reached Level 20 trophy_bronze.png 
Reached Level 30 trophy_bronze.png 
Reached Level 50 trophy_silver.png 
Fully Upgraded a Valor Surge trophy_bronze.png 
Upgraded 3 Outfits trophy_bronze.png 
Upgraded 3 Weapons trophy_bronze.png 
Upgraded Every Pouch Type trophy_bronze.png 
Enhanced Weapon with Coils trophy_bronze.png 
Unlocked 3 Weapon Techniques trophy_bronze.png 
Skill Tree Learned trophy_silver.png 

Side Missions:
Chose a Desert Commander trophy_bronze.png 
Saved the Daunt trophy_bronze.png 
Aided Kotallo trophy_bronze.png 
Healed the Land-gods trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered Alva's Data trophy_bronze.png 
Defeated the Enduring trophy_bronze.png 

Open-World Activities (& Collectibles):
First Tallneck Overridden trophy_bronze.png 
All Tallnecks Overridden trophy_silver.png 
First Rebel Camp Completed trophy_bronze.png 
Defeated Asera trophy_silver.png 
First Core Overridden trophy_bronze.png 
All Cores Overridden trophy_silver.png 
Obtained 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground trophy_bronze.png 
Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds trophy_silver.png 
Won 2 Gauntlet Runs trophy_bronze.png 
Completed a Set of Salvage Contracts trophy_bronze.png 
Completed 4 Rebel Outposts trophy_bronze.png 
Completed 3 Relic Ruins trophy_bronze.png 
Recovered 5 Different Collectables trophy_bronze.png 

Rode All Regular Mounts trophy_bronze.png 
All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png 
Completed a Long Glide trophy_bronze.png 
Completed 2 Flying Mount Quests trophy_bronze.png 
Completed Arena Challenge Set trophy_bronze.png 
Defeated Machine Strike Challengers trophy_bronze.png 
Obtained All Weapon Classes trophy_bronze.png 
10 Types of Machine Overridden trophy_bronze.png 
Used Dye Flowers trophy_bronze.png 

...and once you’ve done all that, the mighty Platinum is yours: All Trophies Obtained trophy_platinum.png

On top of the Trophy Guide, I have also prepared a handy list of walkthroughs for you to check out:

Weapons & Outfits Guides:
Where can I find the best outfits/armor?
Where can I find the best weapons?
Where can I find the new Spike Thrower?
Where can I find the new Shredder Gauntlet?

Location Guides:
Animal Locations & Pouch Upgrade Guide
Vista Point Locations Guide
Cauldrons Locations & Overrides List
Salvage Camp Locations & Contracts List
Tallneck Locations Guide

General Guides:
Machine Resources Farming Guide
Where can I find Greenshine and what can I do with it?
Where can I equip face paint?
How do I dye my outfits and where do I find new dye patterns?
How do I swim for longer?
How do I destroy Blocked Paths?
Where do you spend Processed Metal Blocks?
What can you do with the Pristine Skulls?
Where can I find Luminous Brainstems?

Misc Mission Guides:
How do I save the miners in Deep Trouble?
Where is Ferrika’s Armor in First to Fly?
How do I access the unknown settlement in the Daunt?
What do I get for collecting all the Signal Lenses?
How many main quests are there? How long does it take to finish the campaign?
DLC: New Game Plus

If you have any questions or comments, please visit the discussion thread 
  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline trophies: 3 (3, 0, 0, 0)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-20 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + some activities and/or a second playthrough
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: none
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must play the game in Ultra Hard difficult

Like the first game, Forbidden West received a free DLC featuring New Game+ and a new difficult option: Ultra Hard. Also, Guerrilla decided to add some extra equipment that you can only get during New Game+. For the 100% of this DLC, you need to complete one run on New Game+, finish the game on Ultra hard and gett all those new equipment. 
This guide will be written for peoples that completed the main game with any other difficulty option. If you already completed the first run on Ultra Hard, feel free to play the second playthrough on the lesser difficulty. 
If you haven't played (like almost everyone) the first playthrough on Ultra Hard, then you can get two birds with one stone and play New Game+ in Ultra hard. Unfortunately, one playthrough will not be enough because of the new equipment. 
See the walkthrough and trophy_bronze.png Otained all New Game+ Rewards for more info.


Step 1: Play the game on New Game+ on Ultra Hard 

Once you're done on your first playthrough, go to the Base and reach the "New Game+" spot. Start the game and select Ultra Hard difficulty. Feel free to skip the tutorial part. 
On New Game+, you will carry over all the levels, abilities, weapons, resource and everything else you got on your first run. The only things that will not carry over are most of the Overrides. You will need to visit the cauldrons again for them, but you will not need them in order to get the 100%.
Ultra hard difficulty is not that hard if played on New Game+. Enemies hit harder and have more health on this setting but the worst thing is that you can't see their health bar. This is not so bad, however, as you are strong enough to face them. Play the main missions only, skip all the cutscenes and dialogue and reach the end of the game to get the first two trophies.

At the end of this step, you will get

trophy_bronze.png Completed New Game+
trophy_bronze.png Completed Ultra Hard

Step 2: Farming Champion's Tokens

This is where things gets worse. As i said in the introduction, New Game+ has new equipment that can be bought. There are:
  • 8 Legendary weapons
  • 4 Dyes
  • 5 Face paints
The bad thing of this new feature, is that to buy them, you need something called Champion's Tokens. You can get Champion's tokens by completing main missions, secondary missions and many other activities. You need a total of 125 Tokens, meaning that you will find yourself playing all the activities a second time if you already did them during your first playthrough. There are three ways to face this trophy:
  • Playing main game over and over on lesser difficulty: each run on new game+, will grant you 30 Tokens. You need 4 playthrough to get all the items you need.
  • Finish the second playthrough and do some extra activities to farm all the tokens you need.
  • Mix both of the methods by playing easy and short secondary activities and start a new playthrough when you're almost done with the tokens.
IMO, the third way is the fastest, as you can chose the easiest missions and activities and then once you have only the longest and hardest activities remaining, restart the game for the last tokens you need. 
Also, to speed up the process you can use the Sunwing to cut times and skip unnecessary fights and climbing sections.

At the end of this step, you will get

trophy_bronze.png Otained all New Game+ Rewards

Horizon Forbidden West Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

62 trophies ( 53  38  )

  • Obtained all Horizon Forbidden West trophies.

    Earn all the other trophies to get this one. If any DLC trophies are added in the future, they won't be needed for the Plat.
  • Reached player level 20.

  • Reached player level 30.

  • Reached player level 50.

    You get XP for absolutely everything in Horizon Forbidden West. Whether that’s doing a small errand, doing a side mission, shooting a fox between the eyes or taking down a deadly machine. Reaching level 50 isn’t a quick 5-minute job, nor is it a painful jaunt. In our leisurely 60-hour runthrough, we pretty much ended on level 50, which is the maximum level in the game. By the time we reached level 50, we were still around the 50-60% completion level of everything the game has to offer, so level 50 is very easily attainable. The recommended level for the last mission is 35, so throw in some Relic Ruins, all the Tallnecks, all the Vista Points and a load of side missions, and you’ll reach level 50 in no time whatsoever.
  • Killed at least one of every type of Acquisition machine.

    There are 43 different machine types in Horizon Forbidden West, 19 of which are Acquisition machines. Below is a list of the machines that you need to kill to unlock this trophy. The further down the list you go, the tougher the enemy, so bear that in mind. 

    If you’re missing some, check out the All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png  trophy for the actual order they are in the database, to see which one you’re missing.

    Here’s the 19 Acquisition machines:

  • Killed at least one of every type of Reconnaissance machine.

    There are 43 different machine types in Horizon Forbidden West, 5 of which are Recon machines, although for the purpose of this trophy, you only need 4, as you can’t kill a Tallneck… you animal! Below is a list of the machines that you need to kill to unlock this trophy. The further down the list you go, the tougher the enemy, so bear that in mind. 

    If you’re missing some, check out the All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png  trophy for the actual order they are in the database, to see which one you’re missing.

    Redeye Watcher
    Tallneck (cannot kill)
  • Killed at least one of every type of Combat machine.

    There are 43 different machine types in Horizon Forbidden West, 15 of which are Combat machines. Below is a list of the machines that you need to kill to unlock this trophy, and beware, as these are the toughest of the tough when it comes to machines in the Forbidden West. The further down the list you go, the tougher the enemy, so bear that in mind, although the last 3 are story-related, so make sure you kill and scan them (you have to kill them anyway, just make doubly sure!). 

    If you’re missing some, check out the All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png  trophy for the actual order they are in the database, to see which one you’re missing.

    Corruptor (Story-related)
    Spectre (Story-related)
    Spectre Prime (Story-related)

    NOTE: After a bit more exploration - and with my own experience - I somehow didn't kill the Corruptor during the Faro's Tomb mission. Fear not, if that's the case, then you can whack the game on 'story' difficulty and blitz through the arena challenges in 10-minutes, and when you get to the Legendary category you actually fight a Corruptor.
  • Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine.

    There are 43 different machine types in Horizon Forbidden West, 4 of which are Transport machines. Below is a list of the machines that you need to kill to unlock this trophy. Easy one this, you'll probably unlock it before you've even realise this was a trophy! If not, the 4 you need are below.

    If you’re missing some, check out the All Machine Types Scanned trophy_silver.png  trophy for the actual order they are in the database, to see which one you’re missing.

  • Encountered and Focus scanned every type of machine.


    There is 1 missable machine, the Specter, which does not spawn the open world. However, there are several main quests it appears in so it's unlikely you'd miss scanning them. Note: The final boss, Specter Prime, used to be missable but as of Patch 1.08 (March 16, 2022), it no longer requires to be scanned. Once you encounter it, you will automatically get the scan/Notebook entry. There is a possibility that the same applies to the Specters in the final mission but this is as of yet unconfirmed.

    The 43 different machine types are as follows (in the order that they are in the Notebook area of the menu screen - meaning if you miss one, you know exactly what you’re missing):

    Redeye Watcher
    Spectre (MISSABLE - during many main missions)
    Spectre Prime

    The best strategy is: unlock all the Tallnecks (location guide here), play the game as you want (making sure to scan the 3 missable machines during the relevant story missions) and then mop up the rest post-game. There’s a very good chance you’ll have the vast majority come the end of the game. so will only be missing 2 (the Corruptor and the Spectre Prime. Just make sure you scan as much as you can.

    Note: The Corruptor machine is not missable. However, it doesn't spawn in the open world. If you miss its appearance in the 13th main quest, "Faro's Tomb", the only other place you can find it is in the Arena's highest difficulty set, the 2nd of the Legendary challenges.
  • Obtained 1 weapon from every weapon class.

    There are 9 “weapon classes” in Horizon Forbidden West, which are as follows:
    • Hunter Bows
    • Sharpshooter Bows
    • Warrior Bows
    • Ropecasters
    • Blastlings
    • Spike Throwers
    • Boltblasters
    • Tripcasters
    • Shredder Gauntlets
    You’ll naturally get this as you play, no doubt, as you get a lot of weapons and such as rewards for doing specific quests. If by some miracle you don’t, see what you’re missing and then head to the nearest settlement and go visit a Hunter to buy what you need.
  • Inflicted every elemental state on an enemy at least once.

    There are 6 “elemental states” in Horizon Forbidden West, and they are as follows:
    • Fire
    • Shock
    • Frost
    • Acid
    • Purgewater
    • Plasma
    Again, like the weapon classes trophy, you’ll likely get this as you play naturally. If not, just find weapons that have the relevant ammo types and find a machine and slam them with it. You don’t just need to hit them once, you need to fill the meter until the outside of the circle has a white countdown timer. That means the elemental state has been applied to the enemy.

    Fire inflicts Burn, Shock inflicts Shocked, Frost causes enemies to become Brittle and Acid triggers a Corroding state, all of which are incredibly common when it comes to ammo types, so you should have these already. If you’ve done the Arena Challenge set (as above), you’ll likely have the Plasma one too. If you still don’t have this trophy, try getting a Purgewater weapon and then finding someone to “Drench” (you can buy a Rare Purgewater Hunter Bow from the Hunter in Scalding Spear).
  • Successfully performed 3 different unlockable melee combos.

    As you level up the Warrior skill tree in your Skills tab in the menu screen, you’ll unlock various combos, all you need to do then is use them on enemies out in the wild. These different melee combos are as such:
    • Block Breaker - R1 - R1 - R2
    • Nora Warrior - R1 - R1 - R1 - R2
    • Aerial Slash/Jump-Off - R1 - Hold R2
    • Halfmoon Slash - Hold then release R1
    • The Destroyer - R1 - Pause - R1 - R1 - R1 - R1
    • Spinning Scythe - R1 - R1 - Pause - R1 - R1
    • Energy Surge - R1 - R1 - R1 Pause - R1
    As you’re working your way through the camps to fight the Enduring, you’ll use these combos. Not 100% sure whether they count to this trophy, but if not, once you’ve unlocked the moves in the skill tree, use them out and about in the wild.
  • Performed a stealth kill on 10 machines.

    Easy one, this. In fact, I got it before I even finished the prologue! All you need to do is wait in the long grass near where an enemy is patrolling (highlight with the Focus, then click R1 to highlight its route) then when they come past the “Silent Strike” prompt pops up, hit it. If it has a skull next to it, that means the attack will kill it. If it doesn’t then it won’t. You need to kill 10 enemies, not just Silent Strike them. So pick weaklings to do it on.

    If all else fails, and you suck at stealth, that’s cool, just equip the Stealth Stalker Valor Surge and use it to get close to an enemy with them having no idea where you are.
  • Detached 100 components from machines.

    Again, another easy trophy, this, and one you will absolutely get naturally. All it requires is you hit enemies and Tear off their components, i.e. chip away at their shell. Probably the most effortless trophy in the entire game. Well, if you don’t like stealth, of course!
  • Picked up 5 different heavy weapons.

    Throughout your adventure across the Forbidden West, you’re going to come across a lot of Heavy Weapons, as indicated by the gold crosshair symbol if you pulse them. Simply just pick them up. These can be anywhere too, whether it’s the Ravager Cannon off the back of a Ravager, the cannon off the back of a Tremortusk, or the cannon off a Thunderjaw. It does stipulate that they have to be different though, so just to be sure, pick up a Heavy Weapon whenever you see it. You don’t have to use it, just pick it up. If you’re doing quests involving machines, or hitting Rebel Camps and Outposts, you’ll find an absolute ton of these. Another “oh, another trophy” trophy if ever there was one. Very effortless as long as you play with this in the back of your head. Even if you don’t you’ll probably get it.
  • Unlocked and used the overrides for 10 different types of machine.

    Relatively simple one this, one that will be a lot easier after you locate and unlock all the Cauldrons, thus giving you more machines that you can actually Override. All you need to do is get close to the machine without them realising you’re there and then it’ll give you the option to hit triangle. If it doesn’t you don’t have the Override ability for that enemy type yet. You can actually check in the machine list in the pause menu what machines you can Override. If you click on an entry, in the middle of the screen on the left-hand side it’ll say whether you possess the ability. If it says “unlocked” you’re golden. If it says partial, you need to fully unlock it at the Fabricator at the base. If it says locked, it’ll tell you what Cauldron you need to go to. The full list of where whichever Cauldron is can be found here in our guide - it’ll also tell you what Overrides that the specific Cauldron unlocks.
  • Fully upgraded 3 weapons.

    You’ll get this one naturally as you play through the game, no doubt. All you need to do is go to a Workbench - located at Shelters, towns and the like - and then fully upgrade 3 different weapons.

    The only issue you may have with this in the early game is the resources you need to upgrade them. Alas, fear not, if you go to the weapon you want to upgrade, click triangle, it’ll create a job for you that puts icons on the map for the places you need to go to find the resources you need to level it up.

    If you need machine parts, it’ll show you to a machine location. If you need animal pelts or the like, it’ll send you to where those animals generally spawn. It’s worth taking into account that just because the game says to go to a certain location, that’s not the only place that you’ll exclusively get them, the items can actually be found all over the Forbidden West. For instance, it’ll point you to one location for boars, but they spawn all over The Daunt, particularly near Chainscrape and Barren Light.

    Upgrade 3 weapons then and this trophy is yours.
  • Fully upgraded 3 different outfits.

    Exactly the same as the “Upgraded 3 Weapons” trophy, this, except that you have to do it for outfits as well. There are no differences whatsoever between upgrading a weapon and upgrading an outfit. Obviously each outfit will have different resources required to the weapons - and to one another, in fact.

    I suspect you’ll get this one naturally anyway. If not, just upgrade the uncommon outfits, as the parts are easier to come by, than say upgrading a legendary outfit - some of the levels there require you to loot Thunderjaws and Tremortusks till the cows come home, and let me tell you, those badboys are not easy to farm!
  • Upgraded the Food Pouch, Potion Pouch, Resource Pouch, Trap Pouch, and any ammo pouch at least once.

    To unlock this trophy you need to upgrade every pouch type once, all of which is easily possible to do before you leave The Daunt - as all the animals and items you need are home to that region. The campfire and the woods south of the Redhew Quarry has squirrels, boars, jays and raccoons, everything you need to upgrade your pouches to the next level.

    The exception to that rule is the food pouch, you first need to acquire it. So, when you have a free minute, head to Chainscrape and do the chef’s errand, A Dash of Courage. Milduf will be stood cooking in the middle of the tavern and require you to gather 5 wild meats, 3 Bitter Leafs and go to a Scrounger site.

    When you’ve finished it and returned to him, respeak to him after the quest is done to get your free meal (and thus you’ll food pouch will appear when you visit the workbench, and then you can upgrade it). You could probably wait until later and just buy it from a cook elsewhere in the west, but this is the quickest way. Plus: XP and a free meal!

    As for upgrading the food pouch, you’ll have to venture out into the next region for that one, I’m afraid. You’ll find foxes all over the place south of Plainsong. Super south of the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck, in the hills north of the river is a specific spot to find them though if you need more guidance. Here’s what you need to unlock this trophy.

    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 1 Fox Hide

    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 2 Squirrel Hides

    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 2 Boar Hides

    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 1 Squirrel Bone

    Any ammo:
    Light arrow:
    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 2 Jay Feathers
    Hunter Arrow Quiver:
    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 2 Raccoon Hide 
    Tripwire pouch:
    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 1 Jay Wishbone
    Bomb Satchel:
    Level 1 - 25 Shards & 1 Boar Bone

    If you want to upgrade everything to the absolute max, then check out our Animal Location and Pouch Upgrade Guide here.
  • Equipped a weapon of any tier with 2 coils.

    Coils are actually really important in Horizon Forbidden West, and are basically mods that you attach to weapons to imbue them with certain skills, whether that’s improving critical chance, adding an elemental chance effect, increasing reload speed, so on, and so forth. 

    You’ll get tons of coils as you work your way through the game. All you need to do to equip them is head to your inventory. To do that go to the weapon you want to buff, hit square in the weapon equip screen, and then choose what coil to equip. Because it says coils (plural), you’ll need to find a weapon with 2 slots, which is pretty easy. If not, you can upgrade weapons to increase the amount of coil slots. Add the coils, then you're golden.
  • Learned all available skills on one tree.

    Another trophy you’ll naturally get as you play, because Forbidden West throws skill points at you like they’re going out of fashion. In fact, by the time you hit the end-game, you’ll likely have maxed out 4 or 5 Skill Trees! 

    But, if by some miracle you haven’t, head into your closest completed one and max it out the next time you get skill points. It’s probably best to focus from the off anyway - I personally stuck everything into Hunter, as I loves me some bow combat! And remember, you need to max out the Valor Surges too to max out a skill tree. Regardless, it tells you how many skills you have locked and need to unlock as a counter on the skills page itself.

Secret trophies

  • Arrived at the Daunt seeking passage into the Forbidden West.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following prologue quests:

    Reach For The Stars
    The Point of the Lance
  • Cleared the way to the Embassy and reopened the Daunt.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 1 quests:

    To The Brink
    The Bristlebacks (Side Quest)
  • Survived the ambush at the Embassy and gained passage into the Forbidden West.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 1 quest:

    The Embassy
  • Secured a base of operations and rebooted GAIA.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 1 quests:

    Death’s Door
    The Dying Lands
  • Defended the Kulrut and recovered AETHER.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 2 quests:

    The Broken Sky
    The Kulrut
  • Drained Las Vegas and recovered POSEIDON.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 2 quest:

    The Sea of Sands
  • Encountered the Quen and recovered DEMETER.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 2 quest:

    Seeds of the Past
  • Followed Beta's distress signal and brought her back to base.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 2 quests: 

    Cradle of Echoes
  • Survived Thebes and befriended the Quen.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 3 quest:

    Faro’s Tomb
  • Flew into battle and vanquished Regalla.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 3 quests:

    The Wings of the Ten
  • Put an end to the Zenith threat and discovered Nemesis.

    This trophy is a non-missable story mission trophy. You’ll receive this for completing the following act 3 quest:


    This is the last mission of the game. Good luck if you’ve not done it yet, and congratulations if you have!
  • Aided both Drakka and Yarra and chose the better candidate.

    Just to the south-west of The Base will be a Tenakth camp called Arrowhead, which is where you’ll find Drakka, who triggers this mini-questline of sorts.

    In order to get to the point where you choose who to be the Desert Commander, you’ll have to do a few missions first. If you speak to Drakka when you get to Arrowhead, he’ll initiate the quest, Thirst for the Hunt, which in turn will lead to a new quest called The Wound in the Sand, which you will do with Yarra. This allows you effectively to get to know each of the characters, before what is effectively the showdown quest, The Gate of the Vanquished.

    Now, the Trophy does specify to choose the better candidate, so I’m not 100% sure if there is actually a right and wrong choice here, but we chose Drakka for “reasons” and we unlocked the trophy. So, just to be sure, maybe choose Drakka… he seems like the right pick, anyway. Well, at least we hope he bloody is!! Regardless, choose Drakka, get the trophy. Simple. You also get a really swish Firestorm Warrior Bow too!
  • Resolved all of the problems troubling the Daunt.

    Now, it’s not 100% sure to us which quests qualify for this trophy, mainly because we did every quest in the Daunt before finally finishing the Shadow in the West quest, but we get the feeling that quests like Deep Trouble don't count, as they don’t specifically help the Daunt - they just help the miners… who I guess are the people of the Daunt.
    At an educated guess though, we’d say the following are the main ones:

    The Bristlebacks - actually needed to advance the main quest, anyway (well, up to a point, you’ll need to pick-up and finish this quest after The Embassy main quest).
    Shadow From The Past - which you can initiate by talking to the guy in the cell near the Barren Light gate (green exclamation point on the map).
    Shadow in the West - this is a quest that comes from the conclusion of the Shadow From The Past quest.

    If that doesn’t work, do the following side quests:

    Deep Trouble (miners in the top right of the Daunt)
    The Twilight Path (speak to Petra in the tavern in Chainscrape)

    And maybe these errands too:

    A Dash of Courage (speak to the chef in the tavern)
    Signals of the Sun (just north of Barren Light)
    A Bigger Boom (speak to Delah in the western markets in Chainscrape)

    The side missions and errands aren’t probably necessary, but they’re still fun to do. Some of them even come with good rewards, like the A Bigger Boom quest!
  • Helped Kotallo build and test a mechanized arm.

    At a certain point in the story, after you’ve got the subordinate function, Aether, Kotallo will ask for your assistance. To initiate this quest, you’ll have to trek back to The Base and speak to him, and then start and finish the quest, What Was Lost. This level 30 quest is a multi-part quest that has you heading back to a previous mission location with a different objective. After you finish that Kotallo will ask for some time. When that time has passed, he’ll get in touch with you to go and test what you discovered in the wilds. When you’ve tested the new equipment with Kotallo, the mission is complete and only then will the trophy pop.
  • Helped Zo reboot the land-gods to save Plainsong.

    After you’ve got access to The Base, and Zo becomes a companion of sorts, she’ll reach out to you at some point while you’re out getting Aether, Poseidon and Demeter, asking you to assist with healing the land-gods. You’ll then have to go out into the wild to solve a few different problems, and eventually heal some land-gods. 

    The Second Verse quest is a level 25 quest that will require you finish the Demeter mission before completing as you’ll need one of the mission items you craft there. The quest has you installing code on a number of incapacitated land-gods and when you’ve done, you’ll have to report back to Zo. After a period of time Zo will summon you, and you’ll go to Plainsong together to install the reboot code. Not only does the mission have a cool ending, but you also get the Utaru Warden outfit too, a Very Rare Infiltrator piece of armour.
  • Helped Alva retrieve data to help the Quen.

    After you’ve done the Faro’s Tomb main quest (the 14th out of 17 main missions), Alva will join your raggedy bunch of saviours, and like the Zo and Kotallo side quests, she’ll reach out at some point for assistance in a delicate situation. This delicate situation is a quest called Forbidden Legacy, a level 30 quests that is a pretty fantastic mission. Especially where you end up in the end. A bit of advice, start this mission in the morning, you won’t regret it come the end! No spoilers here though, folks!
  • Reached the top of a Tallneck and accessed its information.

  • Reached the top of every Tallneck and accessed their information.

    Horizon Forbidden West has 6 Tallnecks in all - you know, the monstrously big giraffe looking machines who have a plate for a head. These should be your first port of call when you arrive in every new area. There are 6 in all, and not all of them show on the map, and require you do other things before you are able to interact with them. Check out our Tallnecks Location guide here for the location of all 6 Tallnecks, which incidentally are a lot cooler this time around as Guerrilla have sought to mix things up and make each Tallneck experience different from the last! Good stuff!
  • Completed key objectives in 1 Rebel Camp.

  • Investigated all Rebel Camps and helped Erend defeat Asera.

    There are so many bloody rebels in Horizon Forbidden West. In fact, there’s probably more rebels than there are machines! I kid, I kid, but at times it does feel like that! In order to trigger the final quest to take on Asera, the rebel camp leader, you’re going to have to take down all the rebel camps! Now, rebel camps are not to be confused with rebel outposts, of which there are loads. The two symbols look similar, but the rebel camps logo has two thick lines instead of one.

    The rebel camps, of which there are 5, are much bigger than the outposts and have slightly different rules. With a rebel camp you have to take down the leader, loot their body, do some sleuthing and then do another objective to complete them. Once you’ve cleaned out all the rebel camps, lead the charge on Asera to net this trophy.

    The location of the 5 rebel camps are as follows:

    Eastern Lie - north of the Salvage Camp in Barren Light (as you first get into the Forbidden West)
    The Hive - south of Scalding Spear, in the mountains 
    Breached Rock - west of Scalding Spear, in the mountains
    Devil’s Grasp - in the bottom left of the desert biome (south-west of Vegas)
    Fenrise - in the bottom right of the jungle biome

    Completing all those will open up the rebel camp, First Forge, at which point you’ll then have to go and talk to Erend at Hidden Ember. Speak to him, take down First Forge and Asera, and the trophy is yours.
  • Reached the Core of a Cauldron and accessed its information.

  • Reached the Core of every Cauldron and accessed their information.

    To net this trophy you’re going to need to override all the cores at all the Cauldrons, around the Forbidden West. Throughout the entire west you’ll find 4 optional Cauldrons (there are 2 that are part of the story), to see where they are and what Overrides they unlock, check out our Cauldron and Override Locations Guide here.
  • Earned at least a Quarter Stripe mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.

  • Earned at least a Quarter Stripe mark in all three trials at all Hunting Grounds.

    There are 4 Hunting Grounds in all, in Forbidden West, each with 3 trials, each set of 3 vastly different from the next. Hunting Grounds are basically hunting trials in mini arenas against a selection of machines, but if you beat the set time you get a bunch of goodies, as well as Hunting Medals, which can be used to buy goodies galore at the arena shop.
    The 4 locations and some tips for all the trials are as follows:
    • The Daunt (south of the Redhew Quarry. North-east of Barren Light) - level 5
    The Daunt’s Hunting Ground trials are relatively easy. Nothing too complex here. 
    • The first has you shoot off and loot Scounger Power Cells (just use concentration to slow down time and focus on the Scoungers, ignore everything else).
    • The second just needs you to find a shock bow and overload the Scrounger’s Power Cell. Again, super straightforward.
    • The last one, the best solution is to use the strat from the second trial, but do it underneath the environmental log piles around the outside of the arena. You can pretty much get all the kills in one of these move with this solution.
    • Plainsong (north-west of Plainsong) - level 10
    Plainsong’s hunting trials are all about stealth. Nothing massively complex here, although it might take a few tries if you alert anyone. That said, if you unlock and equip the Stealth Stalker Valor Surge and got into the trial with a full Valor metre, you can make all these super easy.
    • The first one requires no killing, just looting. So, run around and stick to the long grass and creep when close to a machine.
    • Stick to the tallgrass, uses rocks to move the machines to you, or follow and creep up behind them. Simple.
    • The third is going to take some practice, but you basically need to use the grapple points to grapple, then press jump on your way into the grapple point, then glide to the machine and press R1 when you’re above them. And you need to do that without being seen. Not hard, but sometimes you might start when the machines are in an inconvenient patrol pattern.
    • Sheerside Mountains (east of the Bulwark) - level 20
    This is where things get… annoying? Complicated? Both? Yeah, both. 
    • The first one is simple, just get a frost bow, shoot the Bellowback anywhere but its large sack on its back until it reaches the Brittle phase, and then ping the Cargo Refining Sac until it explodes. Rinse and repeat before the timer runs out.
    • This one is annoying, because when all the enemies are aware of your presence (which happens as soon as you fire your first shot), it can get absolutely chaotic. And considering you need to throw and catch the Shredder Gauntlet projectiles three times in a row to power up the explosive one, sometimes you might miss a catch due to the Bellowback peppering you from miles away, out of your eye line. My advice? Hit the big guy first in the middle and try and do the objective before the Bellowbacks get in range. And remember, once you L2, you can exit the ADS to catch it. If you need a Shredder Gauntlet, then just head here.
    • This, like the other one, can too become chaotic, depends on your weapon. If you’re using a Boltblaster it can take a while to charge up. That said, the Boltblaster is the easiest way to build the Plasma status. Once they’re in the status, absolutely hammer them with arrows galore, and try to fill the metre. If you fill it, that’s 1 out of the 2 and you just need to do it again. Top tip: make sure the Boltcaster is fully loaded before you jump in, as you might not get chance to reload while down there due to the ferocity and relentlessness of your enemies!
    • The Raintrace (in the rainforest, east of Thornmarsh) - level 25
    Last, but definitely not least, this one can be tricky, actually. First things first, you’re going to need to get the Clawstrider Override from Cauldron: IOTA (check our guide here for a location on where to find that). Then, prepare for carnage!
    • This first trial isn’t too bad. Make sure you have an Electric bow and load up three arrows for the triple shot (out of the long grass) and then pepper the Tremortusk until it’s Shocked. Then, when it’s down, use Tear ammo to remove the tusks. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it is, but trying to do all that while 2 Clawstriders hunt you down, a little less so.
    • The harsest part of this one is getting the Clawstrider Override, once you have it, it’s a piece of cake. Override one from the long grass, then shoot the other Clawstriders until they have next to no health left, and then finish off with the Clawstrider melee (R1 and R2). The Clawstrider can easily take them down without you interrupting with your bow, mind, but it’s definitely easier if you weaken them first.
    • Last, but by no means least, the pain! What you have to do is shoot the cannons off the Tremortusk and use them to kill all the Clawstriders. The issue is that the cannon on the back of the Tremortusk makes you move super slow, and against Clawstriders you have to be nimble. That said, the cannon will rip through a Clawstrider in no time, just be careful not to miss your shots and be left without any ammo. That said, there are two cannons on the Tremortusk’s back, but the timer is tight that you really can’t slip up here, not even once.

    Good luck out there, we have faith in you!
  • Rode a Charger, Bristleback, and Clawstrider.

    Ahhh, the mounts. The horse-like machines that control like a bus. But what’s that? This time there’s more than horses than control like buses? Nice! 

    Yes, that’s right, Horizon Forbidden West now gives you the ability to ride more than just a Charger. For this trophy you’ll need to Override and mount the three basic mountable machines, being the Charger (which you’ll more than likely Override on the way to Barren Light, as it’s an optional objective in one of the main quests there), a Bristleback and a Clawstrider.

    Relatively simple, but a few things to note:
    • Chargers are everywhere, as are Bristlebacks (if you’re struggling though, there’s a Bristleback site in the north east from Plainsong).
    • To Override a Clawstrider, you first need to Override the Core at the IOTA Cauldron. Location here. Fairly sure that’s only a partial override though, so you’ll need to finish off the process at the Fabricator, located at The Base.
    • You can find Clawstriders at loads of places. There’s a Clawstrider south of the Arena of the Maw and The Memorial Grove, south-west of Scalding Spear, near the middle of the map.
    • And to Override, you need to either knock over an enemy, or sneak up on one. If you use the Stealth Stalker Valor Surge (in the Infiltrator tree), this can make this a piece of cake.
  • Glided uninterrupted for 60 seconds.

    There are so many opportunities to grab this trophy, especially later in the game when you unlock a few things, but it’s actually possible (easily) in the quest A Soldier’s March Mission, picked up in the Bulwark.

    In the quest you’ll essentially be heading up a mountain to see whether Penttoh is okay, after he set up there to prove a point to his clan. Towards the end of the quest, when you find the flower, you’ll be prompted to make your way back down to speak to Wekatta. You can actually jump off the edge here and make it pretty much all the way down to the bottom (which is actually more than a 60-second glide), so do that here, take home the trophy. Easy stuff.

    If you’re already done that quest and didn’t do that, then wait until you’ve done The Wings of the Ten mission, then make your way to a high point in the map and jump off. Easy enough, this.
  • Completed 2 quests that required a flying mount.

    Obviously, this isn’t anything you’re going to be able to do early game, as you need to wait until the penultimate quest of the game, The Wings of the Ten, as that’s when you’ll get access to the flying mount. Once you do though, there’s a few quests to do with your flying mount. Here’s the list of a few of them:
    • First to Fly (which you get in The Bulwark - maybe Stone’s Edge to the west, the snowy mountain settlements all start to blend together after a while!)
    • Tides of Justice - search around Thornmarsh - this one will require you fly out to sea, and then up a skyscraper in San Francisco.
    • Shining Example - Talk to Marallo at Arrowhead (south-east of The Base)
  • Won first place in two different Gauntlet Runs.

    The gauntlet runs are new to Horizon Forbidden West, and require you race (and win) some mounted combat races against a crew of other racers. In short, they’re bloody annoying, thanks to some shonky mount physics that see your mount stop still after brushing against a plant, it means you’re going to have to work hard for this one. A lot of luck is required, but there’s thing that you can do to improve your chances. Firstly, the location of the first two. The first one will be north of Arrowhead, slightly south-east of The Base. That race will be the introduction to new mode in the game. The second will see you running around the coast and through the jungles to the far west of the map (on the inland, west of Thornmarsh) in a Gauntlet Run called Cliffs of the Cry… and cry it will make you! So, tips then…
    • First things first, if you do get stuck and find yourself at the back of the pack, do not hit start and abandon the race, as that’ll leave you where you are, having to clamber back to the start line. If you simply run massively off course it’ll cancel the race and take you back to the start line.
    • Secondly, combat. Pick-ups are essential! As is using what you pick up. If you aim and press in the left stick, you’ll shift the aim behind you. ONLY do this on a straight, because if you go off course, the mount physics will screw you over.  While the Shock arrows are brilliant, perhaps the most important pick-up is the speed boost, which can get you ahead of your competitors and out of range (if you’re lucky), or it can get you back in the mix.
    • Thirdly, try not to cut corners. Sure, there are gates and you can go from A to B sometimes cross country, but I honestly don’t trust the mount physics to not screw you over here.
    • Fourthly, keep an eye on the button prompt when you get hit, if you don’t hit it as soon as you can it’s going to screw a lot with your momentum, and these things are ALL about momentum. 
    • Fifthly, don’t be shy to turn down the difficulty just for these (there are no difficulty trophies) and if all else fails, there’s an option in the Accessibility part of Settings menu that lets you change the “Gauntlet Run Quick Time Events” from “Hold” to “Toggle” or you can even turn that option to “Auto”!
    • And lastly, shoot as much as you possibly can! You do only have a limited amount of ammunition, but if you do run out, you can easily pick some up at the next gate. Good luck, you’re going to need it!
  • Completed all contracts at a Salvage Contractor.

    There are 4 Salvage Camps out in the Forbidden West (the location of all of them can be found here) and in order to get this trophy, you need to complete one of those sets. The easiest, by far, is the one outside the Daunt (to the west of Barren Light), and you’ll only have to complete 4 Salvage Contracts to net this trophy. 
    Those 4 Salvage Contracts are:
    • Scavengers
    • Convoy Ambush
    • Alarm Antennas
    • Elusive Fanghorn
    Finish those 4 contracts and you’ll get this trophy. Quick note before I move on, it’s actually worth doing all 4 of the camps and then returning to Keruf, as this will net you a fancy piece of Legendary armour, known as the Oseram Artificer. Head to this link for a list of all the contracts you need to do and where you’ll find every Salvage Camp.
  • Defeated the outpost leader and recovered the tags from 4 Rebel Outposts.

    Not to be confused with Rebel Camps, Rebel Outposts are all over the bloody shop in the Forbidden West - at last count, I counted 14 of them! Unlike the Rebel Camps, Rebel Outposts are much smaller affairs, with a group of only 5 or so rebels in them. Maybe a few more. But all you really need to do with the Rebel Outposts is, stand as close as you can get without being seen, bust out your scanner and scan the enemies in the camp until you find the captain. Then, load your Hunter Bow up with 3 arrows (using the “triple-notch” weapon ability), then obliterate the captain as quick as possible. When you’ve taken him down, run in, nab his loot (which will effectively be dog tags that you can hand into the Arena shop) and then run away. You don’t need to kill everyone. Do this to 4 camps and you’ll net this trophy.
    Here’s the first 4 Rebel Outposts you will come across:
    • The Deadfalls (north of the Barren Light Salvage Camp)
    • Jagged Deep (south of Stone’s Echo, south of the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck)
    • Plainsong (unsurprisingly, west of Plainsong)
    • Stillsands North (south-east of The Base, west of the Stillsands Tallneck)
  • Discovered and completed 3 Relic Ruins.

    There are 8 Relic Ruins in all, in Horizon Forbidden West, which are basically remnants of the Old World, ruins which contain mini puzzles in them. Completing them nets you an Ornament, which can be taken to Hidden Ember near Las Vegas, and given to Stemmur, after you’ve done the quest, Nights of Lights (provided you’ve already got Poseidon, that is). Do it, it’s fun! You don’t need to do that for this trophy though, you just need to complete 3 of the 8 Relic Ruins.
    The first 3 you can do are as follows:
    • The Daunt - south of Chainscrape
    • No Man’s Land - east of the Barren Light Salvage Camp
    • Restless Weald - north-west of Plainsong
    The rest can be found below, if you’re interested:
    • The Dry Yearn - east of Scalding Spear
    • The Stillsands - east of the Salvage Camp in the Stillsands
    • Runner’s Wild - west of Scalding Spear (slightly north too)
    • The Long Coast - north-east of Thornmarsh
    • Isle of Spires - west of Legacy’s Landfall in San Francisco
  • Completed 1 Arena challenge set.

    GLITCH NOTE: The trophy itself is not glitched, but some players who have either preordered the game and/or purchased the digital deluxe edition are receiving a black screen upon either starting or finishing an Arena challenge. To fix this, you must place all items you received from those bonuses (i.e. Nora Legacy Spear and Outfit, as well as the Apex Strike piece) in your Stash before starting the Arena.

    To get access to the Arena, you need to finish the Aether questline. Once that is done, you’ll find Kalla in the encampment next to the Memorial Grove. When you’re ready to tackle the Arena, and more importantly, unlock the Arena shop, where you’ll find some of the game’s best weapons and some fantastic Legendary outfits, you’ll need to talk to and do a few jobs for Kalla and Dukkah. Once you’ve done some fairly simple fetch quests, the Arena will be open, and then the real challenge starts.

    First things first, the Arena can be tricky, whatever the difficulty (well, normal upwards, anyway), and in order to unlock this trophy you need to finish a Challenge Set. Challenge Sets come in varying difficulties: Amateur, Intermediate, Skilled, Expert and Legendary.

    You need a good bow for this. The Marshall Hunter Bow can be purchased from Dukkah for 84 Hunting Medals, which you receive from Hunting Grounds and their trials. Hopefully by now you’ll have more than enough to get that bow. Once you get it, spend a short amount of time levelling it up at a workbench (you might need to go hunting for some resources for that one). Once you’ve maxed it out - and if you have the Oseram Artificer outfit, it’ll be worth levelling up that too you’re ready to go - and by go, I mean tackle the Amateur league.

    In the Amateur league there are 4 challenges, and all you need to do to get the rewards and move one step closer to this trophy is beat the timer. The timer won’t start until you drop in, so before you drop in, on every one, scan your enemies, tag them (so you know where they are at all times)

    Here are some tips for each:
    • Pack Hunters - You’ll be first up against 2 Clawstriders and 3 Scrappers, with a max time of 2.30. This should be a cake walk (especially if you’ve maxed out the Hunter Skill Tree) as there’s a ton of assist in the environment you can use if you want (like a log stockpile, a few braced platforms and a few shock drums), but the truth is, you shouldn’t need that. The Scrappers should go down quickly if you take out their Radar and their Plasma Cell, while the Clawstriders are fairly tame opponents too. Just Tear off their Sparker and their Resource Container and you’ll make quick work of them.
    • Machine Reinforcements - This is a little trickier, against 1 Longleg and 1 Ravager, but you get 3m30 this time around, so again, it should be fairly easy. All you need to do is ping them with fully charged arrows, targeting their weak points. Do that and you’re golden.
    • Boost Battle - Slightly trickier this time, but still should be relatively easy. This time you’re going up against 1 Rollerback and 3 Spikesnouts, the latter of which will boost one another. You have 3 minutes this time. So, take out the Spikesnouts first, aiming mainly for their tails. And then, when they’re done and dusted, you should be have plenty of time to take out the Rollerback. It can be annoying taking out the Spikesnouts with the Rollerback whizzing around the arena, but it’ll be worth it. 
    • Rematch - Okay, I’ve been saying how tough this is, but the three so far have been a breeze. You are correct if you’ve been thinking that. The problem is, with the fourth challenge of every set, you don’t actually use your weapons, you get a set to use, as well as a specific outfit to use, which, admittedly, is annoying. This means that you can’t just power your way through! This time you’ll have 5-minutes to take out a Slitherfang… which can be tricky unless you play to your weapon sets’ strengths. It’s worth bearing in mind that you only get a certain amount of resources too, so you can’t keep crafting new ammo forever (you can craft some new ammo though)! So, the strategy, which might take a few times to get used to it, depends on your affinity with the weapon set. So, first things first, Slitherfangs are weak to Fire, Ice and Plasma. You have Plasma Boltblaster, a Prototype Spike Thrower and a Frostbite Warrior Bow. You can also use the Beamwire Tripcaster if you get time to place them. But the basic strategy is this: drop down, pelt with the Plasma Boltblaster until they enter a Plasma state; then, switch to the Prototype Spike Thrower and keep throwing fully charged Spikes at him until the Plasma timer expires and explodes. Now, you have two ways to go here: continue that strategy, but the problem is, it takes an absolute age to reload it (but if you can reload, do it, as this is the best strategy, 100%) so I used it until it ran out of the current rounds of ammo. At that point I switched to the Frost Bow, and pelted him until he entered the Brittle state, at which point I flicked over to the Spikes again. That should be enough to see him off with a comfortable amount of time to spare. Good luck!
  • Won a match against 2 different Machine Strike challengers.

    Machine Strike is basically Guerrilla Games’ attempt to create their own Gwent. Yes, folks, Machine Strike is a board game, available in taverns (and elsewhere, obviously) across the Forbidden West! In order to unlock this trophy you have to beat 2 players, which actually isn’t too bad if you cheese it a little. And by cheese, I mean, wait until you’ve got access to all 4 Hunting Grounds, and then you can buy the best pieces (you may need to go hunting for the odd resource), however, but that’s no biggie.

    What I would suggest is, heading to the Hunting Grounds various Hunting Grounds around and buying a number of Machine Strike pieces from the Strike Carvers that reside there. Now, I know that you’re thinking, I should just buy a Fireclaw Legendary piece from the Raintrace Hunting Grounds carver, then I can smash everyone. Well, not exactly, because if you lose him, you lose the match. The key is getting a load of 1 and 2 SP Strike Pieces and having a team of 7 Pieces, rather than having one super strong piece, it’s too risky if you lose that piece.
    My first set that I used to beat the beginner (board 1) at Barren Light was: 1 Burrower, 1 Scrounger, 2 Grazers, 1 Bristleback, 1 Fanghorn, 1 Lancehorn. While the set that I used to beat the beginner in Plainsong was: 3 Burrowers, 1 Scrounger, 1 Clamberjaw, and 2 Grazers.

    You basically have to choose sets to match the board you’re on. If it’s a grassy board, uses Grazers, for their grassland terrain bonus +1 combat power. If it’s hilly, use Lancehorns, for their hill terrain +1 Combat Power bonus. Fanghorns have one for mountains. The above sets should work relatively easy for the 2 beginner boards (for the trophy you only have to win 1 board, not all three, from two different Strike Players). Just, don’t push too much, let them come to you, and put your pieces in their strongest positions, like a Clamberjaw, who has +1 Combat Power on a Forest terrain tile - that takes him from a +3 Combat power, to a +4, which is bloody deadly! It’s got a good amount of health too! Also, try and attack their weakspots too, which are usually behind them… although, be careful not to turn your back on other opponent pieces!

    Good luck out there, it’s no Gwent, but it can be fun, and if you grasp the concepts, you can have some real fun with it.
  • Defeated the Tenakth melee master known as the Enduring.

    The Enduring is the master melee champion in all the land. In order to get a 1-on-1 fight with the Enduring, you need to earn marks from three settlements first (speak to the fight master as the fighting pit in Chainscrape to initiate the quest):
    • Scalding Spear
    • The Bulwark
    • Thornmarsh
    Each of the massive settlements will have a sparring ring in the middle, on the base level. The only advice I can offer is: max out your Warrior skill tree and this will be easy. For starters you need specific combos anyway to take part, and secondly, it makes the fights fairly easy. Each camp effectively consists of: a few combo challenges that you need to complete to advance, and then you’ll fight the champion in order to earn a mark. 

    In fact, the hardest part of these ring challenges is nailing the combos! In a lot of the challenges, especially The Bulwark and Thornmarsh, you have to link together 3 or so combos. Knowing the combos before helps, so if you can nail the two combos and not the third, head to the tutorial and try the specific one you’re struggling with on its own. Knowing when to pause and when to attack is the key to some combos, and depending on the combo, the window of button presses changes.

    The Thornmarsh master, Tenallo, is the most annoying as he has a shield, so try and get behind him, or whittle down the shield, and once it’s gone: pound him with the combos you just learned.
    Right, then there’s the Enduring themselves! Oohhh, such an enigma. This is a really tough fight. Never Dark Soulsy, in fact. If you can’t be bothered with the challenge - which is understandable, Horizon’s melee combat has never been its strong suit - then drop the difficulty and then kick their ass. If you want a challenge, here are some tips:
    • The key here is Resonator Blasts. So, fill up your meter and then use the strong attack on them (and then shoot with the bow). It’ll take a few of these, whilst also not taking much damage. 
    • Use the smoke pots when she’s near them to stun her, and then charge up a power attack for good damage.
    • If she blocks twice in a row, then she’ll perform a push attack that does decent damage.
    • Equip the Oseram Artificer outfit for this fight, as it strengthens your melee build.
    • Don’t move too far away from them, their arrows are deadly and super powerful, while yours are incredibly weak. The Enduring’s bow is stupidly powerful, it does 3 times the damage a melee hit will do.
    If you take all that advice on board you’ll do just fine. Plus, the reward is pretty fantastic too - she permanently buffs your spear damage. Plus a sweet, sweet trophy.
  • Upgraded a Valor Surge to its maximum level.

    Super simple this one. In every skill tree there are special abilities called Valor Surges - this is the purple bar that builds up in the bottom right. In order to unlock them, you have to unlock all the connecting nodes to it. For instance, in the Hunter tree you’ll see Ranged Master in the middle of the first diamond. The three connecting nodes to Ranged Master are: Concentration+, Weapon Stamina+ and Valor Surge Master. If you unlock all three, you’ll unlock the Valor Surge. Then, all you need to do when you earn skill points (from quests or levelling up) is upgrade it twice. As soon as this hits level 3 you’ll unlock this trophy.
  • Unlocked a Weapon Technique for 3 different weapon classes.

    This is another one you’ll earn incredibly naturally throughout your time with Horizon Forbidden West. As you level up and do quests you get skill points, and as you spend them you’ll unlock weapon techniques, unlock 3 and pop, this is yours.

    Weapon techniques, incidentally, are the arrowhead shaped icons in the skill tree (it actually say they’re weapon techniques too). Every weapon in the game has 3, depending on what skill tree you level up. The Hunter skill tree is obviously for the Hunter Bow, and its three weapon techniques are: High Volley, Triple Notch and Knockdown Shot (the entire left hand column, basically).
  • Completed 1 Survey Drone, 1 Black Box, 1 Relic Ruin, 1 Vista Point, and 1 Signal Tower.

    Ahhhh, collectibles! A game wouldn’t be complete without them! The nice thing is that Guerrilla didn’t go: “hey, dudes, find everything.” They basically said: do one of everything, give everything a try, which is great. Anyway, here’s a list of the 5 collectibles you need and where you can go for them.

    Survey Drone
    There are 10 Survey Drones in all, of which you only need 1 to qualify for this trophy. The closest is in Plainsong (really close to Plainsong itself, in the north-east). They’re basically climbing mini-quests, where you have to jump on the drone, and then loot it to complete it. Relatively simple, hugely annoying at times. 

    Black Box
    When you get to the Memorial Grove, before you hit the throne room, head right and speak to Untalla (by the tent) and she’ll discuss Black Boxes, of which there are 12 around the Forbidden West to find. These will show up in Old World military wrecks (and will show for miles if you use your focus) and can be swapped for high-level parts, like a Thunderjaw Tail. There’s one in each region, just make sure you have the Igniter, Vine Cutter and Diving Mask before you start searching, as they do not make it easy for you. Here’s what regions they’re in:

    No Man’s Land
    The Whitewatch Peaks
    Jagged Deep
    The Promotory
    Bleeding Mark
    The Stillsands
    The Memorial Grove
    The Raintrace
    Bonewhite Tear
    Salt Bite

    When you're in those regions, flip open the Focus and scan for the signal. Be on the lookout for downed planes on this one.

    Relic Ruin
    See Completed 3 Relic Ruins trophy_bronze.png  for where all the Relic Ruins are.

    Vista Point
    See our Vista Point guide for where all the Vista Points are.

    Signal Tower
    The Signal Towers refer to Raynah's quest in the Daunt, where she has you climbing towers to get Signal Lenses. One is enough here, but if you do all of them you get a small reward.
  • Used dye flowers to unlock and apply a new dye.

    As you climb the cliffs of the Forbidden West, keep an eye out for flowers growing out of the cliffs themselves (they usually attract butterflies), as you’ll need these to dye your outfits that you buy or get given as you trek west to the coast. Once you have enough flowers, and have unlocked dye recipes from doing various quests and errands, head to a Dyer, usually found in a major settlement, and then spend the flowers that you’ve picked up over your time in the game to make a new colour scheme for your outfit. Simple.

    For more detailed assistance, however, check out our dye Q&A guide, including where to find Painters, dye recipes and the flowers you’ll need to make them.

DLC: New Game+

3 trophies

  • Completed a New Game+ playthrough on any difficulty.

    To get this trophy, simply complete the game a second time in New game+.

    To reduce the number of playthroughs, pair this trophy with trophy_bronze.pngCompleted Ultra Hard.

    In order to start a New Game+, you must complete the game once and then go toThe Base and search for the little statue in the center of it. You will see an icon on the compass, with a + on it. Follow it and start the game again. You will be able to select the difficulty after that.
    Once you start the New Game+, just skip the tutorial and rush through the game focusing only on the main missions.

    In New Game+, you will carry everything you got from your previous run: level, abilities, weapons, resources and also the key items.
    Unfortunately, the overrides will not carry over New Game+; but the Charger and Sunwing will so you'll be able to override these to speed up the process once available.

    Also, you need to reveal the whole map again.
  • Completed a new or New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the game on Ultra Hard.

    To reduce the number of playthoughs, pair this trophy with trophy_bronze.pngCompleted New Game+

    Ultra hard is the hardest setting you get in Horizon Forbidden West. If you chose this setting in New Game+, however, you will have a bunch of things that will help you in the first 3/4 of the game, as you will have powered weapons, enough resources to craft and heal and the full set of abilities already unlocked.
    As i said before, this will help you in the first 3/4 of the game, as the difficult spikes on the last parts. 
    Some advices:
    • The biggest difference between the other difficult settings, is that enemies hit harder, get a lot of health and the worst thing of all, is that you will not be able to see the health.
    • Do not fight! Try to avoid all the unnecessary battles, as they will drain you time and resources. Fight only the unskippable story fights. You can override the Sunwing early once you've unlocked the base to fly over a lot of encounters
    • Upgrade yourself as much as possible before starting New Game+. 
    • For the last fights, try to focus on weapons that do A LOT of damage, like the explosive slingshots or the Spike Throwers. They will help you with the last bosses.
    There is nothing more to say about this trophy, just rush the game until the end. If you're having troubles in some parts, just look for some good strategy.

  • Obtained all New Game+ weapons, dyes, and face paints.

    This is the worst trophy of the DLC. To get this trophy, you must get all the New Game+ rewards.

    The DLCs added new rewards that can be bought from merchants by using Champions Tokens. As i said in the roadmap, you will need 125 tokens to be able to buy everything and since you get 2 tokens each main mission, this means you need a huge farming of tokens. And that's not all: if you're following this guide, you are also playing New game+ in Ultra Hard.

    To get tokens, you must complete some activities:
    • Main Missions: 2 tokens each (the tutorial missions DON'T HAVE Tokens). This means you will have a total of 30 tokens at the end of the story.
    • Some errands and the opening of the Arena: 1 token each. 
    • Side missions, Runs, Relic Ruins, Tallnecks, the last salvage contract, Machine Strikes: 2 tokens each
    • Rebel Camps, Cauldrons, finishing an Arena category: 3 tokens each

    There is no escape: this trophy is time-consuming. I will write a little roadmap to help you trying to cut times and speed up the process:
    • Spend your first tokens for Face paints and Dyes, as the vendors will not be available as soon. You will need 45 tokens to buy all of them.
    • The faster way to do this trophy, is by playing a full playthrough on New Game+ Ultra Hard. You will get 30 Tokens.
    • Once you get the Sunwing, scan all Tallnecks except for the one inside the Cauldron. With a Sunwing you can fly above the Tallnecks and land on top of them. You will get 10 tokens (40 total).
    • Complete all Rebel Camps except the last one. Just try to rush inside the camp and kill the leader. You will get 15 tokens (55).
    • Complete all Relic Ruins. You will get 16 total tokens (71).
    • Complete the first two Gauntlet Runs. You will get 4 tokens (75).
    • Now, do some side activities, trying to focus on the easiest and shortest one and take any advantage from the Sunwing, by skipping all the climbing sections. I suggest doing the following:
      • Deep Trouble
      • The Bristlebacks
      • The Burning Blooms
      • Shadow From the Past
      • Shadow in the West
      • The Twilight Path
      • The Root That Bind
      • A Tribe Apart
      • The Deluge
      • The Promontory
      • Boom or Bust
      • Call and Response
      • The Music in the Metal 
      • Signal of the Sun
      • A Bigger Booom
      • A Dash of Courage
      • Open the Arena
      • Nights of Lights
      • The Souvenir
    • Once you feel comfortable with the number of tokens you got from your playthrough, just start a new one on another new game+ but select Story difficulty. Or, you can still do the other activities like the cauldrons or the harder missions on Ultra Hard, if you feel comfortable. Do anything you want to farm the last tokens you will need.
    Once you buy everything, you will get this trophy.

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