Spilled Milk Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Spilled Milk


    Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one cow or several

    How to unlock Spilled Milk

    In order to use Flipendo on a cow - or ten - you of course first need to unlock and complete “Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.” In order to get access to that quest you’ll need to do the following quests:
    • In the Shadow of the Undercroft
    • Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
    • The Map Room
    If you’ve done those 3 quests, you’ll then unlock “Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2,” which once you’ve completed will gain you access to the Flipendo spell.

    Now, all you need to do is find some cows. Well, a cow works too. And by cows, we don’t mean the black and white ones that are the more commonly known, we’re talking proper Scottish Highland cows here. You know, the furry ones.

    They can be found all over the Highlands, all you need to do is find one and use Flipendo on it 10 times. While they are all over the place, we actually unlocked this quite far into our playthrough, in the deep south. If you head to the lower part of the game-world, just north of the Niffler and Hippogriff den in central Manor Cape (if you zoom out, just below the words “Manor Cape” on the map), you’ll find a load of cows there.

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