Complete offline Championship Season. Trophy in High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition

  • Complete offline Championship Season.


    Complete offline Championship Season to unlock this Silver Trophy.

    How to unlock Complete offline Championship Season.

    The Championship season consists of one 6-player tournament of "pros". Win it and the trophy is yours!

    Tip (Thanks to Memphis88 for this): When playing, save your game before each larger hand and move all-in. If you get called and are defeated in the hand, than just quit back to the main menu (DO NOT SAVE) and reload that save game. You will start back in the tournament at that spot with the same hand and can try again as the hole cards (2 cards you're dealt) will stay the same, but the flop will change each time. You can choose to keep retrying the hand in order to win (whoever called you the first time will 99% of the time call again) or fold and move to the next one if decide. This works exceptionally well on the final table & 6-person championship matches as you're all-ins are called a lot more frequently.

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