Merlin's Beard! Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Merlin's Beard!


    Complete all Merlin Trials

    How to unlock Merlin's Beard!

    One of the most important side activities in Hogwarts Legacy is what’s known as Merlin Trials. These activities are small puzzle-oriented challenges that can be found in the open-world - as indicated on the map as a small leaf symbol. What makes them so important is that your inventory size - or should I say, gear storage - is directly linked to how many you complete.

    If you look in your Challenge tab in the pause menu, under Exploration, as soon as you’ve done the first one you’ll see what we mean. For doing the first 2 (any), you’ll unlock a further 4 more gear capacity slots, which is a 20% increase in what you can carry. Just make sure you "Claim" them in the Challenges menu once you've hit each milestone.

    You’ll first encounter Merlin Trials just after you and Natty head to Lower Hogsfield for “The Girl from Uagadou” main quest. The next main quest, “Trials of Merlin,” will automatically be added to your quest log. Complete it, and you’ll have finished your first Merlin Trial, and it’ll kick start the Merlin Trials exploration challenge.

    There are 95 Merlin Challenges in all. Check out our Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials locations guide for help on where to go.

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