• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Estimate) (Platinum Diffculty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (11, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 Minutes (Personal Estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 0 (You only have to finish a portion of the game)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes - NA, EU and AS, both PS4 and Vita
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Himno is a 2D platformer created by David Moralejo Sánchez and published by Ratalaika Games. The game tasks you with finding the exit door in randomly generated stages - or districts, as they are called here - by running, jumping and dashing. Power Ups - called Wisps - that let you jump higher, for example, can be collected along the way to make things easier. As for obtaining the platinum trophy, the only real challenge comes from finishing a few districts while lighting some torches along the way. The rest of the trophies are miscellaneous tasks you can complete any time.


Should you prefer a video to the text description I will link to a complete platinum trophy run, start to finish, in the description of the platinum trophy below.

Step 1 - Get to district 6 while lighting 10 torches and climbing higher than 600 meters, then die by falling into the water

This will be the only "hard" part to do. You have to finish the first five districts by finding the exit door in each of them for Moving Forward. Try to get We Ascend? sorted out by district 4, as the districts should be high enough by then to let you climb 600m or more. For New Hope, you have to light 10 torches along the way. The torches look like medieval braziers in the background and may sometimes be hard to see, so keep your eyes open. Simply walking in front of one will light them, you do not actually have to interact with them. Once you have either reached district 6 or lit 10 torches, just continue playing until the other one pops. Afterwards commit suicide by falling off a platform and land in the water below for It's not over yet (should this not have happened beforehand). There is a high chance that you will unlock Hello Little Friend and Level Up in this Step, but do not focus too hard on them as they are easily completed in the next Step.

  • Moving Forward
  • New Hope
  • We Ascend?
  • It's Not Over Yet

Step 2 - Clean up / Miscellaneous

You will probably have unlocked a few of the following trophies while completing Step 1, since none of them have any particular place in the game where they can/should be completed and can be completed in any order.
Once you are done with Step 1 these trophies only task you with very minor tasks like grinding out jumps and dashes, reaching a certain level and exploring more districts.

  • Hello Little Friend
  • Level Up
  • Exploring The Past
  • The Middle Step
  • The Next Step
  • Getting In Shape
  • Still In Shape
  • Platinum Himno

[PST Would Like to Thank Aeshmah for this Roadmap]

Himno Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 11  )

  • Get all other trophies.

    Just like every other platinum trophy, get all the other trophies of this game to unlock the platinum. Should you prefer a visual representation of how to get all the trophies, feel free to check out this video (timestamps to each individual trophy are included):

  • Falls into the water for the first time.

    The first time you fall into the water at the bottom of any district, either by choice or accident, this trophy will unlock. Note that you will then respawn back in district 1, so should you fall into the water while going for Moving Forward and/or New Hope this will reset your progress made on those trophies.

  • Release your first Wisp.

    Wisps are power ups that will grant you various bonuses that make traversing the levels easier, like a higher jump. They can be found randomly scattered around each district. Simply go up to one and press the button to interact with it. This trophy should come naturally while going for Moving Forward. Should you not have gotten it then, simply load up the first district and explore it a bit. Be aware that in order to interact with the Wisps you have to have reached a certain level first, each Wisp having a different level requirement. See Level Up for more info.

  • Explore new terrain above 600 meters.

    Simple enough. Just continue going upwards in any district and this should pop eventually. This will probably come easier/naturally in the later districts.

  • Reach district 6.

    One of the only "hard" trophies in this game. You have to finish the first five districts by finding the exit in each of them and then this trophy should unlock at the beginning of the 6th one. Be aware that you cannot "cheat" your way to victory here (as with Exploring The Past), you have to finish a district to continue to the next one.

  • Reach level 10.

    Levels in this game refer to the experience your character has gathered. You gain experience by jumping, dashing and climbing. Get enough experience and your character levels up. You can check your current level in the lower left corner of the screen. This trophy should come naturally while going for Moving Forward and/or New Hope. Otherwise you will probably get while grinding out The Next Step and/or Still In Shape.

  • Visit 30 districts.

    This trophy is easier than it may look. You do not actually have to finish any district to make it count, so the easiest method to get this trophy is to just stand still where you start the game and interact with the door until you have visited/generated 30 different districts. You can also do this while going for the Moving Forward trophy, if you think you can not finish a district and want to try a different one.

  • Do 250 dashes.

    See The Next Step.

  • Do 500 dashes.

    You can make your character dash by pressing . Do this 500 times, either on the ground or in the air, and you will get this trophy. This will probably be one of the last trophies you get. This trophy is cumulative across all your runs. For maximum effect combine this with Still In Shape.

  • Do 500 jumps.

    See Still In Shape.

  • Do 1000 jumps.

    You can make your character jump by pressing . Do this 1000 times and the trophy is yours. This trophy is cumulative across all your runs. This will probably be the last trophy you get. For maximum effect combine this with The Next Step.

  • Light 10 torches in one playthrough.

    Torches look like medieval braziers and are scattered all over the districts. Simply walk in front of one to light it up. You have to find 10 of them in one run, so without dying inbetween, as this resets your count. This trophy should come naturally while going for Moving Forward, but if not simply continue playing until it pops as you should have already lit a few while completing each district.