The Avenging Gazelle Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • The Avenging Gazelle


    Complete Natsai Onai's relationship line

    How to unlock The Avenging Gazelle

    In the latter half of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll actually unlock a few “relationship” quests. These side quests are usually triggered by an in-game story mission, after which Natty, in this instance, will send you a message asking you to meet them.

    Natty’s relationship questline begins just after the halfway point, after you’ve completed a main quest called “The High Keep.” Once you’ve completed that quest, not long after, Natty will message you and ask you to meet her in Lower Hogsfield.

    At this point a side quest with a speech bubble icon will appear in your quest log, that quest being “The Lost Child.” Once you’ve done that another quest will unlock, and so on. Finish all 4 relationship quests and the questline will be complete.

    See our full list of Hogwarts Legacy side quests and relationship quests list to get a full rundown of everything.

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