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    How to unlock The One Who Mastered Memories

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Pensieve memories in Hogwarts Legacy are glimpses into the past of another, usually left by someone else to pass on knowledge. You basically have to dunk your face into some magic water. That’s the crux of it.

    While at first this one seemed like it was going to be another collectible-based trophy, it is of course not, as each Pensieve memory is actually tied to a main story quest. You won’t unlock this trophy, however, until very late in the game - it’ll unlock after San Bakar’s Trial, when you’ve seen his Pensieve memory.

    The 7 main quests that all have Pensieve memories in them are as follows:
    • First one is part of the prologue.
    • Second one is at the end of “Secrets of the Restricted Section” mission.
    • The third one is at the end of “Percival Rackham’s Trial.”
    • Complete “Charles Rookwood’s Trial” to see the fourth Pensieve memory.
    • You’ll see the fifth at the end of “Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial.”
    • You’ll uncover the sixth at the end of the “In the Shadow of the Mountain” main quest.
    • And finally, you'll unlock the seventh at the end of the “San Bakar’s Trial” quest.

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