Phantastique Tea Party Trophy in Hitogata Happa

  • Phantastique Tea Party


    Defeat the true last boss.

    How to unlock Phantastique Tea Party

    There are two "last bosses" in the game; Wilhelm Xiith is the standard one who always appears, but there is an additional boss w/ a secret requirement. In order to encounter this true boss, start the Last Mission with a maxed out 112 out of 112 Dolls (and earn Doll Collector along the way, if you haven't already) on any difficulty/mode combination *except* Destiny 13 (Euridice) and Solo Voyage (Euridice). Standard Game (Euridice) will work, however, and is highly recommended.

    Alternatively, she will always appear on Destiny 13 (Nobilmente, Allemande, Doomsday) and Solo Voyage (Nobilmente, Allemande, Doomsday) but if challenged on a non-Euridice Difficulty... Good luck.

    Like most of the trophies, this too boils down to raw skill. As usual, don't die too often, exploit enemies' ZOC to earn more Gems, and conserve those Gems until the Last Mission.

    The true boss has *a lot* of health, as well as over a dozen distinct attack patterns. For details on how to best deal w/ her attacks, refer to (Goshi3156's FAQ) and the following video. The true boss battle is from 4:40 to 10:55.

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