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    We're all looking for something on this road.

    How to unlock Complete Ride 2

    Story-Related and Cannot be Missed

    The second ride takes you around a suburban neighborhood, as your driver, a teacher named Hops, looks for a specific street. Hops, will ask you to help him find Asper Street, but the name of the street has been changed. What you need to do is find the street sign labeled "Reaps St." (for me it was on the left of the next intersection when we started looking for it)

    After the Scenic Break, a green light will appear on the dash and Hops will ask you to find Lola. Move the paper away from the middle console and open the book below it to find the key to the glovebox. Open the glovebox to find Lola the stuffed bear toy with a windup box bottom. Hops will tell a story about falling through an escalator and then give you his pipe, place the pipe next to Lola on the glovebox door, then wind her up again and eject the cassette tape from the tape deck and place it with Lola and the pipe.

    This will spark another long conversation, a story about convicts in a Gulag and some other information. Eventually, Hops will hand you a kaleidoscope. When you can, place it next to Lola to move the story along. (See Build a magic object trophy_gold.png)

    Once you have the new object, use it by following the fireflies. Once you have used it on a street sign, a billboard and a telephone pole and then lastly a dog collar. Once you have used the object, Hops will have you find the mailbox you need to find. The fireflies will show the way. Hops will drop you off and you will check the mailbox to exchange the object for something else.

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