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  • The Nature of the Beast


    Breed every type of beast

    How to unlock The Nature of the Beast

    There are 13 different beasts you can collect in Hogwarts Legacy. However, only 12 of those you can breed - there is one elusive beast that doesn’t have a mating partner. 

    In order to be able to breed though, you need to have unlocked the Room of Requirement (which you’ll get in the main quest, titled “Room of Requirement”). On top of that you’ll have to have unlocked the Vivarium, and the ability to capture beasts, which you do in another main quest, “The Elf, The Nab-Sack and The Loom.”

    Once you have the Vivarium, you’ll need to get the following 12 beasts - a male and female variant of each - and then set them up to breed at your Breeding Pen at your Vivarium.

    The 12 beasts you need to mate for this trophy are:
    • Jobberknoll - Northwest of Upper Hogsfield is a Jobberknoll den. Slightly east of the North Ford Bog Entrance.
    • Fwooper - A small bandit camp has this creature in a cage (southwest of Keenbridge). There’s also a den northeast of Feldcroft.
    • Mooncalf - Introduced to one during “Beast Class.” There’s also a northwest of Hogwarts.
    • Puffskein - Introduced to one during “Beast Class.” There’s a den north of Feldcroft.
    • Kneazle - Introduced to one during “Beast Class.” There’s a den south of Brocborrow.
    • Niffler - Can rescue from “The High Keep” and there’s a Niffler den east of Keenbridge.
    • Thestral - Reward from “The High Keep” quest. There’s also a den north of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame.
    • Hippogriff - Reward from “The High Keep” quest. There’s a den west of Keenbridge.
    • Giant Purple Toad - There’s a den by the West Forbidden Forest Floo Flame.
    • Diricawl - There’s a den in the hills, northwest of Keenbridge.
    • Unicorn - Complete the side quest, “The Unique Unicorn.” Unlocks Unicorn den on the map in the east part of the Forbidden Forest.
    • Graphorn - Part of the main quest, “San Bakar’s Trial.” Return to the same southern coastal area where you fought it to find the den.

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