Get a Royal Flush. Trophy in High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition

  • Get a Royal Flush.


    Rarest and most valuable hand in Poker. Get a Royal Flush to unlock this Gold Trophy. Online play only.

    How to unlock Get a Royal Flush.

    Play a hand all the way to the showdown and have a Royal Flush (or the hand listed in the trophy you are going after) in the end. You must be online to obtain this trophy!!! If you are newer to poker and need information about the different type of hands, check out this link for hand descriptions: Poker Hand Rankings

    There is no easy way to get any of these trophies as in the end, they are based purely on luck. One way that might make things easier is to boost with other people. Have one of you host a game and set a password so you won't have any unwanted guests join and select $1/2 blinds. After that just call the blinds and check it through the river to the showdown. This way everyone gets a chance to hit their hands without getting betted out early and you don't really have to worry about money since the blinds are so low! Playing Double Flop Hold'Em helps increase your chances with the easier ones.

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  • Should be a platinum!
  • A little warning because of the grotesquely inaccurate time to 100% in the guide, The odds of a royal flush are roughly 1 per 31,000 hands played. To put it into perspective, if hands take just 10 seconds each, you could easily find yourself going 200 hours without a royal flush. Unless your luck is crazy awesome, it'll be a bit more than 5 hours lol
  • D*mn!!! Servers closed... :-(

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