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    Find all Demiguise statues

    How to unlock Demiguise Dread

    Another of the more important side activities to do in Hogwarts Legacy - along with the Merlin Trials, which unlock more inventory space - is collecting the Demiguise statues. This is important because it literally allows you to unlock Alohomora - which is a spell that will unlock locks on doors that you encounter.

    After the 20th mission, “Percival Rackham’s Trial,” you’ll get access to “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.” In this mission players will meet (again) Mr Moon, who wants you to head into the Hospital Wing and retrieve a couple of Demiguise statues. Not only will you get Alohomora level 1 with this mission, but you’ll also unlock a quest that allows you to unlock levels 2 and 3 of the spell.

    In order to unlock Alohomora level 2 you’ll have to find 9 Demiguise statues and return them to Mr Moon. Once you do, he’ll reward you with the spell allowing you to get into all locks in Hogwarts Legacy. The same again goes for getting Alohomora level 3, except this time you'll need to return another 13. Once you've done that you'll be able to get into every single lock in Hogwarts Legacy... well, apart from the super secret doors in Hogwarts, which have their own specialist keys.

    To get this trophy, however, you need to find all 30 of the Demiguise statues. There are 11 Demiguise Statues in the Highlands, 10 in Hogwarts and 9 in Hogsmeade. And don’t forget these need to be grabbed at night (you can advance time by pressing in the right stick in the map menu).

    For assistance, check out our Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statues locations guide for assistance.

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