A Talent for Spending Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • A Talent for Spending


    Spend 5 Talent Points

    How to unlock A Talent for Spending

    Once you reach the end of the “Jackdaw’s Rest” main quest (the 15th main quest), you’ll enter the Map Chamber, which in turn will unlock the “Talent Points” section of Hogwarts Legacy.

    Every level from level 5, you’ll earn a Talent Point to spend - they are earned behind-the-scenes before you even get here, though. So, if you get here at level 10, you’ll already have 5 points to spend.

    Talent Points can be spent on improving your main character across a series of disciplines:
    • Spells - which changes how some spells operate, for the better.
    • Dark Arts - which involves adding curse to dark spells and abilities.
    • Core - which boost spells and add more general options, like the much needed “Spell Sets.”
    • Stealth - which makes you harder to detect when using Disillusionment.
    • Room of Requirement - which boosts a variety of potions.
    Spent 5 points and this trophy is yours.

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