Third Time's a Charm Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Third Time's a Charm


    Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times

    How to unlock Third Time's a Charm

    In Hogwarts Legacy there will come a point where you’ll actually be able to upgrade your pieces of gear, whether that’s your hat, gloves, cloak, or whatever. However, this isn’t something you get access to until quite far in the game. In fact, it’s not until you complete the 25th main mission (out of 40) “The Elf, the Nab-Sack and the Loom”, where you’ll get access to the Enchanted Loom. This valuable item in your Room of Requirement will not only allow you to apply traits to your gear, but also upgrade its stats too.

    To upgrade its stats though, you’re going to need to build a bit of a farming system in your Vivariums, so I refer to The Nature of the Beast trophy_silver.png  trophy for details on where to get what specific beasts in order to unlock the necessary resources you’re going to need.

    Depending on the rarity, depends on how many resources you need, but you’re going to need to farm the following items if you want to upgrade Legendary and Extraordinary pieces of gear:
    • Level 1 Upgrade - Jobberknoll Feathers or Mooncalf Fur (depending on the item you’re trying to upgrade).
    • Level 2 Upgrade - Jobberknoll Feathers, Niffler Fur and Toad Warts; or Fwooper Feathers, Mooncalf Fur and Thestral Hair (again, depending on what you’re trying to upgrade).
    • Level 3 Upgrade - Graphorn Thorns, Hippogriff Feathers, and more Jobberknoll Feathers, Niffle Fur and Toad Warts; or Fwooper Feathers, Mooncalf Furs, Phoenix Feathers, Thestral Hairs and Unicorn Hairs (once again, depends on what gear you want to upgrade).
    For the purposes of getting this trophy, and completing the Room of Requirement challenge, which requires you to upgrade a total of 30 items, I recommend you look into getting all 4 Vivariums as soon as possible, and capturing two of every beast, and having them 1. Breed offspring, and 2. Visiting them whenever you have a free second to groom them - you should have an automatic feeder setup to save you from having to feed them too.

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