A Sallow Grave Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • A Sallow Grave


    Complete Sebastian Sallow's relationship line

    How to unlock A Sallow Grave

    Like Natty and Poppy, Sebastian Sallow will also have a relationship quest in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, Sebastian’s relationship questline will be the first one that will be accessible to you.

    Not too long after you’ve completed the 24th mainline quest, “In the Shadow of the Estate,” another quest will pop up in your questline for “In the Shadow of the Bloodline.” This is the start of Sebastian’s relationship quest, and to start it you need to speak to him in the Great Hall, in Hogwarts.

    Once you’ve finished the quest, “In the Shadow of the Bloodline” another quest will unlock, and so on. Finish all 4 relationship quests and the questline will be complete.

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