Complete Ride 3 Trophy in Hitchhiker: A Mystery Game

  • Complete Ride 3


    Hitchhiking isn't an easy trade. Waiting tables isn't either.

    How to unlock Complete Ride 3

    Story-Related and Cannot be Missed

    Most of Ride 3 is actually sitting in a Diner with Leah, a waitress on her day off. Early in the conversation, Leah will hand you a business card. This will be useful later. There are a lot fewer puzzles and questions to answer in this section, so just enjoy the moment.

    Leah will chat with you for quite a bit about robots and your girlfriend. Eventually she will start roleplaying as your girlfriend, this will bring you to a choice (See Make a key decision trophy_gold.png) whichever you choose the story will progress the same, but the questions you ask after you make the choice may provide more clues if you want them. Focus as much of your questions about the Man from Balkan Tours if you want the most info.

    After you wake up from the Diner dream, Leah will offer to help find the Man from Balkan Tours and will finally give you a ride towards your destination. It will be a short scene in the car and then you will run into some...trouble.

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