No Cheap Tricks Trophy in Hitogata Happa

  • No Cheap Tricks


    Finish the game without using any bombs.

    How to unlock No Cheap Tricks

    Bomb Attacks happen when a doll has a maxed out Flow Gauge and makes contact with an enemy. There are a couple boss battles that are extremely difficult w/o Bomb Attacks, so it's important to use a doll who has a powerful shot. Lovers is a good doll to use here, but if she's still locked, Rooty is a decent substitute. Both have high attack, but Lovers has a better Mana Ability.

    I recommend doing this on Euridice Difficulty, Solo Voyage. Also, be careful not to accidentally collide w/ an enemy en route to the boss; if your doll's Flow Gauge is maxed out and there are a ton of enemies around, it's not a bad idea to "suicide" the active doll. Fly into a stray bullet, as this resets the Flow Gauge and reduces the chance of an accidental Bomb Attack.

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