Super Drifter Trophy in HoPiKo

  • Super Drifter


    Complete a Bonus Run

    How to unlock Super Drifter

    To obtain this trophy, you need to complete a Bonus Run. There are a total of five Bonus Runs in the game (one in each World), however you only need to complete one of them, not all five. You can unlock a Bonus Run by obtaining six or more 'Consoles' in the same World.

    In a Bonus Run, while the objective is similar to any other run in HoPiKo (complete five levels without dying), the gameplay mechanics are a little different. While in a standard HoPiKo run you'll be 'flicking' the multiple times to get your character across various platforms, in the Bonus Run you'll find yourself on a type of jet powered vehicle at the start of each level. Once on this vehicle, you'll need to keep the pushed towards the direction you want to travel to keep your character on it. If you let go, your character will fly off the vehicle which most of the time, will result in death.

    I would recommend doing the Bonus Run in World 1, as this should be the easiest one to do for most players.

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