• Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 35 (18, 11, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 100hrs+, depending how quickly you can complete the Pantheons. (Personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so you don't have to do Steel Soul Mode
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the EU and NA versions have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


This is Hollow Knight, the wonderful game created by Team Cherry through Kickstarter. You play as a small beetle-like warrior called Knight or sometimes Ghost, who must traverse through the ruined underground kingdom of Hallownest and find out exactly what happened to this once marvellous metropolis. The game is a Metroidvania, so exploration, upgrade collecting and backtracking is a must in this game. Combat also plays a heavy role in this game, including fighting small enemies of all shapes and sizes to fighting bosses with brutal attacks and movement patterns. Armed with a tiny sword, called a nail, it's your job to fight your way through these powerful adversaries but be warned, the difficulty in these battles can be as hard as Dark Souls bosses.


Step 1: Play the game normally

In the PS4 version, the trophies are much easier to acquire than the likes of the Switch or Steam versions, which have speedruns, multiple playthroughs, playing on Steel Soul Mode, which is Permadeath mode and requires seeing all the different endings. The game is still hard to acquire the Platinum trophy by its own merit but you don't need perfect mastery of the game. There are no missable trophies, so you can play at your own leisure until you are comfortable enough to progress through the game at your own pace. Some trophies you will acquire on your own and others you will have to go out of your way to find. Once you defeat the Hollow Knight sleeping in the Black Egg Temple in the Infected Crossroads, you can go on to complete other trophies.

At he end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Test of Resolve
Proof of Resolve
The Hollow Knight

Step 2: Initial Cleanup

If you've missed any of the previous trophies after defeating the Hollow Knight, now would be a good time to get them. This section will be used to get all of the trophies throughout the game, including filling in the Hunter's journal, finding all the collectables including Grubs, mask shards and vessel fragments, completing the Colosseum of Fools, completing the Grimm Troupe DLC and completing the Grey Mourner's sidequest.

At he end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Keen Hunter
True Hunter
Grand Performance
Nightmare's End
Passing of the Age

Step 3: The Pantheon and 112%

Once you have acquired all of the above trophies, you now have to go to your next challenge and that is the Pantheons and getting to 112% completion. The Pantheons were added to the game as part of the Godmaster DLC and is the equivalent of a boss rush mode. If you go down to the Junk Pit in the Royal Waterways, you will encounter a giant box that can be unlocked with a Simple Key. Unlocking it will reveal the Godseeker, an NPC and the Godtuner item. Using the Dream Nail on the Godseeker will take you to Godhome, where the Pantheons are located. There are four Pantheons with a fifth opening once you've completed the first four. The Pantheons will remain closed until you've defeated the bosses that show on its door through your playthrough.

The Godtuner will let you know when the doors have been opened, saving you having to trek through the Royal Waterways to check. Once opened, you will be taken to a boss rush screen where ten bosses will be thrown at you, nine you've encountered in the past, plus one new boss added to the game. Do this with all four Pantheons and you can attempt the almighty Pantheon of Hallownest, requiring you to do 40+ bosses, including the four new bosses that have been added and finally go for the Absolute Radiance, which is a harder form of Radiance. Completing the first 4 Pantheons is necessary to getting 112% so if you can't do the Pantheon of Hallownest, you can just get the Pure Completion trophy.

At he end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Soul & Shade
Embrace the Void
Pure Completion
Heart of Hallownest

[PST Would Like To Thank megasean3000 for this Roadmap]

Hollow Knight (EU) Trophy Guide

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35 trophies ( 11  18  7  )

  • Acquire all other trophies

    Unlock all the other trophies to get this one.

  • Defeat the False Knight

    The False Knight will most likely be the first boss you encounter, if you haven't found Gruz Mother first. He is located in the Forgotten Crossroads area and is required to beat in order to get the Vengeful Spirit spell. It will swing its large mace at you and hit the mace on the ground to create a shockwave. Dodge the swings at you and jump over the shockwaves. Sometimes he will jump to you and even approach you. Dodge his hits while dealing damage with your Nail and make sure not to run into him as it will cause damage to you. Once enough damage is done, the maggot inside the armour will reveal itself allowing you to get a few hits in but once he goes back into the armour, he will go to the centre of the arena and start slamming his mace on the ground which will send projectiles falling from the ceiling. Avoid these as best you can but if you're confident, you can focus to heal any damage during this time. Once enough damage is done to him, the floor will cave in and the maggot will burst from the armour dead, earning you the trophy.

  • Defeat Hornet in Greenpath

    You will encounter the first battle against Hornet in Greenpath. She will appear throughout the area but will flee when you get close. Finally, she will challenge you when you arrive at the place you acquire the Mothwing Cloak. She is very fast so don't expect to use Focus too often. She will jump and ran at you often so look out for that. Her attacks include lunging at you with her nail from both the ground and air so try and time her lunge so you don't get hit. She will spin her nail and thread around her in a spherical pattern which will damage you if you're in its range. Lastly, she will throw her nail at you before retracting it. The nail has limited range but can hit you. She is vulnerable during this phase particularly from the distance between her and her nail, so you can use this time to attack her or heal but don't spend too long doing this or she will resume the offensive and make sure to jump past her nail when she's retracting it or it will hit you. If you hit her enough times, she will take a moment to rest, you can use this time to either hit her or heal but she will get up after a few seconds or when you hit her again, so be careful. When you do enough damage to her, she will retreat and this trophy will be yours.

  • Destroy Lurien the Watcher

    After you get the Dream Nail in the Resting Grounds, you will be given the task of killing the three Dreamers of Hallownest to break the seal on the Black Egg Temple to defeat the Hollow Knight. You can attempt them in any order you wish. Lurien the Watcher can be found in the City of Tears in the Watcher's Spire. You can only access it with the Monarch Wings. Once you have climbed high enough, you will encounter the Watcher Knights, six knights who will attack you two at a time and when one is defeated, another will take their place. Their attacks include swinging their great nails at you twice which can be easily avoided. They will roll up into a ball and start rolling throughout the boss room which can be dodged by jumping over them and swinging your nail downwards to do some damage. They can also bounce around the screen when rolled up into a ball which can be hard to avoid,but can be dodged using the Mothwing Cloak.

    If you're having difficulty fighting six, there is a secret passageway before the battle in which you can drop a chandelier on one, knocking it out of the battle which reduces the knights you have to fight down to five, making it just that little bit easier. When all six knights are defeated, you can climb the rest of the tower to see Lurien asleep. Hit him with the Dream Nail, entering his dreams. Attack his spirit and hold to absorb his essence. Once the seal is broken, this trophy will be yours. Be warned, that whichever Dreamer you defeat or you get the Monarch Wings, the Forgotten Crossroads will be covered in infection, enemies will be stronger and will explode causing two masks of damage.

  • Destroy Herrah the Beast

    Another Dreamer that you will have to kill; Herrah the Beast is located on the far left side of Deepnest in the Distant Village. There are no boss fights required in killing Herrah but navigating the treacherous depths of Deepnest is a challenge in itself. There are lots of spike pits, spike walls and enemies who will come from nowhere to challenge you. Anybody with claustrophobia or arachnophobia may find this particular area unsettling as it is filled with tight spaces and lots of spider enemies. When you have navigated your way to the far side of Deepnest, you will encounter a large structure made of webs. Before you go in, I would visit the Stag Station a bit higher up to contribute to the Hope trophy. When you go inside the webbed structure, you will be offered a seat on a bench by other insects but when you sit down, you will see you are entangled in webs. You are then taken deep into the Beast's Den, covered in webs. Free yourself with your nail by tapping and you are free to explore the area. Eventually you will come across Herrah, sleeping on a bed. Use the Dream Nail on her, attack her spirit a few times and hold to absorb her essence. Once the seal is broken, you will receive this trophy.

  • Destroy Monomon the Teacher

    The last of the Dreamer trophies, Monomon the Teacher can be found in Fog Canyon in the Teacher's Archives. At first, the Fog Canyon cannot be fully explored, due to the shadow gate blocking it off. There are two ways you can get to the other side of the shadow gate, the first is by getting the Shade Cloak which is found in The Abyss and dashing past the shadow gate but this requires more effort as it requires going to Kingdom's Edge, defeating Hornet a second time, getting the King's Brand, going to the Ancient Basin, going into The Abyss and finally getting the Shade Cloak. The second method is a lot easier, which is simply to get Isma's Tear, located in the Royal Waterways. Once you've acquired it, there is a section in the Fungal Wastes which cannot be accessed as it is flooded with acid. With Isma's Tear, you can swim past the acid and access the other side of the Fog Canyon.

    Once you have explored the Fog Canyon's other side, you will come across a large building with Quirrel standing outside of it. Once you enter, and explore deep enough you will be met with a boss battle against Uumuu, a jellyfish like creature. It is impervious to damage at first but Quirrel will come in to help you. His nail attacks will burst Uumuu's membrane, leaving it vulnerable to attack. It's attacks include creating several balls of electricity around the boss room and balls of electricity that will follow your movements. The first can be dodged by finding a space which doesn't have a ball of electricity and the second can be dodged by going around the boss room using the platforms provided until Uumuu stops. Keep dodging its attacks until Quirrel comes in and attacks it, in which you can attack it. Once it's finally defeated, you can proceed with the Teacher's Archives until you find Monomon sleeping in a water tank. Quirrel will come and unseal her tank, allowing you to use Dream Nail on her. Attack her spirit and hold to absorb her essence. Once the seal is broken, you will receive this trophy.

  • Acquire your first Charm

    See Blessed.

  • Acquire half of Hallownest's Charms

    See Blessed.

  • Acquire all Charms and receive Salubra's blessing

    Charms are upgrades you can equip which makes Knight stronger. There are 40 total Charms throughout Hallownest. Some can be easy to acquire but others takes a bit of extra work.

    The charms are as follows but to find them, see here for more info: LINK:

    - Wayward Compass
    - Gathering Swarm
    - Stalwart Shell
    - Soul Catcher
    - Shaman Stone
    - Soul Eater
    - Dashmaster
    - Thorns of Agony
    - Fury of the Fallen
    - Fragile/Unbreakable Heart
    - Fragile/Unbreakable Greed
    - Fragile/Unbreakable Strength
    - Spell Twister
    - Steady Body
    - Heavy Blow
    - Quick Slash
    - Longnail
    - Mark of Pride
    - Baldur Shell
    - Flukenest
    - Defender's Crest
    - Glowing Womb
    - Quick Focus
    - Deep Focus
    - Lifeblood Heart
    - Lifeblood Core
    - Joni's Blessing
    - Grubsong
    - Grubberfly's Elegy
    - Hiveblood
    - Spore Shroom
    - Sharp Shadow
    - Shape of Uun
    - Nailmaster's Glory
    - Dream Wielder
    - Kingsoul/Void Heart
    - Dreamshield
    - Weaversong
    - Sprintmaster
    - Grimmchild/Carefree Melody

    Once all 40 Charms are collected, go to Salubra in the Forgotten/Infected Crossroads and buy Salubra's Blessing for 800 Geo, which can replenish Soul while resting on a bench. Once you've bought it and seen the cutscene that follows, the trophy will be yours.

  • Acquire 4 Mask Shards

    See Masked.

  • Acquire all Mask Shards

    Mask Shards are collectables which can increase Knight's total HP when you collect 4 of them. There are a total of 16 Mask Shards located throughout Hallownest. For a rundown of where to find these Mask Shards, please see here: LINK

  • Acquire 3 Vessel Fragments

    See Worldsoul.

  • Acquire all Vessel Fragments

    Vessel Fragments are another collectable in the game which can give Knight extra Soul to use in battle if you collect 3. There are 9 Vessel Fragments in the game. For a rundown of where to find these Vessel Fragments, please see here: LINK

  • Open half of Hallownest's Stag Stations

    See Hope.

  • Hope


    Open all of Hallownest's Stag Stations and discover the Stag Nest

    Stag Stations are spots in Hallownest that allow Knight to fast travel by using The Last Stag. Opening a Stag Station does require Geo so make sure you have plenty when exploring looking for it.

    Stag Stations are found in the following areas:

    - Dirtmouth
    - Forgotten/Infected Crossroads
    - Greenpath
    - Queen's Station
    - Queen's Gardens
    - City of Tears (City Storerooms)
    - City of Tears (King's Station)
    - Resting Grounds
    - Deepnest (Distant Village)
    - Ancient Basin (Hidden Station)
    - Howling Cliffs (Stag Nest)

    Once you have visited Stag Nest, explore it and go back to The Last Stag, the trophy will be yours.

  • Rescue half of the imprisoned grubs

    See Metamorphosis.

  • Rescue all of the imprisoned grubs

    Grubs are little caterpillar-like creatures trapped in glass jars all over Hallownest. Finding them and breaking them out of their jar will net you various prizes from the Grubfather in Forgotten/Infected Crossroads, including Charms, Pale Ore, a Mask Shard and lots of Geo. There are 46 Grubs to find so please see here for their locations: LINK

  • Acquire a map of each area

    Maps can be bought from Cornifer. You can usually tell where he is by the humming he does in that area. His maps do require Geo, however so make sure you have some in hand. If not, you can progress with exploring the area and eventually, Cornifer will depart from that area and you can buy the map for that area from Iselda in Dirtmouth so there's no problem if you don't have Geo immediately.

  • Collect 600 Essence

    See Ascension.

  • Collect 1800 Essence and awaken the Dream Nail

    See Ascension.

  • Collect 2400 Essence and hear the Seer's final words

    Essence is a collectable energy that can be used to gain certain prizes from Seer in Resting Grounds. You will need it to get the Awakened Dream Nail and access places like the White Palace. There are a few ways to acquire Essence.

    - Using Dream Nail on a Ghost (1 per use)
    - Defeating a Warrior Dream (Ones floating above their grave or deceased body. Winning gets you Essence)
    - Defeating a Dream Boss (Using a Dream Nail on a boss you've defeated will let you fight a stronger version of that boss. Winning gets you Essence)
    - Using Dream Nail on Whispering Roots and collecting the red floating orbs (The red trees around Hallownest)
    - Every enemy has a 0.5% chance to drop a single unit of Essence but can be increased to 1% with the Dream Wielder Charm equipped.

    Visit Seer regularly to get various prizes including Charms and the Awakened Dream Nail. When you have 2400 Essence, return to Seer and he will share some lore about his clan and the trophy will be yours.

  • Record all of Hallownest's creatures in the Hunter's Journal

    See True Hunter.

  • Receive the Hunter's Mark

    This will probably be the last set of trophies you will get before attempting the Pantheons. In Greenpath, there is an NPC called The Hunter who will bestow on you his Journal. The Journal will contain all the enemies you have fought in the game so far, including bosses and creatures that don't attack you. Keen Hunter requires you to find all these enemies but True Hunter requires you to kill them several times to unlock a small excerpt from The Hunter about that creature. Fortunately, DLC bosses, such as White Defender, Grey Prince Zote, Grimm and the Pantheon bosses are not required to receiving this trophy but it is strongly recommend that you avoid Grey Prince Zote like the plague so he won't show up in the Pantheon of Hallownest and make the game unfairly hard (Credit to MrPeanutButter for this tip). The following enemies required for the trophies are:

    - Crawlid
    - Vengefly
    - Vengefly King
    - Gruzzer
    - Gruz Mother
    - Tiktik
    - Aspid Hunter
    - Aspid Mother
    - Aspid Hatchling
    - Goam
    - Wandering Husk
    - Husk Hornhead
    - Leaping Husk
    - Husk Bully
    - Husk Warrior
    - Husk Guard
    - Entombed Husk
    - False Knight
    - Maggot
    - Lifeseed
    - Baldur
    - Elder Baldur
    - Mosscreep
    - Mossfly
    - Mosskin
    - Volatile Mosskin
    - Fool Eater
    - Squit
    - Obble
    - Gulka
    - Maskfly
    - Moss Charger
    - Massive Moss Charger
    - Moss Knight
    - Mossy Vagabond
    - Durandoo
    - Duranda
    - Aluba
    - Charged Lumafly
    - Uoma
    - Ooma
    - Uumuu
    - Ambloom
    - Fungling
    - Fungoon
    - Sporg
    - Fungified Husk
    - Shrumeling
    - Shrumal Warrior
    - Shrumal Ogre
    - Mantis Youth
    - Mantis Warrior
    - Mantis Lords
    - Husk Sentry
    - Heavy Sentry
    - Winged Sentry
    - Lance Sentry
    - Mistake
    - Folly
    - Soul Twister
    - Soul Warrior
    - Soul Master
    - Husk Dandy
    - Cowardly Husk
    - Gluttonous Husk
    - Gorgeous Husk
    - Great Husk Sentry
    - Watcher Knight
    - The Collector
    - Belfly
    - Pilflip
    - Hwurmp
    - Bluggsac
    - Dung Defender
    - Flukefly
    - Flukemon
    - Flukemonga
    - Flukemarm
    - Shardmite
    - Glimback
    - Crystal Hunter
    - Crystal Crawler
    - Husk Miner
    - Crystallised Husk
    - Crystal Guardian
    - Furious Vengefly
    - Volatile Gruzzer
    - Violent Husk
    - Slobbering Husk
    - Dirtcarver
    - Carver Hatcher
    - Garpede
    - Corpse Creeper
    - Deepling
    - Deephunter
    - Little Weaver
    - Stalking Devout
    - Nosk
    - Shadow Creeper
    - Lesser Mawlek
    - Mawlurk
    - Brooding Mawlek
    - Lightseed
    - Infected Balloon
    - Broken Vessel
    - Boofly
    - Primal Aspid
    - Hopper
    - Great Hopper
    - Grub Mimic
    - Hiveling
    - Hive Soldier
    - Hive Guardian
    - Husk Hive
    - Hive Knight
    - Spiny Husk
    - Loodle
    - Mantis Petra
    - Mantis Traitor
    - Traitor Lord
    - Sharp Baldur
    - Armoured Squit
    - Battle Obble
    - Oblobble
    - Shielded Fool
    - Sturdy Fool
    - Winged Fool
    - Heavy Fool
    - Death Loodle
    - Volt Twister
    - God Tamer
    - Pale Lurker
    - Xero
    - Gorb
    - Elder Hu
    - Marmu
    - No Eyes
    - Galien
    - Markoth
    - Wingmould
    - Royal Retainer
    - Kingsmould
    - Sibling
    - Void Tendrils
    - Hornet
    - Shade

    Some enemies can only be recorded via hidden interactions, such as Goam or Garpede. It is reported that you don't need to add Hollow Knight or Radiance to your list so you can get it without them. Compare your list to this and if you find any you've missed, then go and find those missing entries. You should receive Keen Hunter when you've found the last entry. When you've done that, kill the required number of enemies in the Journal until they all have an entry to them. Once that's done, visit The Hunter once more and he will give you the Hunter's Mark. Receiving this item will also pop the trophy.

  • Bring peace to the Grey Mourner

    This trophy will probably give you the biggest headache ever. There is an NPC hidden in the Resting Grounds called the Grey Mourner. She will ask you to take a Delicate Flower from where she is to the Queen's Gardens and lay it at the grave of her loved one. It is much easier said than done because there is a couple of caveats to this side quest. You cannot get hit by enemies or obstacles, doing so will destroy the flower. You also cannot fast travel from either the Stag Station or the Dream Gate, doing so will also destroy the flower. Though you can use the trams if you prefer. You have to walk from one end of Hallownest to the other without getting hit once. If that wasn't bad enough, at the grave site, there is a small obstacle of thorns that is quite tricky to navigate through. Quite the tall order. Fortunately, the Grey Mourner can provide endless Delicate Flowers so you can repeat the quest as much times as needed.

    There are ways to make this easier. For starters, knowing the best path is the key to success here. There are quite a number of ways you can get there, but I recommend the following: From Resting Grounds, take the elevator down to City of Tears. From there, go to the door to the Fungal Wastes, it's locked but there is a hidden path above the door that takes you past the door. From the Fungal Wastes, go to Queen's Station and subsequently, the Fog Canyon. Lastly, the Queen's Gardens before arriving at the grave. This path presents the least obstacles. Now the enemies will also prove a challenge getting through. Fortunately, there's a way to remove them from the equation. If you go on a trial run on the route suggested and kill every enemy on your route, the enemies will remain dead so long as you do not rest at a bench. Resting on a bench will make them respawn. Some enemies will respawn but most aren't a problem, like the Fungling which just floats casually so long as you don't rest at a bench, you can try as many times as you need to get to the grave. All you have to do then is avoid the obstacles, especially near the grave itself but if you manage to traverse the entire length of the map and deliver the flower, return to the Grey Mourner with the Stag Station near the grave and she will reward you with a Mask Shard and this trophy will be yours.

  • Complete the Trial of the Warrior

    See Fool.

  • Complete the Trial of the Conqueror

    See Fool.

  • Complete the Pantheon of the Knight

    See Embrace the Void.

  • Achieve 112% game completion and finish the game

    This trophy will pop once you have 112% completion and complete the game, either by defeating Hollow Knight, Radiance or Absolute Radiance. There are a lot of things to do to get 112%, which are as follows:

    - Defeat all Bosses (Including DLC, Warrior Dreams and Dream Bosses. Banishing Grimm doesn't affect this, you still gain a percentage)
    - Acquire all Charms
    - Acquire all Mask Shards
    - Acquire all Equipment
    - Acquire all Spells
    - Acquire all Vessel Fragments
    - Complete the Colosseum of Fools
    - Kill all three Dreamers
    - Fully upgrade Dream Nail and talk to Seer after gaining 2,400 Essence
    - Fully upgrade Nail
    - Unlock all Nail Arts
    - Defeat all Pantheons except Pantheon of Hallownest

    Doing all this and completing the game again will get you this trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Hornet in Kingdom's Edge

    The second fight with Hornet takes place much later into the game at Kingdom's Edge, near the Cast-Off Shell. Her moveset is more or less the same with a few additions. The first is that she now sets up spike balls throughout the boss room. They will disappear when struck with your nail so it's important to destroy them as soon as possible or Hornet's fast movements will leave you cornered. Her second new ability is the ability to counter your nail attacks. She will get into a defensive stance and if your nail hits hers, she will block it and swing back at you. There are a few ways to get past this: you can either stop and wait until her blocking animation stops, possibly using this time to heal, you can still use spells on her so either fire a Vengeful Spirit or Desolate Dive are her or you can jump behind her and attack her from there. The fight goes about the same as the normal Hornet battle and once you defeat her, she will retreat once more and the trophy will be yours.

  • Defeat the Hollow Knight and complete the game

    One of the last bosses you'll fight in a playthrough. The Hollow Knight is located in the now Infected Crossroads in the Black Egg Temple, which is two screens away from Dirtmouth. He can only be fought after killing the three Dreamers. Hollow Knight can be easy if you've fought him enough times. The fight is separated into phases. The first phase is when he has full HP, his attacks include swinging his nail three times, lunge at you from a good distance and similarly to Hornet, will go into a defensive stance and counter the next attack you throw at him. Dodge these incoming hits by either jumping over him or using Shade Cloak to go through him without taking damage. Attack him whenever he gets vulnerable but don't get too greedy. The next phase happens when he loses enough HP. In this state, he will gain two new attacks: spitting several blobs of infection at you, which can be dodged with good timing or avoided by going behind him. He also has an attack where he teleports to the top of the boss room and lunge to the ground, which will send pillars of infection shooting up from the ground. There are gaps between each pillar so when you see it, get in between those pillars and you'll be safe. Keep attacking him and the third phase will begin when he starts stabbing himself with his own nail. Don't attack him during this phase, because it does no damage to him, instead focus on healing. Hollow Knight loses his nail attacks but will gain two new attacks, where he starts sending a lot of infection blobs hurtling around him and where he floats in the air and starts bouncing around the boss room. Both of these attacks can be dodged fairly easily but can get tricky. After enough damage is done, Hollow Knight will fall and you will gain this trophy.

    There is much confusion if getting the Void Heart will make this trophy missable. It does not. You still fight the Hollow Knight either way. The only difference is if you have the Void Heart, Hornet will come in and bind the Hollow Knight, giving you the option to fight The Radiance by using your Dream Nail on the Hollow Knight. Instead of using the Dream Nail, attack with your regular nail, Hornet will be thrown back and the fight with the Hollow Knight will resume. In the Steam and Switch versions, there is an achievement for viewing the ending before getting the Void Heart which is missable but for the PS4 version, you only need to defeat the Hollow Knight, whether you have the Void Heart or not.

  • Fool


    Complete the Trial of the Fool

    The Colosseum of Fools is located at the top side of Kingdom's Edge and is a contest of survival among stronger enemies you've fought until now. There are three rounds which can only be accessed by paying Geo: Trial of the Warrior, Trial of the Conqueror and Trial of the Fool. The first grants you Geo and a Charm Notch, the second grants you a lot of Geo and a Pale Ore and the last just gets you a lot of Geo and "the glory of being a fool". These survival rounds can be quite tricky as it throws all kinds of enemies your way, especially the Primal Aspid, which fires projectiles which is quite hard to dodge. To make it harder, there will be some sections which opens the floor to spikes, forcing you to stick to provided platforms or even force you to cling to the walls using the Mantis Claw.

    The first two are okay, challenging but doable, though the Trial of the Fool is very hard. It's recommended to do it with the Pure Nail, all Mask Shards, Vessel Fragments and as much Charm notches as you can get. The recommended Charm build would be: Quick Focus, Mark of Pride, Quick Slash and Grubsong. If you've got the last Charm notch by defeating Troupe Master Grimm, then replace Grubsong with Soul Catcher. This set revolves around using your nail to attack from a safe distance to lower the risk of an enemy running into you and accidentally hurting you but with Soul Catcher or Grubsong, you can gain more Soul which will be useful with Quick Focus to heal any damage took. A good strategy is to defeat all the enemies of a round and leave one weak opponent, my best pick would be a Shielded Fool as they're slow and don't attack often and use this time to heal. One other strategy you can use is to have Dream Wielder and use the Dream Nail on said Shielded Fool over and over to stockpile Soul for the coming rounds. The last boss you'll face in the trial of the fool is God Tamer, which is a warrior with a large beast. Just focus your efforts on taking out the beast and the warrior will surrender and once that's complete, the trophy will be yours.

  • Defeat Troupe Leader Grimm

    The Grimm Troupe DLC content can be accessed by finding a breakable wall in Howling Cliffs and finding a deceased corpse, use Dream Nail on it and attack the lantern that appears. When you return to Dirtmouth, two red coloured tents will appear next to Sly's shop. Grimm is in the right tent and will give you Grimmchild and ask you to collect flames all across Hallownest. You acquire these flames by having Grimmchild in your Charm loadout and go to the spots that appear on the map. Defeating the enemies that are at these spots will fill a gauge on Grimmchild. Return to Grimm when you have them and he will have you do it again. Once done, return to him with Grimmchild and you will battle him.

    Grimm is quite a tough boss if you're ill prepared. He has a lot of attacks which are all hard to dodge. He will start the battle with a bow; you have the option to attack him during this phase but if you do, he will get angry and start the battle with one of his nastier attacks, where he will puff up and start firing fireballs all over the boss room. If you do not attack him, then he will attack as normal but will still do this attack over the course of the fight. To dodge this attack, go to the left or right side of the room and jump over the lowest fireball. This attack will last some time, so be prepared to do it for a around 10-15 seconds and will use it multiple times if he was hit during his bow. He is invulnerable while in this state except from Spells. He will attack with a swipe and an uppercut before raining fireballs down at you. This can be dodged using a Mothwing Cloak/Shade Cloak and attacking just before he uppercuts. He opens his cloak and will fire three fire bats at you. If you get too close before his third fire bat, then he will teleport to the other side of the room and resume his attack, use Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul to attack him after you've dodged the bats. He will teleport on the top of the room and dive at you and will dive at you again from the ground. Dodge his first dive with Mothwing Cloak/Shade Cloak and jump over his next dive and attack him as he passes. He will appear on the ground and spikes will emerge from the ground around him. Just like Hollow Knight, there are gaps around the spikes so aim yourself between them.

    When you get too close to him before he launches an attack, he will skitter backwards and do it then. Try to stay medium range when doing attacks, as when he backs off, he changes attack patterns which makes it harder to predict. If you deal enough damage to him, he will split apart into several bat forms. You can use this time to attack him or heal up, it's your choice. The battle is long draw out but if you keep your attacks up and do your best to dodge his attacks, then you can prevail. He will reward you for your performance with a Charm notch and this trophy will be yours.

  • Complete the tale of the Grimm Troupe

    The Grimm Troupe DLC is not over yet, as Grimm asks you to gather yet more flames across Hallownest. In Deepnest, one of his subordinates will ask you to help him banish the Grimm Troupe and to go back to the cave in Howling Cliffs to do it. You can choose to banish them or follow Grimm's instructions. Either way, the trophy will be yours. I would recommend doing Grimm's instructions, as the next boss fight will appear in the Pantheons and you can use this to get some practice in beforehand; plus the Charm Grimm's subordinate gives you, Carefree Melody, pales in comparison to the complete Grimmchild you get. When you've gathered the flames and return to Grimm with the Grimmchild, you will see him cocooned in the back. Use Dream Nail on him and you will enter a battle with Nightmare King Grimm.

    Grimm is now much stronger in this form, his attacks deal two masks of damage, his attacks are faster and fiercer and has a new move. He no longer bows before the start of the fight. The swipe, uppercut, fireball attack now rains more fireballs, making it harder to avoid. The double dive attack now has a flame trail, making it impossible to jump over him, making you have to jump above or in front of him. He now launches four fire bats instead of three. His ground spike attacks happen much faster and he no longer appears on the ground to do it. His puffed up fireball attacks are fired at a much faster rate. His new attack has him float in the middle of the room and fire pillars appear where you stand. He is vulnerable in this state but you must be careful of the fire pillars cornering you. Use Shade Cloak to avoid them if they overwhelm you. He will still recoil when you get too close before an attack and transform into bats when you deal enough damage. You will most likely die a few times in this battle, but the best thing to do is get used to his attack patterns and do your best to dodge them as much as you can. Don't get greedy with attacks, because Grimm will punish you for it. Do your best and after you hit him enough times, he will be defeated, his Grimm Troupe tents will vanish, save for Divine's tent if you haven't spoken to Leg Eater after acquiring all the Unbreakable Charms and the trophy will be yours.

  • Ascend the Pantheon of Hallownest and take your place at its peak

    The Pantheons are the hardest challenge this game will offer you. Period. To access the Pantheons, go to the Royal Waterways until you are in the Junk Pit. There will be a sarcophagus that can be opened with a Simple Key. Once opened, it will reveal the Godseeker and the Godtuner. The Godtuner tells you when the Pantheons are opened in the menu. Before you can attempt the Pantheons, you must first fight them in the real world, this includes DLC bosses so if you haven't done them already, now's the time. When all the doors on the Godtuner aren't barred by chains, you can begin. Using Dream Nail on the Godseeker will take you to Godhome, where the Pantheons are located. The Pantheons are this game's version of boss rush mode and there are four Pantheons and one final Pantheon that can only be unlocked after beating the first four. The first four will throw a total of ten bosses at you, nine you will have fought before but the tenth will be an entirely new enemy to face. In the middle, you will encounter a hot spring to heal and fill Soul but then it's back into the action and just before you fight the tenth opponent, you will encounter a resting spot with the Godseeker to talk to before the fight begins. Usually the Godseeker will have extra lore sprinkled in when you encounter her. You can use this time to heal if you have any Soul left. The Pantheons have restrictions or Bindings which will restrict Charm or Soul use, lower health and lower attack value but these are purely optional so you can attempt them if you really want a challenge. If you're finding this too hard, then there is an exploit you can use so see here for details: LINK

    The Pantheon arrangements are as follows:

    Pantheon of the Master

    - Vengefly King
    - Gruz Mother
    - False Knight
    - Massive Moss Charger
    - Hornet (Protector)
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Gorb
    - Dung Defender
    - Soul Warrior
    - Brooding Mawlek
    - Godseeker
    - Brothers Oro and Mato

    Pantheon of the Artist

    - Xero
    - Crystal Guardian
    - Soul Master
    - Two Oblobbles
    - Mantis Lords
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Marmu
    - Nosk
    - Flukemarm
    - Broken Vessel
    - Godseeker
    - Paintmaster Sheo

    Pantheon of the Sage

    - Hive Knight
    - Elder Hu
    - The Collector
    - God Tamer
    - Troupe Master Grimm
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Galien
    - Grey Prince Zote (But he can be skipped if he is left to die)
    - Uumuu
    - Hornet (Sentinel)
    - Godseeker
    - Great Nailsage Sly

    Pantheon of the Knight

    - Enraged Guardian
    - Lost Kin
    - No Eyes
    - Traitor Lord
    - White Defender
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Failed Champion
    - Markoth
    - Six Watcher Knights
    - Soul Tyrant
    - Godseeker
    - Pure Vessel

    Beating Pantheon of the Knight will earn you the Soul & Shade trophy. If you've battled all the way through these Pantheons, then Pantheon of Hallownest will open, which is a combination of all the Pantheons you've just done but with the difficulty cranked up and fewer Hot Springs and Benches. The layout of the Pantheon of Hallownest is as follows:

    Pantheon of Hallownest

    - 2 Vengefly Kings
    - Gruz Mother
    - False Knight
    - Hornet (Protector)
    - Godseeker
    - Gorb
    - Dung Defender
    - Soul Warrior
    - Brooding Mawlek
    - Brothers Oro and Mato
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Xero
    - Crystal Guardian
    - Soul Master
    - 2 Oblobbles
    - Sisters of Battle (Mantis Lords but all three attack at the same time)
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Marmu
    - Flukemarm
    - Broken Vessel
    - Galien
    - Paintmaster Sheo
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Hive Knight
    - Elder Hu
    - The Collector
    - God Tamer
    - Troupe Master Grimm
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Godseeker
    - Six Watcher Knights
    - Uumuu
    - Winged Nosk (Winged version of Nosk who has attack patterns similar to Vengefly King)
    - Great Nailsage Sly
    - Hornet (Sentinel)
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Enraged Guardian
    - Lost Kin
    - No Eyes
    - Traitor Lord
    - White Defender
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Godseeker
    - Soul Tyrant
    - Markoth
    - Grey Prince Zote
    - Failed Champion
    - Nightmare King Grimm
    - Hot Spring and Bench
    - Godseeker
    - Pure Vessel
    - Absolute Radiance

    Getting through all of these will be a monumental challenge and one not to be attempted lightly. Fortunately if you want extra practice against a particular boss, there is an area in Godhome called the Hall of Gods, where you can pick a certain boss and challenge them again and again. You can even increase the difficulty by making them either double damage or one hit kills to make you get better. If you manage to beat all the Pantheons, including Pantheon of Hallownest, then you will receive this trophy and the utmost respect.

  • Aid the Herald in moving on

    This is a bit of a strange trophy. After killing all three Dreamers, a mushroom NPC by the name of Mister Mushroom will appear in Fungal Wastes, mumbling away at something or someone. You can't understand him but if you have the Shroom Spore Charm equipped, you can hear him. Note: The Shroom Spore Charm must be equipped or he won't move to the next area (credit to LunarWorld for this info). When you speak to him after prodding him with your nail, he will speak gibberish before vanishing to another area. To get this trophy, you must talk to him in every area you see him in. The areas he appears in are as follows:

    - Fungal Wastes
    - Kingdom's Edge
    - Deepnest
    - Howling Cliffs
    - Ancient Basin
    - Fog Canyon
    - King's Pass

    After you meet him in King's Pass, he will disappear for good. The trophy won't be yours yet. After you complete the game, an extra cutscene will appear after the credits and when the cutscene starts, the trophy will be yours.

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