• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.5/10 (Personal Estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 35 (14,17, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 4 (1, 2, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 50-100+ hours (However the AFK (Away From Keyboard) method can eliminate 30+ hours of that (see Making Mountains out of Molehills for more details) (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Completing multiple planets for stratagems and missions for kills and sample grinding.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Defender of Humanity (see that for information on how to unlock it first time).
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you will need to complete at least 1, Level 8 planet and at least 1 Level 10 planet.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Welcome to Helldivers! Helldivers is a top down style "Shmup" (Shoot 'em Up) developed by Arrowhead Studios based in Stockholm, Sweden. Even though the game is listed as a Shoot 'em Up, it plays very similar to games like Dead Nation and Magicka 2 (the latter of which was also developed by Arrowhead Studios). The game has a very unique aspect to it, friendly fire is always active. This means deaths and a lot of them. Specifically from friends firing in your direction or calling in "Stratagems". Even with all this happening it is still a great game. Easy to learn but hard to master.

The game puts you in control of a type of character called a Helldiver, Helldivers are special recruits who are tasked with protecting your Homeworld called Super Earth against 3 different types of enemies.

These enemies are:

Bugs: A highly evolved species of insects that has evolved over millions of years. How do they manage space travel? That is yet unclear.
Cyborgs: Past inhabitants of Super Earth who have turned against the democracy & power. They have dedicated their life to "modifying" their bodies with weapons & other devices to cause destruction, devastation and ruination.
Illuminates: These are highly sophisticated aquatic creatures that dress in ceremonial robes. They call themselves the "Squ'ith" and have created weapons of mass destruction, the people of Super Earth can not ignore this so we must go to war.

Important info about the servers: The servers for this game are average at best and many people experience disconnections and issues logging in but the issue is worse at weekends. It's not a huge issue in regards to the actual game but it is something to be aware of. After speaking with the PR team at Arrowhead, they are aware of these issues & are trying their best to get them fixed.

Note about Co-Op: Helldivers is designed specifically for playing cooperatively. It is recommended that you play the game as it was intended to be played i.e with friends or via matchmaking, using a Headset will also help considerably and avoid any misunderstandings. This is not just for the sake of trophies but the game is a lot more fun in Co-Op. On a side note, playing in Co-Op with a good set of friends will reduce your time to Platinum considerably. Playing high level planets (7-12 difficulty) is frustrating on your own even with upgraded equipment.

It is easier to earn trophies whilst playing online and there are trophies that require you to be online (see the the respective trophies for more information). However, you can earn the majority of them offline but I can't stress enough the importance of friends in this game.

Having trouble with firing certain guns? Then remap your controller buttons from the default control scheme via the Accessibility menu in the Settings tab on the PS4 home screen. A lot of people with Dualshock 4s from the release models PS4s have issues with the /R2 button not fully compressing which in turn will not fire certain weapons like the Rail Gun. This issue is mostly noticeable in racing games but can also cause issues with different variants of weapons in Helldivers.

Both the "Turn Up the Heat!" and "Masters of the Galaxy" DLCs were free as part of updates to the game.

Galactic War Strategy Thread :This thread will be the main port of call for the community to post tactics and any issues that arise when trying to win the current war. This is a good way to speed up earning the 3 online community trophies: Spreading Managed Democracy , Peace and Prosperity Reigns Again and Defender of Humanity : LINK

Stratagem button combinations: Here is a website that will be of use to anyone wanting to fully learn some; if not all of the Stratagem button combinations. It is in a table layout so you can view and play at the same time to help jog your memory: LINK

Warning: Certain weapons, like the Rail Gun or Lasers e.g. the 'Scythe', are virtually useless against the Cyborgs so it is recommended that you use another weapon like the 'Breaker' Shotgun. Thanks to Terminator for pointing this out.
Step 1: Play the tutorial

This will introduce you to the controls, game mechanics, weapons and Stratagems so take your time and get adjusted to the controls but especially the Stratagem system because this is extremely important to master.

Step 2: Simply play the game, learn how to co-operate & work on miscellaneous trophies

This is the step where you will be just playing the game, memorizing the stratagem arrow combinations, just generally focusing on collecting all the stratagems you need. Most of the miscellaneous trophies will come naturally but most will likely be achieved purely by luck or chance. If it's proving difficult earning a trophy, then refer to the Guide itself. Also mix this Step with Step 2.5.

Step 2.5: Community trophies

**IMPORTANT** Pay very close attention to online events and when they will appear because it is possible to miss them. However don't fret, as events are always occurring (see Spreading Managed Democracy , Peace and Prosperity Reigns Again and Defender of Humanity for more information on in game events (requires access to PSN). Events will be listed in this thread as and when they appear by other members of the forum/Helldivers community: LINK

Step 3: Reaching Rank 25 and grinding 100,000 kills

This is the time consuming part. Reaching Rank 25 will not be bad at all, you will more than likely be around Rank 20 after getting the majority of the trophies anyway so enjoy the rest of your time playing and relax (Refer to A Shining Inspiration to us all ). The next part is grinding 100,000 kills, this is a real mental test legitimately. For the methods of grinding, refer to the Making Mountains out of Molehills trophy.

Step 4: Cleanup

Missed a trophy? Need a few thousand more kills? Then this is the step where you'll finally cleanup and earn that elusive Platinum trophy. Congratulations! You saved Super Earth and conquered the enemy races! You're now the epitome of Super Earth!

Special note: Huge thanks to Rawanz for providing me with the Banners in the Guide and BinkUncia for the Bug Tank image!
[PST Would Like To Thank HallawMickey for this Roadmap]
Turn Up the Heat! DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (taken from the main game difficulty poll)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 6 (all can be earned online or off)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: The estimated time to 100% will depend on how many upgrades and Stratagems you already have from the main game. The main game estimated time to completion is 100hrs+.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: As many missions are
    needed to rank up your character, upgrade and unlock all the Weapons and Stratagems
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes available.

This is the new free DLC for Helldivers (which is installed along with the patches) and adds an extra volcanic planet environment and a new enemy type for each of the 3 factions i.e. Bug, Cyborg and Illuminate. This new content also raises the level cap from 25 to 27, adds a new perk called Strong Arm (allowing you to throw further) and a new Volcanic Armour set. Plus it adds 3 new objectives which are Repair and Fire Artillery, Disarm Unexploded Ordnance and Geological Survey for the Helldivers to probably blow up.

In order to access the DLC all you need to do is boot up your original Helldivers game, and the patch should be added, this is denoted by the "Turning Up the Heat!" logo showing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Step 1 – Play the specific planets mentioned in the trophy descriptions to earn all the miscellaneous planet/enemy specific trophies.

For this you want to play a volcanic planet (level 5 difficulty or more), then each of the Bug, Cyborg and Illuminate planets to encounter the new enemy types (see the trophy description for the best planet difficulties to play on). When fighting the new Obelisk enemy in the Illuminate system you should attempt to destroy it while its shield is closed, and then while playing the Cyborg levels try and find a Cyborg Warlord and do the "No" command in front of it. Now finally play either a Cyborg or Bug planet on medium or above difficulty and attempt to get the shuttle to land on a Bug Tank, Bug Behemoth or Cyborg IFV.

In this step you should earn:

Nothing is hotter than a cup of Liber-Tea
I'm no Zoologist, but how do you classify a 20 foot tentacle?
Stick it to the Man!
Knock-knock, who's there? DEMOCRACY!
Make Frank kill a Tank!

Step 2 – Continue to play the game until you have everything unlocked/upgraded and have reached Rank 24.

This is the final step and clean up, with the miscellaneous trophies done all that is left to do is play planets to unlock the Strategems you are missing (this can be checked in the armoury). While remembering to collect samples to upgrade and grind EXP to Rank up.

In this step you will earn:

Why wasn't this standard issue?

Congratulations, you have completed the DLC!
[PST Would Like To Thank BinkUncia for this Roadmap]

Helldivers (PS4, PS3 & Vita) Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 19  15  )

  • Complete all Trophies.

    Earn all the non-DLC trophies to get this one. Congratulations, you helped protect your family and the citizens of Super Earth. You're awesome!
  • Complete a difficulty 10 or higher mission without a single death.

    Difficulty 10 or higher missions are very hard to do solo so it is recommended that you do this with all 4 players and that everyone has some decent equipment that is fully upgraded.

    Top Tip: Enemies are constantly spawning so always focus on objectives and only kill enemies if they are in your way. If you are the host of the game then feel free to kill any player who stays behind to kill enemies. Always keep moving unless the objective you are faced with is "Capture the Area", plus any team member who holds the team back is a liability. When overwhelmed with enemies, run then find a safe place to call in the Reinforce Stratagem but don't use it when you are surrounded by enemies as your team will spawn in and repeatedly die. This is a very important skill to use so ensure you fully upgrade it ASAP!

    Recommended loadout:

    Equip at least one weapon you are comfortable with. The most common weapons which are used by veterans online are the LAS-13 'Trident' Shotgun, the LAS-16 Sickle and the Breaker Shotgun. To use a weapon, tap the fire button (default control scheme ) or hold it for short periods of time. If you see an energy weapon start to smoke or the display on the bottom left get full, then stop firing for a second or two and let it cool down then you can continue to fire without changing the canister. If you have vibration active on your controller, then the rumble motors will kick in when the gun is about to overheat. This is useful as you don't have to direct your attention away from the objective to watch the heat bar.

    Recommended Stratagem slots.

    A very important piece of equipment for higher levels is the EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit. The Exosuit has a very high ammo count, extremely strong Armour against normal to medium strength enemies and comes with 8 anti-infantry homing missiles (which can destroy even the highest armored enemies. (it takes multiple rockets to destroy them though e.g. the Cyborg "Tank" takes 2 or 3 missiles to destroy, depending what angle you hit it at. Always aim for a 45° degree impact to the side of an enemy, this is where "Tank" enemies are weakest). Not only is it useful for the above reasons but you can also use the anti-infantry weaponry to complete mission objectives like "Destroy the Bug Nests" & "Destroy the Illuminate Beacons". It is also useful for destroying the "Assassinate" targets. Feel free to use this Stratagem and equip 2 of them in your slots. You will more than likely run out of ammo in the suit and need to resupply. Having another as a back up is extremely handy anyway. This leave us with another 2 slots.

    Important info about this vehicle: The Walker Exosuit cannot be resupplied with ammo once it's completely empty so you will need to summon a new one if you run out of ammo (though the same applies to all vehicles and Gun emplacements).

    The next Stratagem and most important one is the Distractor Beacon, this is a Helldiver's best friend. When you reach an objective it is a good idea to throw this beacon in the opposite direction to where you will next run. The beacon does exactly what it says and distracts the enemies. This is an almost invaluable Stratagem as learning when and where to place this beacons is the difference between multiple deaths & no deaths at all. Whilst on an objective, it will also lower the heat of enemies spawning directly on you thus making guarding it a lot easier. If you need to practice using this it is recommended to do any level 6 planet solo. Level 6 planets are hard enough to cause an issue but easy enough to solo and practice positioning of the beacons (these planets are also good for solo sample grinding for upgrades).

    The final slot is also very useful when placed correctly, especially for high objective based planets. This Stratagem is called the A/RX-34 Railcannon Turret, this can pierce armour and has friend or foe recognition so won't shoot you like the Minigun turret will. Turrets are very powerful when placed on objectives because not only can these rotate 360° covering all of an objective area but they allow you to focus more on the objective, rather than killing the enemies surrounding you. It will become an invaluable resource when waiting for the extraction of the shuttle. Protecting your area during the countdown and leaving room for you to focus on protecting your friends.

    Take your time. These levels are tricky and rushing will cause mistakes. Due to the nature of the game and the randomness of levels it is hard to pin point an exact tactic that works on every single planet & mission. Try and complete all the objectives without failing on a single planet as this is needed for the Liberating the Countryside trophy.

    If you fail an objective for a single mission, then you can still complete it and earn the Hell dive trophy as long as you don't die. You can get downed and revived by a teammate as this will still pop the trophy but cannot die. The trophy will pop at the mission results screen.
  • This is a simple trophy but a huge grind and will more than likely be the last one you earn. You will need to kill 100,000 enemies so is the only non-DLC trophy you will really need to grind out, unless you missed out on reaching Rank 25 before this point.

    Farming Method (Legitimate way):

    Chose a low difficulty planet in one of the Bug regions; Mission difficulty levels 3 and 4 are perfect for this. Use a gun that doesn't need ammo refills like the LAS-13 'Trident' Shotgun (refer to the Hell dive trophy for information about the weapon) and chose any Bug planet. When you reach the shuttle extraction; call in the shuttle and kill incoming bugs but don't get onto the shuttle when it appears. Keep repeating this to get as many kills as you can (recent attempts at this have averaged around 1,850 kills every hour, possibly even less, depending on the difficulty level of that planet).

    Note: You Do not need to get on the shuttle at the end for the kills to register as dying will also save your kills, since this information is not registered on the online servers but within the game itself. It is recommended you do this while disconnected from the internet anyway so the game does not kick you from the servers whilst playing. To disconnect from the internet on the PS4/3 simply go into the Settings Menu on the XMB and turn off the "Connect to Network" option or remove the tick from the "Connect to the Internet "box on PS4.

    Auto Farming method (requires the "Defender Pack" DLC from the PS store):

    The quickest method to auto farm kills requires you to have the "Defender Pack" DLC, this includes the "Guard Dog" Stratagem which is needed for the following method. It is recommended that you do this while disconnected from the internet so the game does not kick you from the servers whilst playing.

    Chose a Difficulty Level 1 or 2 Bug planet and make sure you have the "Heavy Armour" Perk equipped, it isn't 100% needed but it's good to have it on just in case (Unlocked at level 12) & the Guard Dog (preferably upgraded to Mk 3 but it isn't needed). Once you enter the game; call in your Guard Dog Stratagem then find an objective you are comfortable with being near and stay there. Press to remain prone, simply stay here. The Guard Dog Stratagem will not expire and will kill any enemies who attempt to come near you with ease so leave it as long as you need to. This can take a long time and it's highly recommended that you don't leave your Console on for periods longer than 12 hours or overnight. Use this method at your own risk.

    Note: You Do not need to get on the shuttle at the end for the kills to register as dying will also save your kills since this information is not registered on the online servers but within the game itself. It is recommended you do this while disconnected from the internet anyway so the game does not kick you from the servers whilst playing. To disconnect from the internet on the PS4/3 simply go into the Settings Menu on the XMB and turn off the "Connect to Network" option or remove the tick from the "Connect to the Internet "box on PS4.

    See here for a video showing how to do the AFK method (credit to EternalVids for this):
  • Complete at least one planet in a successful Galactic Campaign.

    This is a luck based online and community based trophy.
    A Galactic Campaign occurs when we have control of all 3 enemy Homeworlds. The Homeworlds are the main residence for each of the 3 factions and are reached when all regions are controlled by Super Earth. These are the Bug Homeworld, the Cyborg Homeworld and the Illuminate Homeworld. To gain control of a "Homeworld" we must firstly dominate all of the regions in that particular area, the regions are the "Tetris" style blocks located on the world map (see image below). Once we have control of all of these regions then a final assault on that enemy will occur. This "final assault" is a war and to win the war, every currently active community member must complete as many missions or entire planets on that particular Homeworld to contribute "Influence". After every successful mission and every planet dominated, you will earn this so called "community influence". This is important because the higher the difficulty of the missions and planets you complete, the more you contribute to the community which in turn allows us to win the war quicker. The yellow bar signifies how close we are to winning:

    Don't be fooled though, this trophy requires you to complete an entire planet in a successful galactic campaign. To complete a planet, simply finish all missions in that planet, once you have done that you will be greeted with a reward screen which issues you either with a Stratagem you haven't earned yet or bonus XP. This trophy is based on the entire community via PSN & Steam. There have been 14 Galactic Campaigns as of 09/03/16 and the game has been out for over a year so there are very limited chances to get this, it is important that you keep up to date with the community and help push towards each of the Homeworlds as much as possible.

    If we lose a war on a single Homeworld then the enemy will fight back which triggers a "Defend event" these work similar to the wars, except you need to work towards a mission on a single particular planet. These missions vary in difficulty depending on the event. You normally have the choice between level 3, level 6, level 8 and level 12 difficulty missions during these events. These defend events also occur when we are about to lose a region (the Tetris style blocks) so they appear very regular. It is important that when we lose a war we try and win every possible defend event, to lessen the effort we need to reach the specific enemy Homeworld again. Completing a mission in one of the defend events will earn you the Defender of Humanity trophy (please see that for information on how to unlock it once a defend event is over as it is possibly glitched).

    You can track the events by following this thread which is updated by the community on a regular basis: LINK
  • Kill a Bug or Illuminate assassination target by running it over with the APC or HAV.

    The APC & HAV are tank like Stratagems that are unlocked by completing a planet that has them as a reward. The APC is the easiest to unlock as it is usually found in lower difficulty planets. The HAV is usually found on level 7 and higher planets.

    Once you have unlocked the vehicle, then find a planet in either the Bug or Illuminate Homeworlds that has the objective to "Assassinate" a target. The objective is shown as a "shooting target" icon on the menu screens and on the mini-map in game. Press the to view the mini-map.

    Select the mission and put one of the vehicles in a Stratagem slot. Once in-game, call in the APC or HAV Stratagem immediately then get in the drivers seat (approach the front of the vehicle and press (default control scheme). To control the vehicle, use to accelerate and to brake and reverse. Find the target on the mini-map and simply drive into it numerous times until you kill the target, it normally takes between 4 and 6 run overs to kill them. Doing this will complete the objective and the trophy shortly will pop moments later.

    It is recommended to bring at least 2 APC/HAV vehicles with you as driving into the target will causes you to take quite significant damage but you can also bring along a fully upgraded REP-80 and have a friend repair the vehicle whilst you're still in it.

    The cyborg assassinate targets are the trickiest of the 3 homeworlds. Cyborg assassinate targets are normally heavily armoured and take a longer time to fall where as the bug enemies are armoured less and the iluminate target is just as equal with the shield.
  • Achieve the rank of Grand Lord (Rank 25).

    Please see the "Extra Notes" section of the Guide for an XP exploit: LINK

    This is a simple trophy but it will possibly take a little grinding depending on what difficulty planets you have been playing. Reaching Rank 25 will almost certainly be one of the last trophies you get and takes 774,384 XP to reach.

    After completing the other trophies the main game and potentially the DLC ones as well, you should be around level 20 anyway so this shouldn't take to much time once you have finished everything else. To get your level up quicker it's recommended that you play the higher difficulty planets of Level 7 and above. This is because there are more objectives, plus you earn more for completing them and extracting with all players on the Extraction Shuttle at the end of the mission.

    A good tip for cutting down your time grinding out levels is to try and get 3 stars on every mission and planet you play. To earn your first star just complete all objectives in that specific mission and to earn the second star, all players in that current session must be on the shuttle at the end of the mission. Anyone who is left behind or dead will cause you to lose the second star and some XP. To earn the 3rd and final star you need to complete the mission or planet with less than 3-4 deaths in total for all players but you will still earn the final star if 2 people die, any more than that and you will lose that final star. Any deaths in the group will also lose you a little of that precious XP. Take your time and enjoy the final stages of the game.
  • Kill a Bug Tank with a Resupply stratagem Hellpod.

    The "Resupply" Stratagem Hellpod is the ammo refill. The Bug "Tank" is only found in the Bug controlled regions, is heavily armored and will charge at you and can kill you outright if you're not careful. These appear frequently on Level 6 missions and above but won't spawn on any lower difficulties. The Bug "Tank" looks like this:

    The suggested loadout for this trophy is 2x ammo refills/the "Resupply Hellpods" (fully upgrading the Resupply Stratagem to Mk3 will make this a lot quicker and easier because the drop time is significantly reduced) & for the third and fourth Stratagem slots, it is advised that you use "Static Field Conductors" also upgraded to Mk3, these cause any enemy in the area to slow down to a crawl. This Stratagem will create a layer on the map which causes all enemy types (apart from the Enemy Masters) to slow down but will also affect you so steer clear of any that have been deployed.

    Throw a Static Field Conductor in the general vicinity of the Bug "Tank" and when it slows down to an almost halt, throw a "Resupply" Hellpod directly into its path. When thrown correctly it will land under the "Tank" and when the Resupply Hellpod lands, it will hit the "Tank" thus killing it instantly and popping the trophy.
  • Take part in a successful defence of a capital city by completing at least one mission.

    Online and community based trophy but possibly GLITCHED.

    This trophy has the tendency to glitch but to bypass the problem and unlock it without issue, visit then exit the armory as soon as the event ends or you connect to the servers after the event finished. It is important that you don't talk to any NPCs until you have visited the armory screen. If the trophy doesn't pop after visiting the armory then talk to the NPC next it and once the dialogue box appears, the trophy should then pop without issue. For information related to events then keep an eye on this thread which is updated by the community: LINK.

    For information on this trophy, please refer to Peace and Prosperity reigns again.
  • Kill 7 enemies within a very short time using only your primary weapon.

    This trophy will more than likely pop by playing normally but the easiest and sure fire way to get it is to fully upgrade the "Breaker" Shotgun. The upgraded version of the Breaker, features a longer bullet range and armor piercing ammo so play a low level Bug planet then line up 7 enemies and fire away!
  • Extract from a difficulty 8 or higher mission with 4 players where all 4 gets on the shuttle.

    This is another trophy that you will possibly get whilst playing naturally. Level 8 missions are where things start to hit the higher end difficulty spike. Enemy numbers are increased and are easier to alert. The missions also feature quite a few more objectives which you need to complete. The same tips apply here as with the Difficulty Level 10 missions, refer to the Hell dive trophy for more info.

    When the shuttle arrives for your Extraction, press the right D-Pad button () to make your Helldiver say the "Move" command. If your teammates are decent players then they will head straight to the shuttle and extract so follow them onto the shuttle to complete the mission. When all 4 of you are alive and get on the shuttle, then the trophy will pop at the mission results screen. Also see the "Extra Notes" section of the Guide for a way to get this and several other trophies in one go (as well as earning a ton of XP in the process): LINK
  • Use the Reinforce Stratagem while downed and the last Helldiver alive on a difficulty 8 or higher mission with 4 players.

    This trophy is luck based unless you are actually trying for it. To make this is a little easier it is recommended that you fully upgrade the Reinforce Stratagem to Mk.3. The best way to boost this and help your friends in the same game is to take turns. The first person to earn the trophy, inputs the Stratagem command and holds it in their hand whilst the other 3 get killed by either a grenade or enemies. Now let the enemies attack you and the moment they down you, either hit the fire button to use the Stratagem or get killed by the enemy. Doing this will then drop the Stratagem and pop the trophy. Simply rinse and repeat for the others so they can earn it as well.
  • Complete a difficulty 4 or higher mission in 5 minutes or less.

    The trophy description for this trophy is really simple but the trophy itself is not as straightforward. Completing a difficulty 4 mission in under 5 minutes will be a small challenge but one you will need to plan ahead for at the mission select screen before you depart into the game from the ship.

    There is a very useful Perk that is unlocked by progressing through ranks which again is almost invaluable for this particular trophy i.e the "Cardio Accelerator". This Perk allows you to sprint a lot quicker than the normal pace of a standard Helldiver and will prove useful for getting to and from objectives quickly enough to make the time limit. The best way to earn the trophy quickly and efficiently is to fail some objectives. The types of objectives you want to keep an eye out for are:

    "Escort survivors" - You can fail this objective in under 10 seconds by killing all 4 of the survivors. After killing all 4 of them, you can simply move on to the next objective.

    "Retrieve Black Box" - On lower difficulty missions, the box is located pretty close to the actual drop off point so it's as simple as landing directly on the objective, picking up the box and ignoring the enemies then drop off the box and sprint away. This is one of the only objectives you should actually be looking to complete whilst running missions for this particular trophy.

    "Defend the launchpad" - This is one of the best missions you can get. To fail this all you need to is raise the rocket by activating the panel located on it and fire away at the rocket until it explodes. Using a Anti-Tank stratagem is the quickest way to destroy the rocket. You can also throw both your grenades at the objectives and fire at it simultaneously.

    This trophy entails a lot of trial and error because firstly you need to find a good planet with 2 or 3 objectives that are nice and simple but at the same time are not on opposite sides of that planet. It might take a little luck but the mission time is more than adequate. Remember you can always try a mission, practise your running to and from the locations and then fail the mission. Not only will you memorise the path to go but failing the mission allows you to re-try and keep trying if you believe you can do the objectives quicker. Please remember that you need to allow 90 seconds for the extraction shuttle to show up and extract you from the mission.

    The trophy will pop on the mission summary screen. Also see the "Extra Notes" section of the Guide for a way to get this and several other trophies in one go (as well as earning a ton of XP in the process): LINK
  • Kill 10,000 enemies.

    This will easily be completed from just playing the game naturally whilst working towards miscellaneous trophies. Simply kill 10,000 enemies, it is extremely likely you will unlock this well before you hit Rank 20 and possibly sooner. If not then refer to the Making Mountains out of Molehills trophy, for a grinding method to get kills.
  • Achieve the rank of Captain (Rank 13).

    To reach Rank 13 you will need 39,349 XP.

    Another simple trophy that will be easily earned naturally whilst working towards miscellaneous trophies. Just play the game, complete missions and objectives. You should hit level 13 early on in your game time from completing average difficulty planets. See the A shining inspiration to us all trophy for information on how to get more XP from completed missions.
  • Take part in a successful final assault on an enemy's home planet by completing at least one mission.

    This is a luck and online community based trophy.

    This is another online event trophy that relies heavily on the community of the game. When all of a specific Homeworld sectors (the Tetris looking blocks) are controlled by Super Earth, a final assault or war will occur. You will have an limited time to play this "war". To earn this trophy just complete a single successful mission by evacuating on the shuttle which contributes to this "war". For more information on these online events then please see the Peace and Prosperity reigns again trophy. The following thread will help to keep you informed of when events happen: LINK
  • Complete all missions on a planet with difficulty 10 or higher.

    Play on a level 10 planet or above and successfully complete all of its missions but this can be quite a hard feat without the full lobby of 4 players. For tips and information on how to survive these level 10 planets, please refer to the Hell dive trophy.

    This means you need to fully complete all 3 missions within that planet without leaving the lobby. To earn this the easiest way, host a difficulty 10 mission of your choice and call in the "S.O.S beacon" as doing this will allow other members of the Helldivers community to join your game. That way, if any players were to leave the game then you can simply repeat the above method and eventually earn the trophy without issue. Also see the "Extra Notes" section of the Guide for a way to get this and several other trophies in one go (as well as earning a ton of XP in the process): LINK
  • Complete a difficulty 7 or higher mission without triggering any alarms.

    This is arguably the hardest trophy in the entire game.

    You need to use the Mk3 Distractor Beacon Stratagem as the trophy would be almost impossible without it. Learning how and when to throw down the beacon is something you need to master. Due to the nature of the game and the changes in planets and missions there is not a single sure fire way to earn this trophy. Using tips for previously completed trophies will be necessary here. Follow the same tips for the Back in time for Dinner Tea trophy, then find a mission with quick objectives that you can fail.

    The biggest tip for attempting this is chose a spawn point away from any objectives. The moment you and your friends spawn in, throw down a Distractor Deacon then run in the opposite direction but be aware of your surroundings because enemies that are off-screen will still trigger an alarm if you don't kill them fast enough. This is a major issue with this trophy because enemies will head directly for you the moment you spawn because they are attracted to the Stratagem light. You will fail within a matter of seconds without this so it's best that you either kill them quickly or run in the other direction until they lose interest.

    You can tell when the Bug enemy has triggered an alarm because they will stop, release a small red light and make a screeching sound. The Cyborgs will fire a red flare into the air and also make a warning sound. Now last but not least we have the Illuminates, they will project a small red circle in front of them. Triggering an alert will massively increase the enemy count and void this trophy. The "alarm" can be stopped by killing all enemies about to raise the warning, you will have about 1 to 2.5 seconds to kill them (almost literally a split-second to react), it is important you keep checking any surrounding areas with the mini-map (which in the default control scheme is the ). If you see a red circle flash on the mini-map, then this means enemies are patrolling that area so throw a Distractor Beacon towards their general direction and move away from this area, the enemy will then move to the beacon thus allowing you to progress down another path.

    After failing or completing an objective whilst being undetected, throw another Distractor Beacon on that objective and head to your next position. This is possibly the most valuable tip so always do this. It will keep attention away from you indefinitely, thus allowing you to pick off any enemy stragglers on the way to your next position without any issues. Using this tactic also allows you to extract on the shuttle without too much issue but you must throw the Beacon at least a good few meters away from the extraction point. Enemies just outside the screen borders will still alert if you have a beacon only a small distance away from the objectives so keep that in mind. There is, however, an exploit you can use which is guaranteed to get you the trophy (credit to Robinworldwide for this):
    There's an exploit for Solid Stealth Execution which will make the trophy super easy. Go play a level 7 (or higher) game with 2 people. Make sure the person who needs the trophy is not the host. Complete the level as normal (don't worry about getting spotted by the enemies) but at the end when the shuttle lands only the person that needs the trophy boards it. As soon as that person has boarded, the host needs to exit to the main menu but do not abort the mission. By exiting to the main menu the host will migrate to the person in the shuttle and this will fool the game into thinking you have completed the level without alerting any enemies (it somehow resets the tracker for this trophy).

    I'm not not sure if this also works with more than 2 players in a party, it might work but it also could be so that the person who needs the trophy has to actually become host.
  • Successfully complete an escort objective where all 4 NPCs survive.

    This trophy is easiest when playing on a low difficulty planet but preferably on a Bug planet. You need to look for a mission that has the objective to "Escort Survivors". Once you get all 4 survivors to follow you by pressing the button, use your map often to check for enemies and kill them before they sound the alarm. Enemies will focus priority on the survivors so it's crucial you act quickly and stop them from getting hit. You can also make this trophy significantly easier by finding an escort mission that is within a small distance from the objective.

    The cyborg escort missions normally end pretty quickly because as soon as you get them all too move the game spawns in the minigun "tank" like enemy. (At least in my experience) they are too heavily armoured to kill in time and will more than likely either kill from a distance with the minigun or stamp over them.
  • Complete a difficulty 7 or higher mission against the Cyborgs without taking damage from any enemy.

    This trophy is simpler than it sounds. Find a level 7 difficulty mission in a Cyborg region and equip the EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit. The Exosuit is very important, because you can take damage whilst wearing the Stratagem and the trophy will still pop. Stay in the suit for the entirety of the mission and let your friends activate all the objectives but of course protect them then exit when it is safe to during the Extraction period and if you don't leave the suit until the very last minute then you should unlock this trophy with ease. It will pop during the mission summary screen.

    Also see the "Extra Notes" section of the Guide for a way to get this and several other trophies in one go (as well as earning a ton of XP in the process): LINK
  • Complete a mission using only Stratagems.

    Only using stratagems to finish a match is another trophy which seems hard when you first start the game but quickly becomes a walk in the park. You cannot fire a single weapon, the downside to this trophy is that you cannot use the EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit or any vehicles.
    The easiest and quickest way to earn this trophy is to play on the lowest difficulty level you have available in a Bug sector. The objectives are simple, the enemies can easily be outrun and the levels can be completed in under a few minutes. Whilst playing around with the various Stratagems on alternate accounts the best Stratagem to use that can be acquired at low levels is the strafe run. With the lower difficulty missions being so short you won't even need to kill an enemy whilst completing the objectives, however you must kill at least one enemy with a Stratagem for the requirements to be met. This is easily done during the extraction period, simply throw down the strafing run stratagem and lure a Bug or two into the area of fire then extract from the mission. The trophy will pop on the mission results screen.
  • Complete a mission with over 300 shots fired and 80% accuracy or better.

    It is possible that you will get this without really trying but firing 300 shots and hitting 80% of them is hard than it sounds. This is one of the last trophies where the EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit is crucial. Find a Bug region mission that has a "Defend the Launchpad" or "Capture the Area" type of objective. The planet difficulty needs to be at Level 6 or above to get the Bug "Tank" to spawn (see the Element of Supplies trophy for a description and image of the Bug "Tank").

    Summon an EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit as soon as you spawn, then remain in it for the rest of the mission but do not use either of its weapons. The biggest part of the mission will be you relying on your friends to complete the objectives and kill the enemies surround you. Now when you get a Bug "Tank" to spawn, continuously fire your Exosuit's Minigun into its armor. This will not destroy the "Tank" but you can fire repeatedly into its shell and achieve 100% accuracy. Not only that but the Walker can unload a good 300 bullets in the space of 30-45 seconds. Once you believe 300 or more shots have been fired, press the button and kill the "Tank" with your anti-infantry weaponry then simply finish the mission. This will again rely on your friends to protect you from the enemy until you can extract. The trophy will pop at the mission summary screen.
  • Join another game through the matchmaking system.


    When standing on the Helldivers ship, head South towards the bottom of the screen, passed the 2 NPCs and you will see a small "portal" like section. Walk towards this and press the button, this will take you to the matchmaking screen. Simply chose a game of your choice and press , then the trophy will pop at the loading screen.
  • In a 4 player game, on a Friday, have all players sitting in an APC or HAV at the same time.

    Call in a APC or HAV vehicle Stratagem whist in-game then get all 4 people to sit in it on a Friday. You can, however, do this offline by changing your system clock to the date of any Friday and unlock the trophy on any day you wish if you have 4 controllers handy. You will need to exit the game to get the in-game timer to sync with the date of your console.
  • Achieve the rank of Sergeant (Rank 7).

    To reach Rank 7 you will need: 7,043 XP.

    This is one of the first trophies you will unlock as reaching Rank 7 will come naturally whilst working towards the other trophies. For more information on XP and ranks, see the A shining inspiration to us all! trophy.
  • Customize your character.

    To change your character's clothing you will need to visit the armory. The armory is located on the Left hand side of the ship. Simply approach the console and press , this will open up the armory options. The menu opens up directly to the Helldivers clothing options and statistics screen. Press again and the Helldivers helmet options will open in a drop down box, select a different item and the trophy will pop. If you don't want to change your Helmet then choose something else instead.
  • Complete a mission.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Simply finish an entire mission and the trophy will pop on the mission results screen.
  • Play at least once against all enemy races.

    This trophy requires you to play and complete a single mission in each of the three regions i.e Bugs, Cyborgs and the Illuminates. This will be completed at some point during your game time anyway so is unmissable.
  • Play at least once on a desert, a forest, and a snow planet.

    Like the Meet interesting people they said trophy, this requires you to simply complete a single mission on each of the non-DLC environments. The environments can be seen on the mission objectives screen and the color of the planet shows the types of environment it will have. Snow will be Blue, Forest will be Green and Desert will be a Brown/Orange color.
  • This is the first trophy you will earn in Helldivers. The tutorial automatically starts up after the opening cutscene of the game; the first time you boot it up. Just complete the training fully and once it ends then the trophy will pop. It is important that you fully understand the Stratagem system. Pressing start will open up the pause menu and it is possible that you will hit the "skip training" option. If this occurs, then return to the Start Menu and select "Training".
  • Do 25 capespins in a row, without moving, while on the ship bridge.

    The easiest trophy in the game, when stood in the ship before selecting a mission simply rotate the /right stick clockwise or anti-clockwise 25 times consecutively without moving the Helldiver. Once 25 spins have passed the trophy will pop. Here's a tip from Terminator that will make getting this easier:
    Don't try to spin the quickly else your thumb will either cramp up or slip off so do it slowly and once you get the rhythm down, the trophy will pop without much effort.
  • Destroy a Bug Nest, Cyborg AA, or Illuminate Beacon with anything but the NUX-223 Hellbomb.

    Destroy "Bug nests", "Cyborg AA" & "Illuminate Beacon" are all mission objectives and to get this trophy you will need to destroy any one of them with something that's not the objective specific Stratagem called the "NUX-223 Hellbomb".

    The quickest way to complete the objective and earn the trophy will again require the EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit. The Exosuit comes with anti-infantry weaponry which is in the form of Rockets, these Rockets are powerful enough to destroy the objectives listed in the trophy description. This trophy is best attempted on a low level Bug planet. Once you have spawned on the planet, simply reach the objective and aim at the Bughive then press to fire the Anti-Infantry Rockets. When one of the hives explodes then the trophy will pop.

DLC: Turning up the Heat

6 trophies

  • Fully upgrade all non-DLC Weapons and Stratagems.

    In Helldivers there are two types of bonuses which can be upgraded in the armoury which include weapons, which are rewards from ranking up your character and Stratagems which are obtained from completing all missions on a particular planet. Upgrades in the game work through collecting Research Samples where 10 samples will fill up a bar to get you 1 Research Point.
    A good method of sample farming can be found in this video (credit to gamescomm game guides):

    This method involves picking a level with 4-6 difficulty with few objectives (however harder levels do yield more samples) and using the fully upgraded UAV stratagem (this is DLC so not required for the trophy but makes samples show up on the map which is useful) and the Cardio Accelerator to run, avoid enemies and go purely for samples. The rest of the skills are not that important so just use ones you feel most comfortable with, however the video suggests the Ammo Drop, the EXO44 'Walker' Exosuit and the Resupply Backpack. Also if you have the APC using that is useful from getting quickly around the map.
    It also advises not doing it on the bug planet, because the enemies are more likely to chase you and get in your way than if you did this on an easy planet with few objectives.
    Weapons and their upgrades
    In regards to the weapons I have created a list of the non-DLC ones (plus the LAS-13 Trident Shotgun and M2016 'Constitution') obtained from each level of ranking up, along with their upgrades and research point cost breakdown on the right hand side. These should come naturally as you try and reach the max rank of 25 by just playing the game.
    Weapons List:
    [spoiler=bigguns]Standard Issue:
    P-2 Peacemaker: (4)
    AP Ammunition – 1
    Extended Magazine – 1
    Burst Fire – 2
    AR-19 Liberator: (4)
    Bayonet – 1
    Recoil Absorber – 1
    Extended Magazine – 2
    Unlocked at rank 2:
    SG-255 Breaker (3)
    Increased Range – 1
    Flechette Rounds – 2
    Unlocked at rank 4:
    SMG-45 Defender: (3)
    Mini-stun Ammunition – 1
    AP Ammunition – 2
    Unlocked at Rank 7:
    LAS-5 Scythe: (6)
    Heat Capacity – 2
    Heat Sink – 1
    Laser Overcharge – 1
    Increased Overcharge – 2
    Unlocked at Rank 11:
    AR-22C Patriot: (3)
    Bayonet – 1
    Recoil Absorber – 1
    Extended Magazine – 2
    Unlocked at rank 14:
    RX-1 Rail Gun: (4)
    Unstoppable Rounds – 2
    Stun Rounds – 2
    Unlocked at rank 16:
    SG-8 Punisher: (4)
    Extended Magazine – 2
    Extended Barrel – 2
    Unlocked at rank 18:
    AR-20L Justice: (6)
    Bayonet – 1
    Recoil Absorber – 1
    Extended Magazine – 2
    Penetrator Rounds – 2
    Unlocked at rank 21:
    MP-98 'Knight' SMG: (3)
    Mini-stun Ammunition – 1
    AP Ammunition – 2
    Unlocked at Rank 22:
    AC-3 Arc Thrower: (3)
    Faster Charge – 2
    Increased Range - 1
    Unlocked at rank 24:
    DBS- 2 'Double Freedom': (4)
    Sawed-Off – 2
    Phosphorus Rounds – 2
    Free DLC Add ons required for the trophy:
    LAS-13 Trident (16)
    Heat Capacity - 2
    Heat Sink - 4
    Laser Splitter - 4
    Laser Rate of Fire - 6
    M2016 'Constitution' (1)
    Bayonet - 1
    Stratagems and their upgrades
    Next is the list of non-DLC Stratagems and while I can't really help with a specific description of where you should look for each one because they are randomly generated (so you should check on the galactic map first if you are missing a specific one), I have provided a list of all the Stratagems required. This list shows the Stratagems in level difficulty order, with the number on the right showing the number of research points needed to fully upgrade it.
    The difference colours signify the different types:
    Supply = Blue
    Defensive = Green
    Offensive = Red
    Special = Yellow/Orange
    All Stratagems like weapons can be found in your personal armoury if you're ever unsure which ones you still need.
    Stratagems List:
    Standard Issue:
    MG-94 Machine Gun (3)
    Resupply (3)
    'Vindicator' Bunker Buster Bomb (4)
    Emergency Beacon (No upgrades)
    NUX-223 Hellbomb (5)
    Reinforce (3)
    ME-1 'Sniffer' Metal Detector (No upgrades)
    A/MG-II Minigun Turret (2)
    Low Planets (Level 1-3)
    FLAM-40 Incinerator (4)
    RL-112 Recoilless Rifle (5)
    Airdropped Anti-Personnel Mines (3)
    Distractor Beacon (3)
    Strafing Run (2)
    Medium-Low Planets (Level 4-6)
    EAT-17 (2)
    EXO-44 Walker Exosuit (5)
    LIFT-850 Jump Pack (4)
    M5 APC (5)
    Obliterator Grenade Launcher (5)
    REP-80 (4)
    Resupply Pack (4)
    A/RX-34 Railcannon Turret (4)
    Airdropped Stun Mines (3)
    Airstrike (4)
    'Hellfire' Incendiary Bombs (3)
    Static Field Conductors (2)
    Triple 'Thunderer' Barrage (4)
    Medium-High Planets (Level 7-9)
    LAS-98 Laser Cannon (3)
    SH-20 Shield Generator Pack (4)
    Orbital Laser Strike (5)
    Railcannon Strike (5)
    High Planets (Level 10-12)
    M5-32 HAV (5)
    A/AC-6 Tesla Tower (4)
    'Shredder' Missile Strike (5) - You must have the 5.06 or higher patch installed, for this to spawn correctly.
    Heavy Strafing Run (7)
    'Thunderer' Smoke Round (5)
    A/GL-8 Launcher Turret (4)
    New Hell Planets (Level 13-15)
    MGX-42 Machine Gun (5)
  • Kill a Bug Tank, Bug Behemoth, or Cyborg IFV by having the extraction shuttle land on it.

    For this you need to play on a medium or above level planet in either the Bug faction or the Cyborg faction (as at this difficulty the likelihood that the Bug Tank, Behemoth or Cyborg IFV will spawn once the troops are alerted is higher).

    Then complete (or destroy) the objectives so you can continue to the drop zone and activate it. Once this is done and the shuttle is inbound, allow the Helldivers to get spotted so that Heavys get sent towards you and try and position yourself in the shadow of the shuttle as it comes into land.

    The enemies to be crushed by the shuttle are:

    Bug Tank

    Bug Behemoth (a heavier version of the Bug Tank)

    Cyborg IFV

  • There are 3 new enemy types included in the free DLC, which are:

    New Bug Enemy – The Impaler

    Can be found on medium to high level bug planets, after the normal troops have been alerted and uses ranged tentacles that come up through the ground to attack the Helldivers.


    Are to either use anti-tank stratagems to break off its armour or to target its big orange weak spot on its head while its tentacles are out.

    New Cyborg Enemy – The Hound

    These are smaller weaker enemies that normally roam in packs of 3 and can be found on most Cyborg planets, including the easier ones.


    Just make sure to keep an eye on your map for patrols, otherwise they are quick to kill and shouldn't give you any trouble.

    New Illuminate Enemy – The Obelisk

    These are normally found on medium to high planets and teleport onto the field after the alarm is raised. Obelisks will produce an energy wall after they have spawned with both damages Hell divers and blocks their movement (however, Illuminate can still pass through).


    Wait until the Obelisk projects its wall out, because this reveals its core underneath the heavy armour which players can shoot with conventional weapons. One perk which is advised is the LIFT-850 Jump Pack to allow players to jump over the enemies wall to better attack its weak point.

    Once you have killed one of each of these new enemy types the trophy should pop.
  • While in melee range from a Cyborg Warlord, use the "NO" communication command.

    Cyborg Warlords are large machine enemies who have miniguns and black suits of armour, see the following picture:

    These are normally assassination targets on the Cyborg planets so I advise looking through and finding the lowest difficulty planet with an assassination objective. Once you find the Warlord, all you need to do is go up within melee range and press on the D-pad to do the "NO" command then run away!
  • Complete a volcanic type planet of difficulty 5 or more.

    This is a simple one, select a campaign (these can definitely be found on the bug planets but also the other 2 as well) and look for a level 5 or more planet, which has the environmental conditions as being volcanic. You can see its volcanic from it being visually red with lava and because once selected on the top left hand side along with the planet details, it will mention the environment.

    Note: For this you can't just do one single mission, you have to complete the entire mission sequence until you get the planet completed screen before it will pop.
  • Kill an Illuminate Obelisk while it is closed.

    The best way to do this is to damage the Obelisks core a bit first with normal weapons while its armour is down (as its projecting its wall), then switch to anti-tank stratagems such as the REC-6 Demolisher to finish off the enemy after its stopped projecting. This will mean the wall will disappear and its armour will return, thus putting it in its closed form.
    An easy way is just to wait until the Obelisk is closed, then call in a Stratagem on top of the enemy. It is advised that for this method you use a Stratagem which isn't the reinforcement one, because if there are multiple people spawning it makes the pods less likely to land exactly on the spot where you threw it.

DLC: Masters of the Galaxy

3 trophies

  • Defeat a Bug Hive Lord.

    Search online to join others playing this "Master" map or gather 50 influence points in your own Bug section to unlock.
    Recommended Loadout:
    3 Demolisher (2nd choice: EAT-17)
    1 Air support to take out "Impalers"
    Displacement Field
  • Defeat a Cyborg Siegemech.

    Search online to join others playing this "Master" map or gather 50 influence points in your own Bug section to unlock.
    Recommended Loadout:
    4 Thunder Barrage
    Stratagem Priority
  • Defeat an Illuminate Great Eye.

    Search online to join others playing this "Master" map or gather 50 influence points in your own Bug section to unlock.
    Recommended Loadout:
    4 Air Support
    Stratagem Priority

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