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  • ive completed all collections on the collection page but ive not got the trophy and it says im on 196/603, anyone know any solutions?
  • i should be at 382/603 atm but it only says 106. i'm a little worried.
  • I have open all collector chest everywhere and I’m still missing a conjuration items
  • just got this trophy

    12 conjuration items not listed anywhere r in the 4 Vivarium's in the Room of Requirement. 3 in each.
  • For anyone missing a couple of conjurations;

    As NickX5 said: 12 conjurations in Vivarium - 3 in each.

    But ALSO the butterflies! There are 15 of them and they are not tracked on the map.
    I used this guide (not mine):
    I was missing 3 of them - but I just got the trophy

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