Keep Trying Trophy in HoPiKo

  • Keep Trying


    Die 1000 Times

    How to unlock Keep Trying

    As the description says, you need to die 1000 times to get the trophy. You might initially think this is a high number, however you will most likely die a lot in this game before you finish the rest of the trophies. Therefore I would strongly recommend not grinding out deaths on purpose while going for this trophy as I imagine most players will have well over 1000 deaths before they're done with the game (I had over 2800 deaths through natural play by the time I'd done the other trophies).

    If you still have this left over after you're done with every other trophy, I'd recommend going to the second run in world 1 and just mashing as this'll kill you almost instantly. Repeat as many times as necessary for the trophy.

    If you're curious how many total deaths you have, you can select 'Statistics' from the Main Menu which keeps track of this for you.

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