Speed Runner Trophy in HoPiKo

  • Speed Runner


    Complete a Speedrun

    How to unlock Speed Runner

    To obtain this trophy, you need to complete a Speedrun. There are a total of five Speedruns in the game (one in each World), however you only need to complete one of them, not all five. You can unlock a Speedrun by beating all 10 numbered runs in the respective World.

    Although a Speedrun requires you to play through all 10 numbered runs of a world in a single segment, there doesn't seem to be any time requirement (despite a timer tracking the duration of your run in the corner). There are also checkpoints every five levels, so if you die during the Speedrun, you only get moved back a few levels, not to the start of the whole run.

    I would recommend doing the Speedrun in World 1, as this should be the easiest (and quickest) one to do for most players.

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