Finishing Touches Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Finishing Touches


    Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game

    How to unlock Finishing Touches

    You’ll get the spell Ancient Magic early on in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, you’ll get it before you get to Hogwarts! To get this trophy you need to use the Ancient Magic spell (l1.png and r1.png) on every enemy in the game. Sounds tough, right? And annoying? Well, it is and it isn’t.

    Hogwarts Legacy has 67 enemies, in all. However, a good portion of those 67 enemies are unique enemies, and for the purposes of this trophy, the unique enemies don’t count.

    This is only applicable to your standard enemies, ones that will respawn in the open-world. So, all types of spider, all types of troll, all types of Ashwinder, all types of Poachers, all types of Loyalists (goblins), all types of Dugbog and Mongrels. Taking all that into account, there are only 34 you need to use it on.

    We have a full list of all the Hogwarts Legacy enemies through the link.

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  • Eliminating all infamous foes and quest-locked enemies, I believe these are the 34 needed:
    Stoneback Dugbog
    Great Spined Dugbog
    Cottongrass Dugbog
    Ashwinder Duelist
    Ashwinder Scout
    Ashwinder Assassin
    Ashwinder Ranger
    Ashwinder Soldier
    Ashwinder Executioner
    Poacher Duelist
    Poacher Tracker
    Poacher Animagus
    Poacher Ranger
    Poacher Stalker
    Poacher Executioner
    Loyalist Assassin
    Loyalist Commander
    Loyalist Sentinel
    Loyalist Warrior
    Loyalist Ranger
    Thornback Scurrior
    Thornback Ambusher
    Thornback Shooter
    Thornback Matriarch
    Venomous Scurrior
    Venomous Ambusher
    Venomous Shooter
    Venomous Matriarch
    Armored Troll
    Fortified Troll
    Forest Troll
    Mountain Troll
    River Troll

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