Hogwarts Legacy Collection: All 150 Revelio Pages and where to find them

Hogwarts Legacy Collection: All 150 Revelio Pages and where to find them

Dan Webb

Of all the collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy, there are none more plentiful than the game's Revelio Pages. If you want to fill out your Collection and get that Collector’s Edition trophy, you’re going to have to get all 150 of them. Yes, 150!

There is a boat load of them, and you’ll find them not just in Hogwarts by the plenty (there are 90 at Hogwarts alone!), but you’ll find them in Hogsmeade (30) and in the open-world Highlands as well (another 30).

As always with these Collection lists, this pages are meant to serve more as a guide to see which ones you missed, as we listed them in the order of the Collection below. If you’re looking for more assistance on where every single one of them is, then check out our 100% collectible guides:

And just one bit of advice before we list the Revelio Pages, something to be aware of: the Groundskeeper’s Tools Revelio Page, which is listed as part of Hogwarts’ Revelio Pages, but it's actually found in the Highlands. Similarly, the Chocolate Frogs in Hogsmeade actually count as a Highlands Revelio Page. Confusing, I know. Anyway! On with the show!

Hogsmeade Revelio Pages (30)

  1. The Three Broomsticks - The page can be found by the fireplace with Revelio.
  2. Three Broomsticks Private Room - Upstairs behind a locked door in the Three Broomsticks.
  3. Butterbeer Barrels - North side of The Three Broomsticks.
  4. Ceridwen’s Precarious Cauldrons - This store is opposite Tome and Scrolls.
  5. Sneakoscope - In Dervish and Banges - the store that shares a shop with Gladrags. On a small table by the window.
  6. The Dogweed and Deathcap Tree - Inside the shop to the north.
  7. Hogsmeade Community Garden - East of the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame.
  8. Gladrags Mannequin - Inside Gladrags Wizardwear.
  9. Gladrags Wizardwear - Use Revelio outside to the east of this store.
  10. Hog’s Head Docks - Behind the Hog’s Head, near a stack of crates with a lantern on top.
  11. Mounted Hog’s Head - Inside the Hog’s Head, in west Hogsmeade (south of J.Pippins).
  12. Exploding Bonbons - Inside Honeydukes, near the till.
  13. Honeydukes - In the northeast of Hogsmeade - Use Revelio.
  14. Fizzing Whizzbies - By the Fizzing Whizzbies display in Honeydukes.
  15. The Magic Neep Cart - Use Revelio on the cart outside the Magic Neep.
  16. Abandoned Shop - Check out The Old Fool to the north. There’s a Revelio page on the door.
  17. Ollivanders Wand Shop - Use Revelio outside to reveal this Field Guide page.
  18. J.Pippin’s Potions - Use Revelio on the stove behind Mr Pippin.
  19. Hengist of Woodcroft - The big tree in the middle of the square in the north.
  20. Magical Mail - Inside the post office, next door to Steepley and Sons.
  21. Shrivenshaft Cats - Inside the Shrivenshoft quill shop on the Hogsmeade Square (opposite Gladrags).
  22. Spintwitches Sporting Needs - On the mannequin inside the shop.
  23. Tea Shop Decor - Inside Steepley and Sons, just off the Hogsmeade square.
  24. Enchanted Staircase - Found inside Tomes and Scrolls in south Hogsmeade.
  25. Brood and Peck - To the right of the store if you come in the front door. By the feeding area.
  26. Hogsmeade - There’s a page on the stone wall before the bridge into Hogsmeade.
  27. Water Well - Southeast of Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium.
  28. Dungbomb - Upstairs in Zonko’s.
  29. Frog Spawn Soap - Downstairs in Zonko’s.
  30. Zonko’s Joke Shop - Zonko’s in the centre of the village, page is on the front door.


Hogwarts Revelio Pages (90)

  1. Tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy - After the first set of stairs in the Astronomy Tower, just in the adjoining corridor. 
  2. Astronomy Telescope - The large on the top floor of the Astronomy Tower in the Astronomy Wing.
  3. Partial Transfiguration - Found in the Transfiguration Classroom in the Astronomy Wing.
  4. Portrait of Baruffio - This can be found in the south west corner of the Facility Tower, near where Mr Moon is stood waiting for his Demiguise statues in the South Wing.
  5. Broken Broom - In the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing.
  6. Flattened Armour - Opposite the Broken Broom in the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing.
  7. Goblin Artefact - In the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing (up the steps to the south).
  8. Three Sisters Bells - In the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing.
  9. Scorch Marks - In the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing (up the steps to the south, opposite the Goblin Artefact).
  10. Grimwald Weft - In the Bell Tower lobby (part of the History of Magic class). Doesn’t change the Hogwarts Field Guide Pages counter, but does show in the Revelio Cards screen in the Collection.
  11. Frog Choir - At the top of one of the Bell Towers, up the stairs past the Scorch Marks in the Bell Tower Wing.
  12. Waving Knight - In the Bell Tower lobby (again, part of the History of Magic class). Doesn’t change the Hogwarts Field Guide Pages counter, but does show in the Revelio Cards screen in the Collection.
  13. History of Magic Windows - In the History of Magic Classroom, found southwest from the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame.
  14. Wooden Cat - In the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing (up the steps to the north).
  15. Black Lake - Down by the boathouse in the Great Hall region, next to an abandoned boat.
  16. The Underground Harbour - From the boat dock in the Great Hall area, go south into the caves. The page is on the pier on the east.
  17. Arithmancy Classroom - There’s a puzzle door up in the rafters of the Central Hall itself - the same level of the Divinations Classroom Floo Flame (go west from it). Solution is: ? = 4 and ?? = 3(Library Annex). The Revelio page is in the room behind said puzzle door.
  18. Central Hall Fountain - The fountain in the middle of the Central Hall in the Library Annex.
  19. Clock Mechanics - From the Hospital Wing, make your way around the rafters in the Clock Tower to the south-side rafters. From there, use Revelio on the cogs.
  20. The Well of Four Beasts - In the Clock Tower Courtyard (if you come from the bridge).
  21. Haunted Toilets - Head north-northwest from the Lachlan statue in the bottom of Gryffindor Tower, and there’s a padlocked door. Use Revelio on the door.
  22. Augury Skeleton - Down the stairs to the west from the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame, on the northwest wall.
  23. Boggart Closet - In the gargoyle room on the ground floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.
  24. Dark Tower Cell - Go up the stairs in the Charms Classroom and through the locked door. Continue to the roof and there is level 2 lock on a cell. The Revelio page is inside.
  25. Hebridean Black Skeleton - Hanging up in the Defence Against Dark Arts Classroom.
  26. Painting of Illyius - On the ground floor of the Defence Against Dark Arts Tower, in the Astronomy Wing.
  27. Serpentine Beast Window - A floor down from the Defence Against the Dark Arts Floo Flame. Near the rhino statue.
  28. Professor Sharp’s Auror Badge - In the Potions Classroom, in the Library Annex, on Professor Sharp’s desk.
  29. Gorgon Painting - From the Bell Tower Courtyard and head straight ahead. Solve the puzzle door on the right (? = 2, ?? = 1). The painting is inside. Counts as a collectible for the Library Annex.
  30. Urn of Ashes - In the Dungeons, accessible from the bottom of the stairs in the North Hall, in the Bell Tower Wing. 
  31. Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium - During the Sebastian relationship quest, “In the Shadow of the Study,” you’ll get access to the Scriptorium. The page is as you walk in. 
  32. Map of Argyllshire - At the bottom of the Gryffindor Tower (coming from the Clock Tower), this map will just be inside the door on the left.
  33. Boris the Bewildered - Outside the Prefects’ Bathroom in the Faculty Tower is this statue.
  34. Lachlan the Lanky - Just down the stairs to the northeast from the Map of Argyllshire is a statue.
  35. Adventure Novel Set - Inside of Professor Onai’s office on the first floor of the Faculty Tower, behind a level 2 locked door (near the number puzzle door).
  36. Prefects’ Bathroom - In the Prefects’ bathroom, near the Hospital Wing, near the top of the Faculty Tower. 
  37. Honeydukes Passageway - A few flights down from the top of the Grand Staircase, near the One-Eyed Witch Passage.
  38. Jewel-Encrusted Turtle - On a small landing between staircases in the Hospital Wing. 4 flights of stairs up from the One-Eyed Witch Passage entrance.
  39. Quill of Acceptance and Book of Admittance - In order to get into the secret door at the end of the corridor near Professor Black’s office (where this Revelio page is) you need to first learn how to pick level 2 and level 3 locks. Then, when you have access to the office (“The Polyjuice Plot” main quest), pick the side door and head up to his study. There, grab The Key of Admittance. This will give you access to the door on the same level as the Headmaster’s Office Gargoyle, and its secrets.
  40. Centaur Armour - Outside the trophy room, in the hallway near the headmaster’s office. Slightly north of the gate up.
  41. Moving Staircase - In the Grand Staircase itself, by the central column, a few floors from the top.
  42. Headmaster’s Office Gargoyle - During the mission “The Polyjuice Plot,” you’ll head to the Headmaster’s Office. After you whisper to the gargoyle, use Revelio.
  43. Goblet of Fire Casket - In the Trophy Room at the top of the Grand Staircase. 
  44. House-Elf Armour - Outside the trophy room, near the gates to the headmaster’s office. 
  45. Sleeping Portraits - In the area just before the headmaster’s office.
  46. The Sorting Hat - In the headmaster’s office.
  47. Troll Armour - Opposite the Trophy Room Floo Flame.
  48. Trophy Room - Upstairs, in the trophy room, at the top of the Grand Staircase, on one of the northern cabinets.
  49. Hogwarts Architect - Opposite the Housepoint Hourglasses, in the Reception Hall on the way to the Great Hall. 
  50. The Great Hall Ceiling - Stand at the entrance-side to the long tables in the Great Hall.
  51. The Yawning Gargoyle - Outside of the great hall, in the fields above the Hufflepuff Common Room
  52. Hogwarts Crest - immediately in front of you upon entering the Great Hall from the Viaduct Courtyard, through the big doors.
  53. House Point Hourglasses - From the Great Hall itself, head through the adjoining corridor, through another door, until you hit a room with three big hourglasses against the wall.
  54. Owl Lectern - Found near the stained glass window at the front of the Great Hall itself.
  55. Greenhouse Tree - The large tree in the greenhouse, as you come in.
  56. Dirigible Plums - In the greenhouse (where you go for your Herbology class, to learn about cabbages).
  57. Bloody Meat - In a small room in the stables on the outside west ramparts wall.
  58. Caged Bathtub - In a small room on the ramparts, near the Quidditch arena.
  59. Glumbumbles - From the Bell Tower Courtyard, head out of the double doors and go right. Follow the path through the gardens towards the greenhouses, and you should spot some beehive-looking things on your left. Cast Revelio to get the page.
  60. Castle Ramparts - In one of the ramparts on the castle wall, directly east of the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame, and northeast of the big fountain in the centre of the courtyard.
  61. Hogwarts Owls - Page is at the top of the Owlery, in the cliffs to the west of Hogwarts, near the Quidditch pitch.
  62. Quidditch Pitch - South of the Quidditch Pitch, near a crumbling bit of the castle wall that has fallen down, leaving an opening.
  63. Statue of Gregory the Smarmy - There’s a statue down the stairs in the main Central Hall in the Library Annex. Near the Potions Classroom.
  64. Unicorn Fountain - Right next to the hospital ward on the top floor in the South Wing. Up some stairs from the Prefects’ Bathroom.
  65. Hufflepuff Barrels - From the Grand Staircase Floo Flame take the side stairs into the basement. The barrels are at the back.
  66. Kitchen Tables - From the Grand Staircase Floo Flame, head down the spiral staircase until you reach the bottom floor, with all the barrels. There will be a painting down there of fruit, and if you walk up to it, you can interact with it to create a door. Walk through the door, and head to tables in the middle of the room. You’ll find the page by using Revelio.
  67. Pear Portrait - From the Grand Staircase Floo Flame take the side stairs into the basement. The pear portrait is on the left as you get downstairs.
  68. House-Elf Living Quarters - From the Grand Staircase Floo Flame, head down the spiral staircase until you reach the bottom floor, with all the barrels. There will be a painting down there of fruit, and if you walk up to it, you can interact with it to create a door. Walk through the door, and head to the south east corner of the room. You’ll find the page by using Revelio.
  69. House-Elf Recipe Book - On the stairs down from the Grand Staircase floo flame, on the way to the Hufflepuff Barrels
  70. The Old Librarian - Despite being literally located in the Library, this Revelio Page counts towards the Bell Tower Field Guide Pages. From the Library Floo Flame, head up the spiral staircase, and use Revelio on the large portrait of a wizard that’s directly above the Floo Flame.
  71. Enchanted Books - In the Restricted Area in the library (down two flights of stairs).
  72. Palmistry Model - Inside the Divination Classroom.
  73. Book on Intermediate Transfiguration - Part of the “Professor Weasley’s Assignment” quest. Do Sophronia Franklin’s quiz and then she puts the book back which you can use Revelio on. Upstairs in the back of the library.
  74. Alchemy Class - Found in the Alchemy Classroom, behind a Level 2 locked door in the Dungeons of the Bell Wing, not far from the Sleeping Dragon statue.
  75. Important Muggle Artefact - Found in the Muggle Studies classroom, behind a Level 1 locked door in the Bell Wing Dungeon, not far from the Sleeping Dragon statue.
  76. Sleeping Dragon Statue - In the dungeons underneath the Bell Tower (use the southern book in the Bell Tower lobby to get to the North Hall stairwell and go down). Statue is ginormous. You can’t miss it.
  77. Sphinx Statue - Out the back of the History of Magic Classroom in the Bell Tower Wing, you’ll find a Sphinx statue.
  78. Werewolf Saga Tapestries - From the North Hall of the Bell Tower Wing, head down the stairs into the dungeon. Directly ahead of you will be a tapestry with a woman, and the letter K. Walk into the K to discover that it is, in fact, a door. Walk through, and continue on into a big room full of tapestries. Use revelio to reveal the page by one of the tapestries.
  79. Groundskeeper’s Tools - In a house on the road from Hogwarts to Lower Hogsfield. Is actually out in the open-world, but counts as a Hogwarts collectible.
  80. Fat Lady Portrait - From the Faculty Tower Floo Flame, head south to the spiral staircase, and head up one flight of stairs. The Fat Lady portrait will be visible down the end of a dead end corridor.
  81. Ravenclaw Bust - Near the Grand Staircase, on the way towards the Ravenclaw Common Room in the Ravenclaw Tower.
  82. Ravenclaw Doorknocker - At the top of the Ravenclaw Tower, the door that leads to the Ravenclaw Common Room.
  83. Deathday Party Room - Located in the Deathday Party Room, through a barred gate with a Level 1 lock in the Slytherin Dungeons, followed by a curved corridor.
  84. Kelpie Statue - in the Slytherin Dungeons accessible from the Viaduct Entrance of the Library Annex.
  85. Slytherin’s Sinks - Located in the girls’ bathroom, in the Slytherin Dungeon tunnels under the great hall, accessible from a door in the Entrance Hall, near the Great Hall.
  86. Wyvern Statue - In the Transfiguration Courtyard.
  87. Detention Chamber - Behind a Level 2 locked door in the Slytherin Dungeons, under the Great Hall
  88. Headless Hunt Tapestry - Located in the Deathday Party Room, through a barred gate with a Level 1 lock in the Slytherin Dungeons, followed by a curved corridor.
  89. Pungent Passage - On the first landing of the Defence Against Dark Arts Tower, go out the northwest door, it’ll take you into the Pungent Corridor.
  90. Portrait of Sir Cadogan - From the Central Hall Floo Flame go up and up the staircases until you reach the Viaduct Entrance, then take the stone stairs to the southwest to get up to the balcony and then turn back on yourself to go north, and you’ll see the portrait on the wall.


The Highlands Revelio Pages (30)

  1. Spider Parts - Aranshire - South of the village, next to the trader.
  2. Beehives - Keenbridge, Hogwarts Valley - East of the town, on the river (south of the Floo Flame).
  3. Giant Shade Tree - In the middle of Cragcroft.
  4. Broken Binoculars - Northeast of Feldcroft Castle.
  5. Abandoned Bothy - On the wooden path, directly south of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame.
  6. Chocolate Frogs - Just south of Hogsmeade, on a lookout view on the edge of the village.
  7. Cinnamon Bark - Near a stone fire inside one of the goblin bandit camps - come up from the coast level (up one flight of stairs and down another).
  8. Antique Compass - Directly next to the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame.
  9. Lace Doily - West of Keenbridge, behind the ruins.
  10. Doxy Egg - Hogwarts Valley - Southwest of Keenbridge, in a Small Bandit Camp.
  11. Practice Dummies - Northeast in Feldcroft village.
  12. Alihotsy Fudge - On the benches northeast of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame.
  13. Ginger Root - Keenbridge - On a bar in the east side of the village.
  14. Hebridean Black Scale - Even further west of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame (south of Lower Hogsfield).
  15. Hogsmeade Station Ticket Office - At the Hogsmeade Train Station, east of Hogwarts, north of Aranshire.
  16. Antique Horn - Northeast corner of the North Ford Bog. On the end of a dock.
  17. Jewelled Brooch - By a bench near the steps round the side of the windmill in Irondale.
  18. Lovage Bouquet - East of South Feldcroft Floo Flame, in the ravine.
  19. Murtlap Tentacles - West of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame.
  20. Punguos Onion Bulbs - West-northwest of Clagmar Castle, near the coast, in a ravine.
  21. Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder - In the cliffs south of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame.
  22. Pumpkin Fizz - In Lower Hogsfield, in Hogsmeade Valley, in the mill to the north of the hamlet, inside on a counter.
  23. Squib Cottage - South-southeast of the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame.
  24. Runespoor Egg - In the east side of Falbraton Castle.
  25. Enchanted Scarecrow - Brocburrow - In between two houses on the west side of town.
  26. Dragon Skeleton - Southwest of Cragcroft, on the coast.
  27. Spider-Sign - On the southside of Pitt-Upon-Ford. Near the trader.
  28. The Tilted House - Keenbridge - In the northwest of the village.
  29. Acromantula Venom - North side of Clagmar Coast, near a Medium Bandit Camp.
  30. Feldcroft Well - The well in the centre of Fellcroft village.

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