The Seeker of Knowledge Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

  • The Seeker of Knowledge


    Win the House Cup

    How to unlock The Seeker of Knowledge

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Once you’ve defeated Ranrok and gone back to Hogwarts, you’ll not only be the toast of the town, you’ll also unlock a couple of epilogue scenes and a new quest.

    First off, Professor Weasley will request to see you, and after talking to her a new main quest will crop up, called “The House Cup” - the quest related to this trophy. Fairly straightforward, but it should be noted that you need to be at level 34 to start this quest.

    By the time you’ve finished the campaign you’ll likely be somewhere in the mid-20s - depending on how much exploration you manage to achieve thus far. But considering you need to be level 40 for the A Forte for Achievement trophy_gold.png and do a hell of a lot more work for the Collector's Edition trophy_silver.png  trophy, level 34 will come naturally while you go for them.

    And because everything in Hogwarts Legacy nets you experience, it won’t take long before you’re flying through the levels and into the House Cup.

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