Flight the Good Flight Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Flight the Good Flight


    Beat Imelda's time in all broom races

    How to unlock Flight the Good Flight

    In order to be able to beat Imelda Reyes’s times in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to do a few things first.
    • Firstly, you need to unlock the broom. You’ll do that by completing the main quest, “Flying Class,” and then heading to Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade to buy a broom.
    • This will then initiate the side quest, “Flight Test” which will pit you against the first of Imelda’s course, which starts at Hogwarts’ very own Quidditch pitch.
    From there, you’re on your own, kind of. Imelda will have set times to beat at all three courses: Hogwarts’ Quidditch pitch; one at Irondale; and then the last one, the “south coast course.” You won’t be able to start all of these straight away, you need to wait for certain story triggers. The first one is open to beat when you have the broom.

    In terms of tips for setting each record, you won't need them. The times are incredibly generous. As long as you hit the yellow bubbles which are boosts, you'll be fine. Once you've finished the first course though, you'll have to wait a short while for the second course.

    The story trigger for competing in the Irondale course (pretty much west of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame) is the “Percival Rackham’s Trial” main quest. When that is complete, you can compete. Albie Weekes will first message you, however, to say that he has an upgrade available for purchase. This upgrade is 1,000 Galleons, and should be purchased to make the Irondale course easier.

    The second and final story trigger, for the last Imelda time trial, is “Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial,” which will give you access to the south, as well as unlocking the trial. This will of course give you access to the second broom upgrade as well, which will cost a cool 4,000 Galleons.

    The trial itself can be found right on the southern coast, at the bottom of the map, west of Cragmoor Castle and near the Kneazle den. There won’t be a map marker until you get down low enough.

    Beat Imelda’s final time and this will unlock the trophy. It’ll also open up the broom’s third and final upgrade, which will set you back a whopping 7,500 Galleons! Yikes!

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