Hogwarts Legacy 'A Bird in the Hand' Ruins Puzzle Door Solution

Hogwarts Legacy 'A Bird in the Hand' Ruins Puzzle Door Solution

Dan Webb

Towards the end of Poppy Sweeting’s relationship questline - in the finale - you’ll be asked to travel to Brocburrow to meet with Poppy herself. This meeting kickstarts the quest, “A Bird in the Hand,” where you have to travel to a new location in Hogwarts: the Gilded Perch, in northeast Hogwarts Valley.

This location was previously locked to the player, and it’s only thanks to the previous quest in Poppy’s relationship questline, “The Centaur and the Stone,” that you now have the key to get in: the Scholar’s Moonstone.

Having the key and getting into the Gilded Perch are two entirely different things though, as the door to get into the ruins can be tricky to get into, and you’ll have to get in on intuition alone with some subtle environmental clues.

The Gilded Perch door puzzle in “A Bird in the Hand” essentially revolves around two pillars that can be moved around the Scholar’s Moonstone, which when put into the central column emits a massive amount of light. The key to this puzzle is to use the two pillars to shroud two of the symbols in darkness.

Well, which ones then? If you look at the door, the two symbols that are lit up are actually the symbols that you need to shroud in darkness - although this isn’t incredibly obvious.

So, in order to gain access to the Gilded Perch ruins, simply move the pillars to cover the sun symbol, and the other symbol that resembles a key, as you can see here.

Once you’ve done that, the door will open and you’ll be granted access to the Gilded Perch, and be able to finish Poppy Sweeting’s relationship questline.

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